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There are numerous cemeteries in Jefferson County. This is an attempt at identifying all of them. If you know of any not listed, or if you have information to submit, please contact your coordinator with details. Those highlighted below are online. Please only submit information that you have copied yourself, rather than information from any copyrighted material, unless you are the copyright holder, or have permission of the copyright holder. Thank you. For more information about Kentucky Cemetery laws and regulations, visit here. To see a listing of funeral homes for Jefferson County, visit here.

An Alphabetical Listing

Adath Jeshurun Cemetery - Preston Highway adjacent to Temple Cemetery

Agudath Achim Cemetery - Preston Highway across from Temple Cemetery
Allison Family Cemetery
Anderson Family Cemetery (Hurstbourne Ln. near "Soldier's Retreat", former home of Richard Clough Anderson)
Anshei Sfard Cemetery - 721 Locust Lane
Applegate Cemetery
Arterburn Cemetery - on land between Bullitt Family Cemetery and Watterson Expressway
Beard-Buckner-Gilliland Families cemetery - 500 yards south of Thurman Road
Bechtold-Snyder Cemetery - a half mile west of Blankenbaker Road
Beerwarth Cemetery
Bell Cemetery, Greenwood Road at Pleasure Ridge Park
Berrytown Cemetery - Berrytown
Bethany Memorial Cemetery - 10917 Dixie Hwy at Gene Snyder Freeway, Valley Station, KY (502) 937-4128
Old Bethlehem Presbyterian Cemetery - Old Taylorsville Rd. near Fisherville
Blankenbaker Family Cemetery - 1/2 mi. W. of Blankenbaker Rd.
Blankenbaker Cemetery
Breckinridge Cemetery - Williamsburg Court at Watterson across road from Big Spring Country Club
Brown Cemetery - Pendleton Road in SW Jefferson County
Brown/Lawrence Family Cemetery - W. of Browns Ln. nr. I-64
Broyles-Cavender Cemetery
Bullitt Family Cemetery - behind Oxmoor Mall
Burks Family Cemetery - at the corner of Breckinridge Lane and Dutchman's Lane
Calvary Cemetery - Newburg Road at Eastern Parkway (partial 1)
Camp Cemetery
Cave Hill National Cemetery (VA listing)  -  Cave Hill Confederate Section  -  Cave Hill (another partial) - Cave Hill (another partial) 701 Baxter Avenue, (502) 451-5630
Old Cane Run Methodist Cemetery - on the site of the former Cane Run Methodist Church, 1/2 mi. E. of Thurman Rd. Both Church and cemetery are in ruins.
Cane Run Presbyterian Cemetery - 1.3 miles east of Route 155, 3 miles southeast of Fisherville, in ruins
Cedar Grove Cemetery
Central State Hospital Cemetery (Anchorage Asylum)
Chenoweth Run Baptist Cemetery - 1/2 mi. E. of Billtown Road between Shaffer Lane and Gelhaus Lane
Chrisler Cemetery
Churchman Cemetery
Clark Cemetery - McKinley Avenue and Poplar Level at George Rogers Clark Park
Coffey Family Cemetery - on private land, 11204 Holzclaw Rd.
Conn Family Cemetery - Flat Rock Rd. N. of WHAS tower
Cooper Cemetery - in subdivision off Maple Way off Mt. Washington Road
Country Home Cemetery - Watterson Trail and Electron Drive
Crask/Hobbs Families Cemetery - on Hobbs Lane, off Clark Station Road, near the Shelby County line
Crune Cemetery
Day Cemetery (near the Spencer County line)
Deatherage/Stivers Families Cemetery - at the rear of the Piccadilly Square apartments, Bardstown Road
Dorsey/Barbour Cemetery - S. side of Hwy 22 in Worthington
Duncan Cemetery - eastern Jefferson County
Duncan Family Cemetery - end of Cool Brook Ct., Fern Creek
Eastern Cemetery (partial listings)- 641 Baxter Avenue, Louisville, KY 40204 (502) 584-5359
Eastview Church of Christ Cemetery - 10006 Blue Lick Rd., Okolona
Easum Family Cemetery - on private land, Easum Ln., southeast of Jeffersontown
Ebbs Cemetery - off Shelbyville Road east of Oxmoor in subdivision
Ellingsworth/Frederick Cemetery - at the end of Tarrance Lane, off Billtown Road, south of Jeffersontown
Evergreen Cemetery - 4623 Preston Hwy Louisville, KY (502) 366-1481
Fairmont Cemetery - Bardstown Rd. nr. intersection Thixton Rd.
Farnsley Cemetery - corner of Cane Run Rd. and Lees Ln. at Farnsley Middle School
Fey Family Cemetery
Finley Cemetery - Park Blvd. in Louisville
Fisher/Reid Cemetery - center of Fisherville
Flat Rock Cemetery - (also referenced as Howell Cemetery) near Women's prison across county line in Shelby County)
Flat Rock Road at Aiken Road Cemetery (Unknown Name)
Flat Rock Road at Shelbyville Road (Unknown Name)
Floyds Fork Baptist Cemetery - Routt Rd., one mile south of Taylorsville Road, near Fisherville
Forest Home Cemetery - in Petersburg Park off Petersburg Road and E. Indian Trail
Forwood/Potts Cemetery - 800 yards north of Taylorsville Road, 3 miles east of Jeffersontown on private land
Frederick Private Cemetery - located in Chenoweth Run Park. Off Billtown Road
Funk Cemetery - next to 2117 Canterbrook
Gagel Family Cemetery, 7900 Arnoldtown Road
Garr Family Cemetery - 1/4 mi. E of Hurstbourne Ln., Plainview
Gaunt Cemetery
German Reformed Presbyterian Cemetery - NE corner of Shelby and Main streets in Jeffersontown
Gilmore/Beeler Cemetery
Gist Cemetery
Goolsby Cemetery
Grasch Cemetery
Gray Cemetery (also known as Fort George Cemetery) - Old Louisville
Green Meadows Memorial Cemetery - 3506 Shanks Ln Shively, KY (502) 447-7875
Greenwood Cemetery - 41st St. and Hale Av. just off I-264 (Watterson Expressway)
Grove Cemetery
Hall Cemetery - eastern Jefferson County off Shelbyville Road in subdivision
Harbold Cemetery
Harrods Creek Cemetery - Brownsboro Rd.
Hause Family Cemetery - 1400 yards north of Stout Road on unnamed trail
Hawes Cemetery
Heafer Cemetery on private land, nr. corner of Fern Valley Rd. and Old Shepherdsville Rd.
Herbert Cemetery
Herr Cemetery 1 - eastern Jefferson County
Herr Cemetery 2 - eastern Jefferson County
Herr Cemetery 3 - eastern Jefferson County
Highland (New) Baptist Church Cemetery
Hikes Family Cemetery #1 - Hikes Ln. nr. St. Michael's Church
Hikes Family Cemetery #2 - Hikes Ln. at Old Bardstown Rd.
Hillcrest Cemetery - across from Parkwood Baptist Church, 7009 Manslick Rd.
Hite Cemeteries (2 listings - scroll down) - 1 of them is at "Mansfield" on Watterson Tr., J'town
Hobbs Chapel Cemetery - 100 yards east of East Osage Road, in Anchorage, KY
Hopewell Presbyterian Church Cemetery
Jacob Park Cemetery (old section of Iroquois Park)
Jefferson Street Cemetery
Jeffersontown Cemetery - Billtown Road and Watterson Trail
Jeffersontown Lutheran Cemetery - nr. corner of Shelby St. & Watterson Tr., next to Old German Reformed Presbyterian Cemetery
Johnson-Sale Cemetery - next to 7300 Terry Rd.
Jones Cemetery - next to 10314 Grafton Hall Rd.
Joyce Cemetery
Kalfus Family Cemetery - on private property, three miles east of Jeffersontown
Kellar, Abraham Cemetery
Kellar, Moses Cemetery
Kendall Family Cemetery - nr. Stout Rd.
Keneseth Israel Cemetery - 719 Locust Ln, Louisville, KY (502) 634-9696 (off Preston adjacent to Temple Cemtery)
Kennedy Cemetery - on private property, 6/10 mi. N. of Taylorsville Rd., .35 mi. E. of Love Rd.
King Cemetery
Knob Creek Cemetery
Lawrence Family Graveyard - 1/2 mi. S. of Whipps Mill Rd. on U of L's Shelby Campus, in ruins
Lee Cemetery - possibly in Iroquois Park
Lewis Family Cemetery - moved to South Jefferson Cemetery
Lightfoot Cemetery
Locke Cemetery
Logan Cemetery - (on private property)
Long Run Cemetery - Off Old Stagecoach Road at Long Run Road
Louisville Cemetery - Poplar Level Rd. at intersection of Eastern Pkwy.
Louisville Memorial Gardens East - 11601 Ballardsville Rd Louisville, KY (502) 241-8424
Louisville Memorial Gardens West - 4400 Dixie Hwy Shively, KY (502) 447-4220
Maddox Cemetery
Manslick Cemetery - Manslick Rd. on N. side of I-264 (Watterson Expressway)
Markwell Cemetery
Marrett Cemetery - 100 yards W of Club House at Iroquois Golf Club
McCawley Cemetery - moved to South Jefferson Cemetery
McCawley Cemetery - Titan Drive at intersection of I-65 and Gene Snyder
Meriwether Family Cemetery - end of Lees Ln. at Ohio River, moved to Cave Hill Cem.
Middletown Cemetery - Select photos
Mill Creek Cemetery - off Johnsontown Road at Valley Station
Miller-Woodsmall Family Graveyard
Miller Cemetery - near Cane Run
Miller - Alsop Cemetery - off Dodge Lane
Mitchell Family Cemetery - on private land, Top Hill Rd. at Mitchell Hill Rd.
Mix Family Cemetery - 7th Street Road (moved to Cave Hill)
Moody Family Cemetery - 100 yards south of Hopewell Road, a half mile south of Highway 155
Moore Family Cemetery - Heafer Road, Anchorage
Moore Family Cemetery - end of Old Heady Road, in ruins
Morse Cemetery
Mt. Holly Methodist Cemetery - 800 Mt. Holly Rd Fairdale, KY (502) 495-0561
Mt. Zion Lutheran Cemetery, now a Nazarene Church - Pope Lick Road, 5.7 miles east of Jeffersontown
Murray Family Cemetery - eastern Jefferson County
Netherton/Rutledge Families Cemetery - Clark Station Road, near the Shelby County line
Newburg Christian Cemetery - Poplar Level Road
Nicholson Family Cemetery - on private property, one mile north of Hwy 55, one mile east of Fisherville
O'Bannon-Williamson Cemetery - on private land, Factory Ln., 3/4 mi. SE of O'Bannon
Oldham Cemetery - parking lot on back side of Kentucky Kingdom
Ormsby Graveyard - on KY Military Institute, 1 mi. E. of Lyndon on Hwy 146
Owens Cemetery - eastern Jefferson County next to Trowell Cemetery
Oxmoor Family Cemetery
Parks Cemetery - west of Breckinridge Lane, in the Jamestown Apt. complex
Pauley Cemetery
Pennsylvania Run Baptist, now known as Smyrna Baptist Church - Pennsylvania Run Road
Old Pennsylvania Run Presbyterian Cemetery - (partial) 8405 Pennsylvania Run Rd Louisville, KY (502) 231-1493
Phillips Durrett and Clark Cemetery - at the Louisville Zoo
Phillips/Williams Cemetery - E. side of Murphy Ln. bet. Hwy. 22 and Westport Rd., 1.5 mi. S. of Ballardsville Rd.
Pope Cemetery
Portland Cemetery - At intersection of Bank and N. 35th Streets

Portland Cemetery - partial transcription, (502) 574-4373 or (502) 636-5181 Section B, part 1; Section B, part 2; Section B, part 3; Section D, part 1; Section D, part 2; Old Western Section, part 1; Old Western Section, part 2; Western Section, part 1; Western Section, part 2; Additional Burials (partial); Another Partial;

Postlethwaite Cemetery - scroll down
Pound Family Cemetery #1 - on private land, 8405 Dawson Hill Rd.
Pound Family Cemetery #2 - on private land, Brush Mill Rd.
Prather Cemetery
Prince Family Cemetery - Off St. Andrews Church Road and Birnamwood Road
Quessenberry Family - near Spottswood Lane and Clark Station Road, abt 3 miles north of Fisherville
Quillman Cemetery 1 - off St. Andrew's Church Road behind radio tower
Quillman Cemetery 2 - Cardinal Hill Road
Resthaven Memorial Park - 4400 Bardstown Rd Louisville, KY (502) 491-5950 (partial listing) (partial listing)
Risinger Cemetery - on private land, nr. 10008 Bearcamp Rd.
River Valley Cemetery - on private land, nr. 10008 Bearcamp Rd. off Cane Run
Robb Family Cemetery - behind a housing addition at 7901 Red Cedar Way, Louisville
Rocky Hills Cemetery
Ross Cemetery
Rudy Cemetery - eastern Jefferson County
St. Andrew's Cemetery - Pleasure Ridge Park, Records at St. Paul's Catholic Church on Dixie Hwy.
St. Edward's Cemetery
Saint John Cemetery - (partial 1) - (partial 2) - 1600 Newburg Rd Louisville, KY (502) 451-7710 (Duncan and N. 26th Streets)
St. Louis Cemetery (partial 1) - (partial 2) - (partial 3) - 1600 Newburg Rd Louisville, KY (502) 451-7710 (Barrett Ave. entrance)
St. Mary's Cemetery (removed, now St. John's) - 1600 Newburg Rd Louisville, KY (502) 451-7710
St. Michael's Cemetery (partial 1) - (partial 2) - (partial 3) - 1600 Newburg Rd Louisville, KY (502) 451-7710 (Ellison & Texas entrances)
St. Stephen's Cemetery (partial) - 1808 S Preston St Louisville, KY (502) 634-0890
Sanders-Balee Family Cemetery
Schardein Cemetery (partial 1) -- (partial 2) - on 7th Street Rd.
Simcoe Cemetery
Scoggan Cemetery - N. of junction Aiken Rd. and Flatrock Rd.
Seaton Family Cemetery - on Brush Run Rd., Seatonville
Seebolt Family Cemetery - Chenoweth Run Road
Shively Family Cemetery - Hwy 31W at Shively
Slack Family Cemetery - Greenwood Rd. at corner of Devereaux
Smith Family Cemetery - Fisherville-Eastwood Rd., 3 mi. N. of Fisherville
Smoot Family Cemetery
Smyrna Baptist Church Cemetery - Pennsylvania Run Road
South Jefferson Cemetery - next to Bethany Memorial Cemetery on Dixie Hwy.
Speed Cemetery
Standiford Cemetery - Preston Highway at Bullitt County line
Standiford Family Cemetery - Watterson Trail
Steel Cemetery
Stilwell Cemetery
Stowers Cemetery - between Watterson Expressway at Louisville Mem. Gardens West and Auburn Drive
Swindler Cemetery
The Temple Brith Shalom Cemetery - 2716 Preston Hwy Louisville, KY (502) 423-1818
Temple Shalom - 4615 Lowe Road, (502) 458-4739
Terry Cemetery - Off Bluelick Road near county line at Hillview
Thompson Cemetery - 1/4 north of the Baptist Seminary
Trowell Cemetery - eastern Jefferson County next to Owens Cemetery
Tunnel Hill Cemetery - At Eastwood on the Shelbyville Pike near Co. Line
Edward Tyler Family Cemetery - 300 yds. N. of Taylorsville Rd., 3 mi. E. of J'town
William Tyler Family Cemetery - S side of Taylorsville Road, 1 miles E of J'town
University of Louisville Law School ??
Vanarsdale Cemetery - Old Taylorsville Rd. in Fisherville
Vance Cemetery - Middletown
Waddell-Watson Cemetery - Holzclaw Hill Rd. at Hillview Dr., Fairdale
Walden Cemetery
Walker Cemetery - across Dixie Hwy. at Lower Hunter's Trace
Waller Cemetery - Greenwood Rd. across from US Post Office
James Ward Cemetery - on private land, Aiken Rd.
Welsh Cemetery - moved to South Jefferson Cemetery
Western Cemetery - Off West Jefferson between 15th & 16th Streets
Williams Family Cemetery - on private land, Back Run Rd.
Wilcox-Clore Cemetery (in Avoca, on Arnold Palmer Blvd., in the middle of a housing development known, or formerly known, as Lake Forest. Contact Richard Petersen for details of burials there.
Wilson Cemetery - on private land, 13800 Bearcamp Rd
Worthington Cemetery - intersection of Chamberlain and Brownsboro Rds.
Zachary Taylor National Cemetery - Brownsboro Road off Watterson, (502) 893-3852
Surname Burials
Hoffmann Family Burials
Ott Family Burials
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