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This space is for you to add the names you are researching in hopes of connecting with others who have those same surnames in their family trees. Feel free to email your coordinator with a list of your names and they will be added along with your current email address so you can be reached by others. Please, if your email address ever changes, please send a quick note so it can be updated.

Louisville and Jefferson County Surnames  (listed alphabetically)  Page Updated 121607

  Surname  Researcher  Website or Comments
 Andriot   Jane Slaughter  
 Barrickman   Rose Dailey  
 Birkenmeyer/Berkenmeyer   Joe Birkenmeyer  
 Bray   Ramona M. Clark  
 Bossung   Linda Mabry  
 Bott   Janis Fowler   
 Brown   Donald Murphy  Central Kentucky Connections
 Burch   Leslie Westerman  
 Burns   Peggy N.  
 Byrne   Jane Slaughter  
 Cannon   Brenda Wheeler  
 Caple   Vikki Caple Kaelin  
 Carlisle/Carlile   Donald Murphy  Central Kentucky Connections
 Carter   Ramona M. Clark  
 Chambers   Rose Dailey
 Clark   Donald Murphy  
 Clements   Jane Slaughter
 Comens   Carol Abbott  1906 Obits
 Conrad   Mary Anderson
 Crawford   Donna Hay  
 Cronin   Rose Dailey  
 Cushing   Shawn Fields   
 Dahl   Steve Dahl   The Dahl Family - Oberotterbach, Germany to Louisville
 Dailey   Rose Dailey  
 Decker   Amy Roark
 Deiss   JoAnn  
 Egg   Marguerite Miller  
 Evans   Pam Johnson Holloway  
 Fey   Marguerite Miller  
 Fields   Shawn Fields  
 Fendley   Donald Murphy  Central Kentucky Connections
 Fleischman   Marguerite Miller   
 Ford   Don Ford   
 Gagel    Marguerite Miller   
 Gordy   Rose Dailey  
 Hale   William Hale  Hale Obit
 Hardin   Sandra Hardin
 Harrison   Matt Scott  
 Haspital   Marguerite Miller  
 Hawley   Gina LaGrange   
 Hays/Hayes   Helen Thomas  
 Hayse   JoAnn  
 Heney, Haney, Heany   Diane Shaw  
 Henritz   Joe Birkenmeyer  
 Hensley   Jane Hall
 Hogue   Marguerite Miller  
 Johnson   Pam Johnson Holloway  
 Kaelin   Vikki Caple Kaelin  
 Keegan, Kegan, Keagan   Diane Shaw  
 Kinlan   Jane Slaughter  
 Knauer   Marguerite Miller  
 Koch   Misty Stanek  
 Kramer   JoAnn  
 Landauer   Judy Landauer   
 Martin   JoAnn   
 McDade   Mary Thoeni
 McGaha   Pam Johnson Holloway  
 McKinney   Marilyn Larson  
 Million   David Heitz  
 Moody   Jane Slaughter  
 Morris   Donald Murphy  Central Kentucky Connections
 Murphy   Donald Murphy  Central Kentucky Connections
 Newburger   Judy Landauer
 Noel   Carol Abbott  1906 Obits
 Norton   Peggy N.  
 Ochs   Janis Fowler  
 Owens   Donald Murphy  Central Kentucky Connections
 Panter   Jane Slaughter  
 Page   Linda Mabry   
 Quillman   Marguerite Miller  
 Randolph   Marilyn Larson  
 Redenbaugh   Joyce Fagerness
 Riggs   Shawn Fields  
 Robb   Ken Berry  Particularly interested in James Robb of Mann's Lick 1786 
 Rutledge   William Hale  Rutledge Obit
 Saunders   Peggy N.   
 Schagene   Henry M Schagene  
 Schlegel   Joe Birkenmeyer  
 Schlesinger   Linda Mabry  
 Scott   Matt Scott  
 Seesengood   Rose Dailey  
 Seessengood   Rose Dailey  
 Shields   Rose Dailey
 Shrader   Rose Dailey
 Smith/Schmidt   JoAnn  
 Snellen   John W. Snellen  Snellen Family Web
 Staab   JoAnn  
 Steinauer   JoAnn  
 Stiefvater   Janis Fowler  
 Stroxtile   Nancy Lloyd  
 Suchsland   Marguerite Miller  
 Sullivan   Jane Slaughter  
 Sweeney   Donald Murphy  Central Kentucky Connections
 Thixton   Helen Thomas   
 Tinnell   Nancy Lloyd   
 Westerman   Leslie Westerman  Westerman Genealogical Directory
 Williamson   Troy Williamson  Williamson Family Ancestry
 Wolfe   Rose Dailey  
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