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I get many questions asking where to find particular research material.    Ever wondered where you go to find newspaper obituaries?   Need a copy of a marriage bond?   You'll find listings below of what holdings each institution possesses and what you need to do to access them.   If you live anywhere remotely close to Louisville, you are indeed fortunate to have so many options to find what you need.   If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to email your coordinator.  Scroll below to find the list of institutions available to you.

A listing of Jefferson County Records
FHC:  Vital statistics 1859 and 1877 only; County Court orders/Minutes 1870; deeds 1783; Division Books
(land and personal property) 1784-1785; Resident lands sold for taxes 1846 only; Wills 1784; Tax books 1799-1814, 1817-1831, 1833-1875; Black Marriage licenses and bonds 1852-1861, 1868-1874, 1888-1891, 1893 on; White marriage licenses & certificates 1853; White marriage licenses and bonds 1780-1852, 1855--1858, 1861 on; Marriage register 1784; Louisville births 1898-1910; Louisville deaths 1866-1910.

State Archives - Frankfort: Deeds 1783; Wills (originals) 1794; Circuit Court 1783; Circuit Case records 1795, 1805, 1808, 1810, 1813, 1816-25, 1828-1829, 1831 on. Police Court Order Book for Louisville 1856-1863 and 1867 only; Tax Assessment books, L'ville 1834 on.

County:  Rejected wills 1869; Contested wills 1887-1895; Guardian Bonds 1874; Guardians, Trustee, Receivers & Committee Bonds 1874; Commissioner's Deed Book 1812-1871; Grantor Index of Circuit Court (General index of deeds) 1812-1847, Grantee index of same 1812-1847; Grantee General Index Chancery 1853-1871; Grantor Index same 1853-1871; Unrecorded deeds 1790; Wills that are incomplete - individual's deemed incomplete) 1887;

County Clerk Attic:  Common Law Circuit Court, Quarterly Sessions and Dismissions 1781-1803; Common Pleas Circuit Court Civil Suits 1803-1893; L'ville Chancery Court with Plaintiff's index to Suits 1835-1877, 1887-1890; L'ville Chancery Court (Defendant's index to suits) 1835-1872, 1887-1890; Current Index to Civil Defendant's suits 1782-1870; Current index to Civil suits - Plaintiff 1782-1875; Settled estates (the originals) 1867-1904.

Circuit Clerk:  Index to Plaintiff Civil Suits 1880-1890; Same for defendants 1898 on; Declarations of Intention 1893; Naturalization Petitions 1897; Court of Common Pleas (Rule Docket) 1885-1892; Chancery Rule Docket 1835-1892; Chancery Judgements 1874; Court of Quarterly Sessions 1801-1903; Chancery Courts - Equity 1835; Suits 1803-1893; Judgments 1874; Law & Equity Book 1880-1892; Guardian Bonds 1874-1886; Lunacy Inquests 1892; Minute Books 1882.

Click on each institution to see what records are held by them:

The Filson Club

Historic Preservation
Louisville Free Public Library

Library & Archives Frankfort

Jefferson County Clerk Deed Room Kentucky Historical Society
Univ. of Louisville, Ekstrom Library  Kentucky State Court Records
Jefferson County Metro Archives Naturalization Records
City of Louisville Records National Archives & Records
Property Valuation Administration IGI Batch #'s
Fiscal Court  
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