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Redbush Memories

By Betty Stapleton Lemaster

I was borned and raised in Red Bush. My parents was raised there and lived all  their life there. I attended a one room school at Red Bush. My first teacher was Oran Beckahimer. We had an old pot bellied stove and when it was cold, he would sit me on his lap and warm my feet. Can you image what would be said if a teacher did that now.

We lived about a mile and a half from the school and of course we had to walk. For some reason we changed teachers during the year and Raymond Curtis took over. I took the first and second grade the same year, I went to Flat Gap from the third grade until I graduated in 1959.  Some of my most precious memories are of the times I spent at school. Ball games, plays, skipping school, boyfriends and girlfriends too. My husband was raised at Flat Gap. He said he first saw me when I was eleven years old and he was thirteen and he told the guys he would give anything if I was his. He had to wait ten more years and several trips from Tennessee to get his wish. He came to Nashville in 1957 to work for Hoover Crushed stone and in 2003, he will retire from Hoovers.

We were married on March 21, 1962. We have a son, John, and a daughter, Sara Jane and precious grandson, Nicholas. We still go back to the old home place but its not the same since Daddy, Sonny Stapleton and Mama, Icy Burchett Stapleton has gone to be with Jesus. I still can remember getting out on below zero mornings and going to the barn to milk. I still have two green plates that came with flour that my grandmother gave me for milking her old jersey cow.

I have so many wonderful memories of growing up when times were bad. Wonder if anyone ever heard of stress back then. I may not go back as often as i used to but Kentucky will always be my home and I still get tears in my eyes when I hear my Old Kentucky Home played. I have a license plate on my car that says Kentuckian by birth Wildcat by choice and I will always root for them.

I was raised a country girl and still am. I will be starting my favorite hobby as soon as it quits raining and I can get my tiller out. Its gardening time in Mt. Juliet, Tenn. 



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