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Blankenbaker Family Cemetery

This transcription was taken from "The Kentucky Genealogist", Vol. 23, No. 4, dated Oct.- Dec. 1981, a quarterly publication of the Kentucky Historical Society.   This cemetery was copied by Robert C. Jobson in 1975 for the society.  Always be on the lookout for these publications as they can prove to be quite beneficial to one's research.

Please email your coordinators with any questions regarding this graveyard.  

One half mile west of Blankenbaker Road 

 Name Dates Notes
 Blankenbeker, Philemon  04 Sep 1796 - 22 Jan 1872  son of Jacob & Hannah Weaver Blankenbaker
 Blankenbeker, Maryann  died 20 Jan 1849   23 yrs, 11 mos, 18 days; dau of Philemon & Susannah Barr
 Blankenbeker, Jeremiah  died 16 Jun 1836  2 yrs, 1 month, 25 days
 Blankenbeker, John  20 Dec 1800 - 11 Mar 1864  son of Jacob & Hannah Weaver Blankenbaker
 Blankenbeker, Maleva  19 Aug 1807 - 10 Mar 1864  wife of John
 Blankenbeker, William H.  22 Feb 1818 - 07 Jun 1850  William Henry, son of Jeremiah & Margaret Cain Blankenbaker

Additional Notes:

Philemon Blankenbeker married Susannah Barr on 22 Apr 1824, John Blankenbeker married Malevia Garr, dau of Nicholas & Elizabeth Crisler Garr on 09 Jun 1836, William Blankenbeker married Catherine Jane Blankenbaker, dau of David Blankenbaker on 30 Nov 1843.   Catherine married a second time to Stanton W. Gaar on 21 Jun 1853.

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