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  1. Offutt was once called Ward's Town
  2. There are Indian Mounds located along Paint Creek
  3. Toteros (Indian Tribe)  had villages at Hager Hill
  4. The Shawnee Indians called the Big Sandy "The Michechobekasepe"- meaning  "River of great mystery" or "Big Medicine River"
  5. A misspelling gave the Levisa Fork its name from Louisa Fork 
  6. James Skaggs killed the Indian Chief that carried off Jenny Wiley at Red Bush
  7. Jenny Wiley escaped across the river to Harman's Station with the help of Henry Skaggs   
  8. Mathias Harman, feared by Indians, was less than 5' tall and weighed less than 120 pounds
  9. Paintsville was originally named Paint Lick Station
  10. In 1870, Paintsville's population was 247
  11. A Poplar tree measuring 30 inches at 4 feet above the ground sold for $1.00 as timber was floated to Catlettsburg, Kentucky in 1888
  12. Warfield was once the unofficial county seat of Martin County
  13. Inez was once called Eden and Arminta Ward's Bottom at the same time the Post Office was called Inez
  14. Penicillin was first administered in Paintsville on March 16, 1944, by Dr. Paul B. Hall.  R. W. Dodd was the recipient


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