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William Tyler Family Cemetery

The Tyler Family Cemetery and The William Tyler Cemetery were read by Lowell and Sandy Griffin in 1995.   Genealogical and/or historical notes (*) were contributed by Joellen Tyler Johnston.   Please email Joellen or one of your coordinators if you have any additional information to add regarding this cemetery.  Ms. Johnston's cemetery contributions are very much appreciated, and it is hoped it is useful to other descendents.

This cemetery is located in eastern Jefferson County

+ those dates marked with a plus sign are birth dates added by your coordinator with the use of the Birthday Calculator


Tyler, William, born 31 Sep 1755 +, died 23 Sep 1836, aged 80 years, 11 months, 23 days.

*William “Walking Billy,” son of Edward Tyler III and his wife, Ann Langley. In December 1777 William joined the army, served two years as a private under George Rogers Clark, and was with Clark at the capture of Kaskaskia and Vincennes.  After leaving the army in December 1779 William returned to his parents’ home above Redstone in present Penn. before coming with them to Louisville in spring of the following year.  He was called Walking Billy because he made many flatboat trips to New Orleans to sell, among other things, the whiskey that was being made by Zachariah Tyler in association with several other members of his generation.  The flatboats were also sold at New Orleans and Billy walked home over the Natchez Trace. 

Tyler, Sarah, born about 1769 +, died 03 Sep 1834, aged about 67 years.

*Sarah Williams, wife of William, married about 1785.  They had ten children including those buried here.

Tyler, Benjamin, born 13 Apr 1805, died 28 Jul 1873.

*Son of William and Sarah.  Benjamin inherited his father’s farm and lived here until he died.  Never married.

Tyler, Nancy, born 14 Jul 1799, died 31 Aug 1854.

*Daughter of William and Sarah, Nancy had a twin sister also named Sarah.  Neither girl ever married.  It is probable that Sarah is also buried in this cemetery, all the stones were moved in about 1935 when Silver Springs Swimming Pool and Resort was established on this property.  It is possible that the actual cemetery lies west of the present location of these tombstones, just beyond the present driveway to the house.

Tyler, Candace, born 30 May 1832 +, died 16 Oct 1840, dau of Wm. & L. Tyler, age 8 years, 4 months, 16 days.

*Daughter of William Tyler Jr. and his wife Letitia Jennings who married 22 Dec. 1825 in Spencer Co., Ky.  Letitia was the sister of Denchy Jennings who married Zachariah Tyler.  Both were daughters of William Jennings, who died 1827 in Spencer County.

Landrum, Dr. Joseph, born 19 Apr 1820 +, died 31 Dec 1853, aged 33 years, 8 months, 12 days, consort of Eliz. Ann.

*Dr. Landrum was the husband of Elizabeth Ann Barr who was the daughter of Eleanor Tyler and her husband John Barr.  Eleanor was the daughter of William “Walking Billy” and his wife Sarah.  Elizabeth Barr Landrum lived after her husband’s death on her father’s farm with her Uncle Benjamin and her aunts.  She raised her three children here and never remarried.  A fourth child, John S. Landrum, apparently died in childhood.  Although there is no tombstone for Elizabeth it is probable that she is buried here also.  Joe and Mary Ellen “Molly” Landrum never married but lived on this farm until the 1930s making William and Sarah’s homestead the Tyler Settlement farm continuously owned and occupied longest by members of the original family.

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