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I am the youngest of 4 girls and the only one to be born in Ohio, technically a Buckeye. My roots are planted deep in Johnson County and I feel almost like I was born and raised there.

Both of my parents were born and raised on Barnett's Creek and attended the Green Valley School. They were childhood sweethearts and later married and moved to Ohio. The house where my mom lived has been gone for many years. The house where my dad grew up is still standing, barely.

A couple of years ago we hiked up the creek bed and fought the overgrowth of briars, back to the old home place. As we approached I could still see my grandmother sitting on the front porch steps brushing her long, gray hair and braiding it to make a bun. My grandfather was sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee out of a saucer, not a cup.

Later we showed pictures to my Aunt, she informed me that my dad had made the kitchen cabinets. I thought that handy work looked familiar when I first saw it!  I remembered the pie safe that my grandma kept a big fat peppermint stick in. I remembered sitting around the fireplace eating baked sweet potatoes, fixed in the coals and I would fall asleep while the grownups told stories about the past.  Some of them about ghosts and haunts.

To this day I cook much like my ancestors did. Home fried chicken and milk gravy, soup beans and corn bread, and fried green tomatoes are at the top of my favorites list. My grandparents died in 1966, when I was nine. Even though I didn't have them in my life for very long, I loved them deeply and I am glad that they have left me with such wonderful memories.

Marilee Spradlin Multhup



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