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1930 Jackson County Kentucky Census / ANNOTATED WITH INDEX

Compiled by Martha Jo Marcum Carr and Jerry Wayne Dean  


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You will find each District of Jackson County presented with an individual index. We have included information from our personal databases, as well as from Jackson County Vital Statistics and Jackson County Marriage Records. You will find maiden names of wives in red and all other added information highlighted in yellow. (See below)


2 April 1930 Jackson Co Ky Coyle Dist 6 #01/01
Hardin Slone
, head, age 75, mar age 20, b. Ky, pars b. F-Ky, M-Ky, Farmer
McVey, wife, age 76, mar age 21, b. Ky, pars b. F-Ky, M-Ky
Hardin Collinsworth, gr-gr-son, age 8, single, b. Ky 10-28-1921 J Co
Hardin Collinsworth, was born out of wedlock, is son of Suda Collinsworth, dau of
Ida May Slone and James Collinsworth, Ida May Slone is the dau of Hardin Slone.

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1930 Jackson County Kentucky Census

Annotated with Index


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Jackson County, Kentucky Marriage Records / 1857 to 1885 / Volume I  ( $50.00)  Money Orders ONLY !

Compiled by Martha Jo Marcum Carr and Jerry Wayne Dean

327 Pages

The information in this book has been taken from a variety of places. We gathered most of it from the following: The Jackson County Kentucky; Marriage Bonds Books, Marriage License Books, Marriage Registry Books, also we used the Jackson County Kentucky Vital Statistics Records of marriages.

We have tried to fill in the blanks using our own data, census records, deeds, cemeteries, obituaries, family Bibles, and etc. This information will be found in this book in (   )ís. We have also done this by using ABC order by last name of the groom. This book covers 1857 thru 1885. Now we know Jackson County Kentucky was NOT formed until 1858, BUT there is a few 1857 marriages listed in the front of Jackson Vital Statistics Records. Also, there is NO number system for the Vital Statistic records. They were simply listed by year on the film.


0220     29 Nov 1877 in MBB004 pg 120              29 Nov 1877 in MRB222 pg 071

           29 Nov 1877 in JCVS1877

DEAN, Isaac F. (Franklin)                                              LANE, Armina

             Res.   Jackson Co KY                                                               Jackson Co KY

             Born  KY (Bell Co KY)                                                             KY (Jackson Co KY)

            Age   22     Dob   (16 Apr 1855)                                               16   (13 Dec 1860)

            Mar.   1st   Occ.   Farmer                                                          1st

            Single/widowed/divorced:  (Single)                                         (Single)

            Father/Pob  KY (Alexander Dean, Knox Co KY)         KY (John Allen Lane, Madison Co KY) 

            Mother/Pob  KY (Martha Ann Hays, Knox Co KY)    KY  (Elizabeth Foote, KY)

            By: S. R. Baker, JP     At: John A. Lane      Wit: James Louder? & Martha Brutcher

            Pri & Surety: D. B. Morris       Remarks:

   Jackson County, Kentucky Marriage Records /  Volume I /   1857 to 1885

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Jackson County Vital Statistics Records / Annotated and Indexed  ($50.00) / Compiled by Martha Jo Marcum Carr and Jennifer Lyn Carr 

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Each section of Jackson County Vital Statistics will be presented with an individual index.  This index is found at the conclusion of each year.  It should also be noted that the page numbers are regenerated at the beginning of each new year. (Restarting with page number 1.)  I have included notes from my database.  You will find my notes highlighted in yellow, green and red.  Notes highlighted in yellow & green will provide you with additional information on the families.  I have also added in the maiden names of wives in red.  


Death Date: 9 Dec 1858

Name: Polly Baker  (Mary)

Race: W

Age: 62

Sex: F

Married (William Baker 26 Sept 1821 Madison Co, KY )

Cause: Dropsey

Attended by: J. Foster  

Parents: Isom Lane  & Nancy (Lamb)

Born: Madison Co KY

Jackson County Vital Statistics Records  /   Annotated and Indexed


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