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Historic Johnson County


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Historic Johnson County

Some Early Dates And Events

Mound Builders- Johnson County was inhabited by pre-historic people. Early settlers found mounds along the west bank of the Louisa River, south of the mouth of Big Paint Creek.

1693 AND 1729:
French traders, possibly led by Arnold Vielo, visited Northeast Kentucky, remained for a while in 1693 and returned in 1729.

Dr. Thomas Walker's Expedition for Loyal Land Company - spent June 7, 8, 9, 1750, in Johnson County. Walker named the Louisa River at Paintsville June 7, 1750.

Matthias Harmon and other Germans established Hunter's Lodge below the mouth of John's Creek in Johnson County.

Over a ten year period John Swift and a band of men came into the Big Sandy region to mine and coin silver. They were in Johnson County. Silver bars were found in Johnson County in the mid 1800's.

Daniel Boone made his first visit to Kentucky, accompanied by Thomas and Harmon Connelly, James and Henry Skaggs, Matthias Harman and Walter Mankins.

1773-74 AND 1774-75:
Historian Willam Elsey Connelley stated that John Howe and other pioneers repeatedly said that Simon Kenton occupied old cabins about the mouth of Big Paint Creek during parts of these winters.

Jennie Wiley, wife of Thomas Wiley, captured in Bland County, Virginia, October 1787, spent time from April 1788 to September, 1788 captive of Indians in Johnson County. Settled in Johnson County in 1800. Died 1831 and is buried in Johnson County at River, Ky.

Harman's Station established in the southern part of Johnson County, just below the mouth of John's Creek, by Matthias Harman and Virginia frontiersmen, the oldest settlement in Eastern Kentucky. It was on the site of Harman's Hunter's Lodge founded in 1755.

Paintsville established by Co. John Preston and Judge French as a trading station. They called it paint Lick. Rev. Henry Dickson (Dixon) named the town Paintsville several years later. The two oldest settlements in the Big Sandy Valley: Harman's Station (1787-88) and Paintsville (1790) are both within the bounds of Johnson County.

Boone visited Harman's Station and hunted with Nathaniel Auxier, Sr. on Greasy Creek. Boone was also in the Leslie Settlement on John's Creek.


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