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Beard - Buckner - Gilliland Graveyard

  The following information was sent by Marguerite Miller of the Louisville Genealogical Society from work done by Lois Knapp and Betty Darnell back on 10 Sep 1993.   From Fisherville, Jefferson County, Kentucky: South on Hwy 155, 1 ¼ miles; southwest on Rt 1531, 1 mile; west on Thurman Road ¼ mile, just before W. L. “Bud” Ladusaw (on the right); walk south through barbed-wire gate, 1/3 mile along ridge. Graveyard is surrounded by stone wall, falling down, in a grove of trees.  If you have additional data about this cemetery or it's inhabitants, please email your coordinator with details.


 Birth  Death  Notes

 Large monument consisting of base, engraved center piece and obelisk.

 Gilliland, James G.     29 Aug 1877  On large monument consisting of base, engraved center piece and obelisk.  Aged 68 years. (front of monument)
 Gilliland, Kiziah  20 Jan 1807  24 Sep 1878  Aged 68 years; Wife of James. (back of monument)
 Vian, Lilly  23 Jun 1859  26 Sep 1859  Daughter of M. L. & S. T. Beard
 Beard, Margaret L.  10 Dec 1835  10 Jul 1865  Wife of Stephen T. Beard (matches Thomas Gilliland stone)
 Gilliland, Thomas B.  15 Nov 1841  17 Apr 1865  (matches stone of Margaret Beard)
 Unknown  23 DC 1831  (broken stone) Memoriam, II[?]ODEARDP
 Buckner, Lily Ann    10 Oct 1835  Aged 59 years. (matches stone of Haley Buckner)
 Buckner, Haley    15 Apr 1819  Aged 60 years. (matches stone of Lily Ann Buckner)

A booklet entitled, "Cemetery Records of Kentucky, Volume I, Jefferson County, Part I" compiled by LTC Robert C. Jobson (ret) has the following additional information.

 Beard, Lilly Van, 23 Jun 1859 - 26 Sep 1859

 O'Dear, I., died 23 Dec 1834

Stephen Thomas Beard (1830-1911), son of John and Catherine Dunbar Beard, married 23 Nov 1852 to Margaret L. Gilliland, daughter of James & Kezia Buckner Gilliland.  He is buried in the Jeffersontown Cemetery with his wife.

Haley Buckner, born Washington County, Virginia, married about 1794 to Lily Ann Parker.   He was a minister.

Keziah Buckner, daughter of Haley & Lily Ann Bucker, married first 20 Mar 1828 to Isaac O'Dear; married second 19 Mar 1835 to James Gilliland.   Their son, Thomas B. probably died from wounds received in the Civil War (from a verse on the grave marker).

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