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I grew up in Paintsville.  In about 1952, I took a summer class at
Paintsville High School. One of my favorite parts of that summer school class
was stopping at a nearby bakery for still warm brownies.

During the World Series, I remember that Mr. Oran Teeter would allow us to
listen to the playoffs over the intercom.

When I was in elementary school, I recall that the whole Paintsville school
system was located on one big block in the middle of Paintsville. There were
3 school buildings in a row, with a playground area to one side, and another
building and playground area to the other side.  This building was at one
time either an OPA or VA office (my mother worked for both of these
organizations and I'm not sure which it was then), once it was the library,
and it seems that the band met in the basement of this building.

I also recall waiting in the lobby of the post office for the mail to be
sorted to the postal boxes during WWII.  I was probably 7 or 8 at the time.

I can't forget lunch breaks when several of us would cross the street and
take a shortcut through the court house to get to one of our favorite lunch
hangouts.  And I recall standing by the Memorial listing those who died in
service, to read my father's name, and other familiar names.

I would love to have the opportunity to revisit my hometown, from what I've
heard I would barely recognize the old places.

Peg Robinette Sullivan
Mesa, Arizona



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