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Submitted by: Elva Nolan Morgan
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Ages-Ky Grade School 1957 
Submitted by: Elva Nolan Morgan

1957 Ages Grammer School
Ages Kentucky
 left to right
 Row1  # 3 Jerry Wayne Gross, # 5 Larry Huff, # 8 Adrian Nolan Jr.
 Row 2  # 1 Wanda Blevens, # 3 Kennth Hicks, # 4 Leano Boggs, # 5 Nancy Risner, # 6 Gary Hison, # 7 Ann Rainey, #9 George Crider 
Row # 3  Junior Blevens # 2 Claude Stokes # 3 Randel Skidmore, # 8 Curt (Bud) Risner, # 10 Billy Jean Noe
This is from left to right

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Elva Nolan Morgan

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