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Johnson County 1925 Tax List

A - B 

Abromonick, Eli   Adams, Alma Adams, Ashland Adams, Ben
 Adams, Bill Adams, Derum Adams, Ed Adams, Elbert
Adams, Fonzo Adams, Frank Adams, Fred Adams, Fred R.
Adams, Garrett Adams, Hardin Adams, H. B. Adams, Henry
Adams, Jack Adams, James H. Adams, Jincy Adams, J.M.
Adams, Joe Adams, John Adams, K. B. Adams, Lester
Adams, Marcus Adams, Miles Adams, Paris Adams, R.D.
Adams, Rosabelle Adams, Ross Adams, Wesley Adams. Will
Adams, Willie Adair, Willie A. Adkins, Buddy Adkins, George
Adkins, James

Adkins, Jerry

Adkins, J H

Adkins Lester

Adkins, Nancy Adkins, W. P. Akers, James Akers, J. E
Akers, Logan Akers, Millard Akers, Russell Akers, T B
Akers W. S. Allen, Jeff Allen, Sally Anderson Frank
Archer Dr. E. E. Arms, Dan Arms, Elijah Arms, Everett
Arms, Henry Arms, J B Arms Jesse Arms, John (Dist1)
Arms, John (Dist2) Arms Milford Arms Morris Arms, Oliver
Arms, Oscar Arms, Sam K Arms, Sanford Arms, Son
Arms, Willie Arnett, Fannie Arnett, Homer Arnett, Morris
Arrowood, A J Arrowood, Diliah Arrowood, G.D. Arrowood H F
Arrowood, Irving Arrowood, Liss Arrowood, Lon Arrowood, Melvin
Arrowood, Willie Arrowood, W. J. Atkinson, Frank Atkinson, Fred
Atkinson, Mrs. Julia F Atkinson, Stella Atkinson, W.T. Dr Austin, Elmer
Austin, Fanny Austin, J. M, Auxier, A. E. Auxier, Annie Lee
Auxier, Dick Auxier, Down Auxier, G. G. Auxier, Henry J
Auxier, I L Auxier, James W. Auxier, J.B. Auxier J J
Auxier JKP Sr. Auxier JKP Jr Auxier J. S. Auxier, Louise,
Auxier, Milt Auxier, R C Auxier, Sam Auxier, S.L
Auxier. Tobe Auxier W. D.    


Bailey Alger Bailey, Charley Bailey, C. M. Bailey, D.B.
BAILEY, Dury Bailey, Estill Bailey, Everett Bailey, Fred
Bailey, Hampton Bailey, Harrison Bailey, Hige Bailey, J.F.
Bailey J. F. (Judge) Bailey, J.T, Bailey, L. C. Bailey, Lilly
Bailey, Sanford Bailey, T. B. Bailey, W. B Bailey, W.R.
Baker, Sam Balden, Willie Baldin, Fred Baldin, John
Baldin, McKinley Baldridge, Ben Baldridge, Garfield Baldridge, G.E.
Baldridge, Irving    Baldridge, Liss Baldridge, Robert Baldridge, Susan
Baldridge, Thomas Baldridge, Tom Baldwin, Clint Baldwin, Dock
Baldwin, Fred Baldwin, John F. Baldwin, Luther Baldwin, S.A.
Baldwin, Wince Banks, Elza Banks, Robert Baranski, John
Barber, Curtis Barber, Henry Barker, Alfred Barker, Alonzo
Barker, Eli Barker, Hardy Barker, Jassitt Barker, John
Barker, Lon M. Barker, Walter Barker, W.L. Barnett, Andy J

Barnett, F. A

Bartelle, Benny

Barton, Green

Bayes, Charley

Bayes, Denny

Bayes, Dord

Bayes, D.S.

Bayes, Elijah

Bayes, Floyd

Bayes, Frank

Bayes, J.B.

Bayes, J.J.

Bayes, J.M.

Bayes, John

Bayes, Leander

Bayes, Lois

Bayes, Mark

Bayes, Martha

Bayes, Mary

Bayes, Mary Mrs.

Bayes, Nat

Bayes, Newt

Bayes, Newton

Bayes, Pete

Bayes, Printice

Bayes, Sam

Bayes, Warren

Bayes, W.M.H.

Bayes, Worth

Beers, E.W.

Belcher, J.N.

Berlin, E.W.

Berry, E.C.

Berry, Garfield

Bewis, Richard

Bigford, George R.

Bigford, Ora

Bill, Charley

Billows, Milton J

Black H.G.

Blackburn, Linzie

Blair, Alamander

Blair, Albert

Blair, Albert H,

Blair, Alonzo

Blair, Andy

Blair, Andy

Blair, B.J.

Blair, Burns

Blair, C.E.

Blair, Charles

Blair, Charley

Blair, Coonie

Blair, Crate

Blair, Crate

Blair, Crosford

Blair, Cyrus

Blair, Dave

Balir, Dee

Blair, Denny

Blair, Dewey

Blair, Dicy

Blair, Earl

Blair, Edgar

Blair, Elliot

Blair, Everett

Blair, Farmer

Blair, Floyd

Blair, F.B.

Blair, Frankie (Little)

Blair, Frankie (Big)

Blair, Furman

Blair, G.A. Mrs

Blair, George N

Blair, George W.

Blair, Grant

Blair, Green (Paintsville)

Blair, Green (Dist #3)

Blair, Hallie

Blair, Harlan

Blair, Harland

Blair, Harry

Blair, Harry H.

Blair Herbert

Blair, James

Blair, James F.

Blair, Jessie

Blair, Jessie (Dist#3)

Blair, J.F,

Blair, John

Blair, John B.

Blair, John N.

Blair, J.M.W.

Blair, Joseph

Blair, Joseph M.

Blair, Leander

Blair, Levi

Blair, Lewis

Blair, Lincoln

Blair, Lindsey

Blair, Liss

Blair, L. J.

Blair, Lonnie

Blair, Martha Jane

Blair, Millard

Blair, Mitchell

Blair, Nat

Blair, Ned

Blair, Paris

Blair, Reese

Blair, Robert

Blair, Mrs. Sarah

Blair, Sherman

Blair, Taylor

Blair, Tom

Blair, Verner

Blair, Vernie

Blair, Walter

Blair, Walter

Blair, Warnie

Blair, Watt

Blair, W.F.

Blair, W.H.

Blair, William

Blair, W. M.

Blair, W.M. F.

Blair, W.F.

Blankenship, Lenard

Blankenship, Paulie

Blankenship, R.

Blanton, A.J.

Blanton, Al

Blanton, Alamander

Blanton, Arch

Blanton, Bessie

Blanton, Branch

Blanton, Callie

Blanton, C. Giney

Blanton, Challie

Blanton, Clifford

Blanton, Ed

Blanton, Edward

Blanton, Everett

Blanton, Fonzo

Blanton, George

Blanton, George B.

Blanton, Gilbert

Blanton, Granville

Blanton, Grover

Blanton, G. S.

Blanton, Hade

Blanton, Hansford

Blanton, Harry

Blanton, Harry(Dist#3)

Blanton, Hendrick

Blanton, Henry

Blanton, Herbert

Blanton, James

Blanton, James F.

Blanton, James P.

Blanton, J. F.

Blanton, J. M.

Blanton John

Blanton, John Ed

Blanton John M.

Blanton, Jov

Blanton, Kendrie

Blanton Leck

Blanton Lewis

Blanton, Lige

Blanton, Manford

Blanton, Mary

Blanton, Mary (Dist#1)

Blanton M.D.

Blanton, Millard

Blanton, Millard F.

Blanton, Oliver P,

Blanton, Ollie Mrs

Blanton, Oscar

Blanton, paris

Blanton, rosco

Blanton, Rose

Blanton, Sallie

Blanton, Sam

Blanton, Sherman

Blanton, S. J.

Blanton, S. L.

Blanton, S.W.

Blanton, W. A.

Blanton, Walter

Blanton, Walter (Dist#3)

Blanton, W.H.

Blanton, Willie

Blanton, W.R,

Blevins, Albert

Blevins, Andy

Blevins, Bailey

Blevins, Ben

Blevins, Charley

Blevins, Dennis

Blevins, Dick

Blevins, Earl

Blevins, Eli

Blevins, Elias

Blevins, Elisha

Blevins, Elzie

Blevins, Emma Mrs.

Blevins, Floyd

Blevins, Frank

Blevins, George

Blevins, George W.

Blevins, Glen

Blevins, Gus

Blevins, James

Blevins, Jams

Blevins, Janes

Blevins, J.H.

Blevins, J.T.

Blevins, Lewis

Blevins, Laura

Blevins, Lias (Elias)

Blevins, Licas

Blevins, Lonzo

Blevins, Louis

Blevins, Luke

Blevins, Mack

Blevins, Sam

Blevins, Sam (Poor Bear)

Blevins, Smith

Blevins, Sonny

Blevins, W.B.

Blevins, W.R.

Blim, Frank

Blim, James C.

Boberick, Wassel

Boggs, Bert

Boggs, Charley

Boggs, H.L.

Boggs, J.A

Boggs, Loe

Boggs, W.G.

Bond, J.D.

Booker, Henry

Booth, Charley

Booth, Garfield

Borders, H. A.

Borders, John

Borders, Johnnie

Borders, Mary R.

Borders, Nathan

Borders, Patrick

Boss, W.P.

Bowe, Susan

Bowe, W.C.

Bowen, Bud

Bowen, george

Bowen, Jack

Bowen, james

Bowen, John W.

Bowen, Johnny

Bowen, Morgan

Bowen, Samuel

Bowen, Willie

Bowens, Aug

Bowens, Henry

Bower, Mark

Bowling, Clay

Bowling, Clayton

Bowling, Jim

Bowling, Joe

Bowling Lee

Bowling, Lige

Bowling, Mouse

Bowling, Paris

Bowling, Proctor

Boyd, Anderson

Boyd, Bryan

Boyd, Charley

Boyd, Croker

Boyd, George W.

Boyd, G. V.

Boyd, Hershell

Boyd, Hillard

Boyd, Joe

Boyd, John

Boyd, Julia Mrs.

Boyd, Mastin

Boyd, Milt

Boyd, R. C.

Boys, Russell

Boyd, W. C.

Boyd, W.S.

Bradley, Eddie

Bradley, L. M.

Bradley, William

Bragg, Arthur

Brandenburg, Clay

Brandenburg, W.C.

Branham, Arthur

Branham, Harrison

Branham, Jeff

Branham, John

Branham, Joseph

Branham, J, T,

Branham, Sarah

Branham, Steve

Branham, Tandy

Branham, Turner

Branham, William

Brewer, J.J.

Brooks, A.L.

Brooks, S.L.

Brown, A.J.

Brown, Aaron

Brown, Andrew

Brown, Billy

Brown, Canada

Brown, C.h\H.

Brown, Daniel

Brown, D.D.

Brown, D.K.

Brown, D.I.

Brown, Earnest F.

Brown, Ed

Brown, Elizabeth

Brown, E.M.

Brown, Estole

Brown, F.A.

Brwon, Frank B.

Brown, G.B.

Brown, George Dewey

Brown, george M.

Brown, G.H.

Brown, Glen

Brown, Hasten

Brown, Henry

Brown, James B.

Brown, J.B.

Brown, J.J.

Brown, J.M.

Brown, Joe

Brown, Lawrence

Brown, Lewis

Brown, M.C.

Brown, Roscoe

Brown, Roy

Brown, S.H.

Brown, T.A. (estate)

Brown, T.C.

Brown, Tom

Brown, Tom C

Brown, Wesley

Brown, W.H.

Brown, W.M.

Browning, N. M.

Bryant, Clark

Bryant, Frank

Bryant, James

Bryant, Jesse

Bryant, Manford

Buckingham, Claude

Buckingham, Elizabeth

Bunyard, Logan

Burch, Will Jesse

Burchett, A.J.

Burchett, Amanda

Burchett, Charley

Burchett, George

Burchett, George W

Burchett, Gross

Burchett, Ham

Burchett, Harmon

Burchett, isaac

Burchett, James

Burchett, Landrum

Burchett, Lydia

Burchett, Pricilla

Burchett, Proctor

Burchett, Noah

Burchett, T.H.

Burchett, Tobbie

Burchett, William

Buechett, Willie

Burchett, W.J.

Burgess, Frank

Burgess, Will

Burk, John

Burk, Ora

Burke, B.H.


Burke, C.W.

Burke, J.P.

Burke, Mart

Burke, S.J.

Burke, Tom L.

Burke, Walker

Burke, Walker W.

Burkett, Sam

Burton, Dinnis

Burton, E.L.

Burton, Foster

Burton, Frank

Burton, L.T.

Burton, P.A.

Burton, Roscoe

Burton, T.J.

Bush, Ellen

Bush, John

Butcher, Ballard

Butcher, Beecher

Buthcher, Bud,


Butcher, George W.

Butcher, Harmon

Butcher, Henry M

Butcher, H.H.

Butcher, hulda

Butcher, James

Butcher, J.K.

Butcher J.K. Mrs.

Butcher, John W

Butcher, Jonny

Butcher, Lewis

Butcher, Mark

Butcher, Melvin

Butcher, Rich

Butcher, Simon

Butcher, Son

Butcher, Thomas

Butcher, Wilber

Butcher, Willie

Butler, Colfax

Butler, Earl

Butler, Ella

Butler, Gus

Butler, J.P.

Butler, Mary

Butler, Tom

Butler, Virgil



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