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Bate Burying Ground

Please email your coordinator if you have any questions regarding this cemetery.  This listing was found from an old book at the Oldham County Library entitled "Old Cemeteries of Jefferson County", pub. 1920s, with Alice E. Trabue contributing.  It states cemetery situated near Glenview on estate owned by Mr. & Mrs. Baylor Hickman.  Robert Foster Johnson noted in his Wilderness Road Cemetery book, pub. 1981,
that the property now belongs to Mrs. Jacqueline.  It is about one mile north of Zachary Taylor Cemetery on hill overlooking Ohio River on spot 100 yds. behind the beautiful cabin home of Mrs. Kirchner.  Approx. 25 graves.  This is the original Bate Family plot.  The owner says it was a land grant of several thousand acres, stretching all the way from Zorn Avenue and the Veteran's Hospital nearly to the mouth of Harrod's Creek.  The mansion of around 100 rooms still stands.  It is exactly 1/8 mile north of US 42.

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Susanna Bond, wife of Dr. James Smalley Bate, departed this life 07 Feb 1807, aged 67 years.

Gerard Bond Bate, youngest son of James Smalley Bate & Lucy, died 21 Jan 1870, in his 53rd year.
Gerard Bond, son of James S. Bate & Virginia M. (Alexander), born 18 Aug 1846, died 06 Mar 1869.
James S. Bate, died 17 Dec 1834, in his 58th year.
Richard A. Bate (no data)
Clarence S. Bate, born 1836, died 1898.
Octavia Zantzinger, wife of C. S. Bate, born 1838, died 1896.
Percy Bate, son of R. A. & Susan Robertson
Elizabeth Toy Whiting Bate, died in her 84th year unmarried.
James S. Bate III, died in 83rd year unmarried.
James Bate, born 12 Feb 1807, died 23 May 1850
John Throckmorton Bate, born 1809, died 1898.
Robert T. Bate, born 30 May 1804, died 08 Jul 1878, son of 1st James.
Sarah Frances Bate, born 26 Feb 1816, died 02 May 1888, wife of Robert.
Lucy Moore Bate (nee Throckmorton), died 10 Oct 1851, in her 73rd year.
In Memory of Phillipa Frances E. Bate, who departed this life, 02 Mar 1829, aged 9 mos.
James S. Bate, son of elder James S., born 28 Feb 1801, died 01 Nov 1880, "Yea thou I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for thou art with me, thy rod and thy staff they comfort me."
William A. T. Bate, who departed this life 17 Jul 1823, aged 11 mos. 
Dabney T. Bate, born 23 Oct 1844, died 30 Oct 1844.
Our Darling, Maggie P. Bate, born 17 Apr 1840, died 23 Oct 1849.
Murry L. Bate, child of C. S. & O. Z. Bate, born 1875, died 1881.
James S. Bate, child of C. S. & O. Z., born & died 1879.
William P. Bate, born 11 Oct 1845, died 15 Oct 1849.
Lucy Throckmorton Bate, born 29 Oct 1851, died 15 Oct 1854.
Seawell Bate, born 1861, died 1862.
Fannie S. Bate, born 11 Oct 1848, died 01 Nov 1848, dau of Robert T. Bate.
George Gray Bate, born 08 Jul 1853, died 09 Oct 1854
Barton Bate, born 1866, died 1894.
Virginia M. Alexander Bate, born 12 Feb 1807, died 23 May 1850, "Blessed are the dead, which die in the Lord, from henceforth, yea, sayeth the spirit that they may rest from their labor, and their works to follow them."

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