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Evergreen Cemetery, 4623 Preston Hwy, Louisville, Kentucky, 40213 - (502) 366-1481

"H" Surname Burials

Surname - Last, First, MI  Birthdate  Death Date  Notes


 Harrell, Jane M.  1835  1922    Brenda Stillwell
 Headley, Chester J.  07 Aug 1919  20 Nov 1943  PFC WWII  Anna K. Baker
 Headley, Leroy  17 Oct 1917  30 Mar 1996    Anna K. Baker
 Headley, Melvin "Bud"  25 Sep 1913  23 Jun 1994    Anna K. Baker
 Headley, Thelma R. Gibbs  18 Apr 1915  25 Sep 1995    Anna K. Baker
 Headley, Melvin   1879  1971     Anna K. Baker
 Headley, Annie  1885  1974    Anna K. Baker
 Headley, Chester J.  1919  1943    Anna K. Baker
 Heath, Fred  Jun 10, 1899 Jul 7, 1973  Husband, Wife, Sister of Fred Heath

Shared Headstone

 Leisha Roberts
 Heath, Eunice Rena  Oct 8, 1902  Apr 12, 1974  Leisha Roberts
 Heath, Pearl  Feb 20, 1893  1959  Leisha Roberts
 Heck, Edward M.  1888  1940  Shared Stone:  Josephine, his wife  Brenda Stillwell
 Heck, John  1860  1923  Brenda Stillwell
 Heck, Josephine  1865  1941  Brenda Stillwell
 Heck, Phillip  1886  1947  Brenda Stillwell
 Hendrick, Annis G.  1886  1920  Mother  Brenda Stillwell
 Henry, Mary Francis  1919  2000  Shared Burial   Brenda Stillwell
 Henry, W. Alexander  1925  1999  Brenda Stillwell
 Hommel, Emil  1900  1970  Shared Stone  Brenda Stillwell
 Hommel, Dorothy Marie  1886  1924  Brenda Stillwell
 Hommel, George J.  1869  1936  Brenda Stillwell
 Hommel, Henrietta  1863   1935  Brenda Stillwell
 Hornecker, John G.  1873  1942  Husband  Anna K. Baker
 Hornecker, Hallie M.  1882  1968  Wife  Anna K. Baker
 Humpich, Fred J.  1912  1967  Father  Anna K. Baker
 Humpich, Rose A.  1913  1974  Mother  Anna K. Baker

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