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County Court Minute Book A (1781 - 1783) Pages 14, 15, and 16

The following names are listed with the minute book for the years listed.   This listing includes all families at that time which were granted acreage.  Keep in mind that this timeframe represents families that lived in a much larger expanse of Jefferson County than actually exists today.   Many of these people lived in the outlying counties we have present today, but their land was granted to them when it was still a part of Jefferson County.   Please feel free to contact your coordinators at anytime with any additions or corrections you may have.  This information was derived from for the Nelson County KyGenWeb site. 
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 At a Court held for Jefferson County, the 3rd of December, 1781.  It appearing to the Court that the following Persons, are entitled by virtue of an Act of Assembly passed May last, to four hundred acres of land, each.  Orders that the County Surveyor lay off to them accordingly....this was testified to by Meredith Price, Clerk Jefferson Court.

Page 14

Page 15

Page 16

Francis Adams Joshua Archer Jane Archer
John Alsey John Barnett Jane Arneson
Thomas Applegate Matthew Bartley William Arnett
Thomas Banfield Joseph Beard Peter Bartness
Reuben Blackford Mary Beard Cornelius Bogart
Thomas Brown Thomas Beard Joseph Brooks
Cornelius Bryan John Burk John Cameron
Jacob Case William Burrass Ceirsey Cisidon [sic]
Joseph Case Daniel Byers Peter Countryman
Reuben Case Catherine Calasby  Peter Countryman, Jr.
Ann Cline Allen Campbell William Downs
John Cline Daniel Campbell Robert Foreman
John Coy Joseph Collard Mary Gray
Corrod Custard [sic] Spencer Collins Richard Gregory
Boston Damewood Thomas Collins Joseph Greenywalt
Catharine Darling James Colvin Charles Harebridge
Thomas Dillian Martin Curts David  Hawkins
Neil Doherty Edward Combs John Hawkins
James Dunbar Henry Counrtyman John Hiel
John Dunlap George Cravetson Margaret Higgis
Elizabeth Faith Peter Cummins George Hinch
Joanna Farrow William Cummins Frederick Honsault
Elisha Freeman Lambert Darling John Honsault
Elisha Freeman, Jr. Samuel Damarie, Jr. Jacob Hobbs
William Galsby Henry Davis Benja Johnson
Robert Gilmore John Demara George Jones
Henry Grass Samuel Demara Charles Kennedy
Jacob Gun Susanna Dickens John Keith
William Hall Israel Dodge John McCumsey
 James Hamilton James Doherty John McCasline
John Hamilton John Donne Samuel McAdams
  Rachel Hargiss Margaret Downing Christopher Miller
Jonathan Harnett Elizabeth Duncan Samuel Miller
James Harriss Joseph Flemming Thomas Morton
Jno Mayhue Harriss Isaac Froman John Riker
Ruth Harrisss Mary Gakin Henry Scaggs
Susannah Harrisss John Galloway Samuel Stuthard
Miles Hart Joseph Glenn John Sutherland
Jacob Hoffman  John Greenywalt Walter Wright
William Hold Andrew Gregory James Voress
Zachariah Hold John Gilmore  
Robert Homes Thomas Harrison   
Mary Holmes  Jemima Hougland  David Hart  
John Hughes  John Helm  
Martha Hughes Elizabeth Higgins  
John James Samuel Hobbs  
Anthoney Junkus [?] James Hougland  
Dinah Kennedy Richard James  
William Lagston James January  
Jemima Lemaster David Johnson  
Daniel Lovell Christopher Jones  
Peter Lovell Henry Keith  
Barbara Lyburn Isaac Keller  
Daniel Lynder John Kennedy  

John Martin

Soloman Kersinger


William Martin

John Lee  

James McKegg

William Lee


Mary McKenzie

William Lock  
George McManniss Daniel Lout  
John McManniss James Mays  
Sarah Morgan Matthew Mays  
John Mundall John McCasline  

Peter Newkirk

Mary McGlaughlin  

Sarah Payne

John McLean  
Sam Ray

Jeremiah McNew

Abram Raymond

Joseph Mitchell

Rachel Ricker William Mitchell  
John Shaw Charles Morgan  
Ann Shores Charles Morgan, Jr.  
John Sinclair Samuel Morton  
Thomas Spencer Robert Mosely  
Mary Stevens Elias Newkirk  
James Stewart Tobias Newkirk  
James Swan Turner Oliver  
John Tewell Arthur Park  
John Thixton

Joseph Park

Charity Thornton George Pomeroy  
Moses Timplin Dennis Purcell  
Griffin Tillis


Margaret Vanleeve John Roberts  
Graves Wapshot James Scaggs  
Samuel Watkins Christopher Schulz  
Henry Watson

George Seaborne

John Williams John Shaw  
Benja Wright Moses Spears  
Christian Wyman John Spencer  
Samuel Young James Stevenson  

Michael Teets

  John Thompson  
  John Voress  
  John Voress, Jr.  
  Luke Voress  
  Sophia Voress  
  Peter Warren  
  Jane Weach  
  Ozias Welch  
  Mary Westoville  
  Haden Whorton  
  Jacob Williams  
  John Williams  
  Christian Wyman, Jr.  

George Yent


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