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As appeared in the July 11, 1946 edition of 
The Paintsville Herald
and may not be reproduced or copied in any form or manner.

76 Johnson County Boys Killed In War

Total Of 42 Lost Lives In Action 

A total of 76 Johnson County service men lost their lives during World War II, according to a list released recently. Of the total amount listed as having made the supreme sacrifice, 42 died during battle. The remainder died from wounds, injuries, or other causes.

 Types of casualties are indicated thus: KIA, killed in action; DOW, died of wounds; DOI, died of injuries – applied to those who suffered battle injuries, as opposed to wounds in combat or combat areas; DNB, died non-battle; FOD, finding of death – applied to those who have been determined to be dead under Public Law 490.

The Johnson County dead are as follows:

Adkins, Carl D., S/Sgt           DOW

Arms, Charlie, Pvt.                KIA

Arms, Miles E., Pvt.               DOW

Baldridge, Junior, T-5           KIA

Baldwin, Everett R., Pvt.        DOW

Bayes, John W., Jr., T-5         DNB

Blair, J. L., Morris, Pfc.            KIA

Blair, Robie F., Pvt.                 DNB

Blankenship, Beecher, Pvt.   DNB

Blanton, Ben, Pvt.                   DNB

Cantrell, Carl, Pvt.                 KIA

Cantrill, Norman, T-5            DNB

Cardwell, Ira, Pfc.                DNB

Carroll, Russell, Pvt.             DNB

Castle, Bruce, Pvt.                KIA

Castle, Carl E., Pvt.               KIA

Castle, Lacy, Pvt.                 KIA

Castlercha, Ley, Pvt.           DNB

Centers, Arley, Pvt.               KIA

Collins, Robert, T-5               KIA

Combs, Bert W., Pfc.           DOW

Conley, Everett, Pvt.            DNB

Conley, Ora, T-5                  DNB

Davis, Russell, Pvt.               FOD

Dills, Ernest, Jr., S/Sgt.         KIA

Dutton, Bert, Pvt.                 DNB

Evans, Mitchell D., Pfc.       KIA

Gaiski, Walter, Sgt.              KIA

Gullett, Frederick A., Pvt.    KIA

Harman, Arnel S., Cpl.         KIA

Hatfield, Louis, Pvt.              DOW

Hitchcock, Francis M., Pfc.  DNB

Hitchcock, Lenzie B., Pvt.      KIA

Hite, Douglas W., Pfc.            KIA

Howard, Dick, Pfc.               DOW

Irvin, William H., Jr., S/Sgt.     KIA

Johnson, David O., Pfc.         KIA

Kidd, Mack, Pvt.                     KIA

Lemaster, Junior, Pvt.             KIA

Litteral, George P., Pfc.          DNB

Litteral, Newt, S/Sgt.                KIA

Lyon, James H., Pvt.               KIA

May, Robert, Pfc.                  DNB

McCloud, Darvin, Lt.             FOD

McFaddin, Virgil, S/Sgt.         FOD

McKenzie, Charlie, Pfc.         DOW

McKenzie, James, Pfc.          KIA

Meek, Leonard, Pvt.               KIA

Murphy, Onda, Pfc.                KIA

Parsons, Carmel F., 2d Lt.      FOD

Patrick, Peter, Jr., T-Sgt           KIA

Phillis, Phillip Kirk, Lt.                KIA

Preston, Edward L., Pvt.           KIA

Roberts, Francis E., Pfc.           KIA

Roberts, James H., Pfc.            KIA

Robinette, Elmer T., Pfc.           KIA

Ross, Estill, Pfc.                         KIA

Salyer, James, Sgt.                DOW

Skaggs, Okel, Pvt.                   KIA

Sparks, Roy, Pvt.                      KIA

Sparks, Benjamin, Sgt.            KIA

Tackett, James, Pfc.              DOW

VanHoose, E. M., Pfc.            DOW

VanHoose, Howard, Pvt.         KIA

VanHoose, Paul V., Pfc.           KIA

VanHoose, Otto, T-4                DNB

VanHoose, Frank W., Pvt.        KIA

Walliams, Walter P., Pfc.          KIA

Walters, Lafe, Pvt.                     KIA

Ward, C. C., Jr., Pvt.                 KIA

Welch, Samuel E., Jr., Cpl.     DOW

Wells, Herbert S., T-Sgt            FOD

Wells, John P., Pvt.                  DOW

Wells, Walter S., Pvt.               DNB

Williams, Earl K., S/Sgt.            KIA


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