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Though I was not born nor raised in Johnson County, my father was.  Although he left Johnson, one of his brothers remained there and raised 6 children that many of you probably went to school with. Billie Francis Ealey, Virginia Ann Ealey, Gary Donavan Ealey, Ruth Ann Ealey, Phillip Randall Ealey, and
Karen Grace Ealey. Karen Grace still lives in Staffordsville with her husband Timothy Helton.

My favorite memory of Johnson County was in 1957 when my dad brought us to visit his brother James Arthur Ealey, who live in Flat Gap. Uncle Arthur's house set up high on the hillside above the road with even more hillside behind that. Yet he still had a old cow that they got their milk from everyday. (To a flatlander, that would be a cow with two short legs and two long legs so they can stand on the hillside.) My brother George and I had never seen a cow before and dad decided he was going to show us how he could still milk a cow. He told my brother George to stand close so that he could see what he was doing. George no sooner got within firing range and dad let him have a blast of that cow milk right in the face. He started crying like he'd been hit with a switch. We all just stood there and laughed ourselves silly.

Uncle Arthur was a very kind and loving man. Many of you will remember him as the chief mechanic for the Paintsville Grocery Co. A number of years after that incident, I had the opportunity to be in Paintsville on business in the winter months and spent the most wonderful evening there with them before returning home. Since then, every time I have visited Paintsville, I have always been made to feel like I am a hometown boy. I have never gone anywhere and found people like the folks of Johnson County. I still have many relatives there and will always keep coming home to Johnson County every chance I get.

Bill Reed 



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