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  The Jefferson County and Louisville Archives have merged to become the Louisville-Jefferson County Metro Archives and has moved to 635 Industry Road at Seventh Street, 574-3244.  Check out the Courier-Journal article here.

City and county records had been separate reflecting the days before city-county merger and had been stored at the Urban Government Center at 810 Barret Ave., Memorial Auditorium and Louisville Gardens.

Adoption and Apprenticeship Records

Adoption and Apprenticeship books-Religious Institutions and Index,  c.1879-1945, (Louisville Baptist Orphans Home, Christian Church Widows and Orphans Home, Methodist Episcopal Church South Widows and Orphans Home, German Baptist Orphans Home), hard copy.

Adoption papers filed in the Criminal Division of the Circuit Court, 1875-1904, and Index, hard copy,

Adoption Case Files-Jefferson County Court, and index, #1-#580,  1940-1946, hard copy. (restricted).
Before 1940, adoption case files are included in the civil division case files of Jefferson Circuit Court.  The case number may be found in the    Plaintiff Index under the name of the petitioner.  Post 1946 files are also in the Circuit Court, but they are restricted.

Citizenship Records

Index to Naturalizations, 1811-1913, hard copy.
Naturalization Books-Jefferson Circuit Court, 1892-1913, hard copy and microfilm.

Coroner's Records

Inquest Books, 1878-1914, #1-#8, hard copy
Inquest Papers, 1898-1899, 1902-1908,1916-1919, hard copy
Inquest Files, 1926-present, hard copy and Jefferson County Coroner's Office (1975-present)
Deputy Coroner's Memo Books, hard copy, 1918-1921,1934-present, and Jefferson County Coroner's Office (1976-present)

Land Ownership and Division

Grantor Index to Deeds, microfilm, 1783-1937.,
Division Books and Index, 1797-1916, hard copy.
Jefferson County Court-Division Case Papers, 1852-1950, hard  copy
Commissioner's Deed Books and Index -Circuit Court, 1812-1847, hard copy
Commissioner's Deed Books and Index-Louisville Chancery Court, 1835-1871,  hard copy.

Entry Books, 1779-1835, hard copy. Indexed in Willard Rouse Jillson, Old Kentucky Entries and Deeds, Ch. IV, "Jefferson Entries."

Name Change Records

Name Change papers-Jefferson County  Court, #1-#7, 745,  1886-1977, hard copy.  Index kept in Jefferson County Clerk-Probate Department.

Pension Records

Old Age Pension Applications-Jefferson County Court, 1930-1932,  A-G only, hard copy, not indexed.

Confederate Soldiers Pension Applications-Commonwealth of Kentucky and Index, 1912-1920, hard copy.

Probate Records

 Original Wills, 1784-1902, hard copy.

Probate Records

    Representatives' Bond Books, c.1863-1977, (Administrator,
               Assignee, Committee, Curator, Executor, Guardian, Trustee),
               hard copy, indexed after 1893 in the Index to Wards and
               Estates, Jefferson County Clerk-Probate Department.

Tax Records

 Real Property Tax Rolls for Jefferson County, Kentucky.
               1789-1892, microfilm, Jefferson County Department for Historic
               Preservation and Archives.

Vital Records

  Death Register-City of Louisville, 1866-1910, mocrofilm.
           Birth Register-City of Louisville, 1898-1910, microfilm.
           Death Returns-Jefferson County, 1852-1859,1893-1894,1900-1901,
               1903-1906,1909, microfilm.
            Birth Records-Jefferson County, 1852,1854-1859,1900-1906,
               1908-1909, microfilm.
            Marriage registers and Indexes,1784-1911, microfilm.
            Marriage Bonds, c.1855-present; c. 1855-1916, hard copy.

Other Resources:

  Research Files-Jefferson County Historic Resources Inventory,
               1977-present, (files maintained on all the historic sites in
               Jefferson County, KY, outside the City of
               Louisville, identified by the staff of the Jefferson County
               Department of Historic Preservation and Archives).
            Louisville City Directories, 1832-1983, microfilm and hand
            1858 Bergmann Map of Jefferson County
             1879 Beers and Lanagan Atlas of Jefferson County
            1913 Louisville Title Company Atlas of Jefferson County
            1927 A.W. Hardin Company Atlas of Jefferson County
            Jefferson County Department for Historic Preservation and
               Archives, November 1987 (revised August 1995).

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