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Cawood Family Photograph
left to right:
1st Row: (little girl) Sudie Cawood m. Wash Ledford 
Hiram Cawood husband of Sally
 (little boy) Dr. Oscar Lewis Cawood m. Rosamund Rutherford
Sally Hamlin Brittain Cawood wife of Hiram
(bow tie) Walter Bruce Cawood m. Mary Day
2nd Row: James Stephen Cawood m. Veda Ledford
Joe Wheeler Cawood m. Dora Shell
Joanna (Jode) Cawood m. Ewell Pope
Back Row: Dr. William Proctor Cawood (W. P.) m. Daisey Bell
Carlo Brittain Cawood m. Ora Cornett
George Chadwell Cawood m. Nancy Skidmore
John Cawood m. Rosie Howard
Robert Lee Cawood m. 1st) Gertrude Steel, 2nd) Ethel Middleton, 3rd) Flora King
Not Pictured: Green Cawood a son of Hiram Cawood and his first wife Lucretia Skidmore, Green married Nancy Middleton
Notes: Hiram Cawood was the son of John Cawood & Louisianna Jones, John Cawood & Nancy Turner this John was assassinated during the Howard turner Feud, Berry Cawood& Nancy Ann Scott this Berry served under Ft. Co. George Rodgers Clark, during the American Revolution, Stephen Cawood & Esther Berry, John Cawood & Elizabeth Smallwood, Stephen Cawood & Mary Cox, Stephen Cawood & Ann Terrett this Stephen was the first American Immigrant.

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