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As I was born and raised in Johnson County, I have lots of memories.  My  hubby's branch is off my family tree therefore a lot of my memories include his family.  I was born on Wiley Branch in the house that original belonged to Elijah Brown and Susan Stapleton.  The mid wife who delivered me was hubby's grandmother, Sivillar Preston Daniel.  In fact, she delivered most of the  babies around the area.

One of my first memories was standing by my Mom and looking at a new baby  brother also delivered by Sivillar Preston Daniel. Sivillar delivered most of the babies around.  I remember my uncle Herbert Brown and Dorothy Young Brown were expecting at any minute, my brother and cousin were sent to get Sivillar.  She told them to carry her black bag very carefully because it had a baby in it.

We lived up a hollow that is now called Mary Meeks Hollow.  I don't think it had a name then.  From there we moved to a hollow above Cecil Daniel's and it was called the HoneySuckle Hollow.  From there I made my entrance into school in a one room school house.  My first teacher was Nellie Brooks Daniel, my future mother in law. Nellie's grandmother was Anna Brown, sister to my great grandfather, Elijah Brown.  I went to school there for four years. 

After we moved from the Honey Suckle Hollow, we moved to where my grandfather, Tom Music lived and of course it was known as the Tom Music Hollow.  This was just above the school house on Wiley Branch.  I spent many happy days there when my grandpa lived there.  I can remember jumping out of the barn loft and biting my tongue and screaming bloody murder.  I can remember Mom taking sugar from my grandpa's sugar barrels.  He made moonshine so he had lots of sugar.  She would make candy for all the kids.  He did not like it but he never tried to stop her. 

My grandpa Tom would tease me telling me he would take my doll away.  I would hide it and make him guess where it was.  I would always get too excited and end up telling him where it was. 

Grandpa Tom and Papo Dave Brown worked a sawmill together.  When they could they would come to eat at our house.  It was a big thrill for me and my brother to have both of them there at the same time. I remember when my aunt Juanita was born.  She was born on Jan. 1, and it had snow.  We cross the hill to grandpa's house to see the baby.  I sat in a  little rocking chair and held her for a long time.  I would not even eat any supper.  Finally my Mom took the baby away from me.  And of course I cried. I  have one uncle and three aunts younger than I am.  It wasn't long after this that my grandpa's wife, Stella Saddler died of cancer.  Grandpa then moved to Horsepicture on the Johnson and Lawrence Co. line.  He preceded to marry his  fourth wife, Loretta Molette.

Among the many things grandpa did was make coffins.  As children do, we would play in them.  use them for playhouse until we were run out of them.  It was scary and fun at the same time.

When we lived up the honeysuckle Hollow, we would walk up to my Papo Dave Brown's house.  We would pass by Luther Daniel's place and he would usually be out doing something.  I was a little afraid of him because he was always talking to himself.  Everything he said began with "Job take it" and would end with "thunderation". Never dreamed in a million years, that he would be my hubby's grandpa. Luther's mother was Mary Jane Brown, sister to my great grandfather Elijah Brown and Anna Brown Brooks.   Next house was Jay and Nellie Daniel.  I am sure that they had no idea I would become their daughter-in-law.  Or that when my Mom baby-sit for them that we would be in-laws.

One of my memories of my Papo Brown was that he made sorghum for everyone  around.  I loved to go to the cane mill and chew on the cane sticks and dip into the fresh made sorghum.  It was so G-O-O-D.  One time Papo let me ride on ole Barney as he turned the cane

mill.  Of  course being the oldest grandchild, I got to do more than the other children  like riding on the sled after Papo had plowed a field. 

And I got yelled at once in a while.  Like the time I was looking down in the well to see where the milk was.  Papo almost spanked me that time.  And when a hog was killed,  I got the best part of the hog to play with - the bladder was blowed up into a ball. That was just about the best thing to happen.

After we moved to Brown's Fork on Lowmansville, things were not the same. I  had to walk out of the hollow to catch the school bus. I was used to a little school now I was in a larger school called Nancy Castle.  No more one room  for everyone - now each class was in a separate room.  It was lonely for me at first.  Riding a school bus and making new friends.  But then things begin to change. 

One of my favorite teachers was Kit Castle.  The principal was Hershel Pack.  And there was Mr. VanHoose who all the girls had a crush on.  Papo Brown had a stroke. He didn't live long after that.  He died just  before Christmas the year I started high school at Oil Springs. After Papo died, Mamo, Stella Barker lived with each of her other children for a while. 

Mamo seemed so frail to me.  I can still see her with her apron and bonnet working in the garden.  How happy she was when she held her first great grandchild, my daughter, Kelly.  Mamo died in Sept., 1966. 

It wasn't long before I was out of high school and going to Mayo.  Although the summer between high school and Mayo I spent with my Uncle Estill and Aunt Gracie Scarberry Brown in Port Clinton, OH working at an Army Camp called Camp Perry.

During my time at Mayo, I started dating my hubby who worked in Detroit.  After we married, we lived there for about ten years and then moved back to Columbus, OH.

As I write this, I start to remember some more wonderful memories and a tear would come in my eye.  There is just no way I would ever be able to tell everything, the funny, the sad, the frightening, the loving memories that I have gained over my life time beginning on Wiley Branch, Johnson Co.  KY.

 Betty J. Music Daniel
 Columbus, OH



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