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*Blanton and Families of Eastern Kentucky*

George Blanton, patriarch of the Johnson County Blanton’s was born about 1775, possibly Sullivan County, North Carolina (later Tennessee) He married about 1795 Martha Shepherd born about 1775 in North Carolina. George died before 1860 in Johnson County. He is last found in the 1850 Johnson Co. Census. Martha died before 1870. She is last found in the 1860 Johnson Co. Census, living with her son James Henry, my third great grandfather.


 The children of George & Martha were:

Sarah Elizabeth Blanton born about 1795 Lee Co. VA & married 22 May 1822 Floyd County, KY James Lemaster born March 1801 Lee Co. VA. Son of Eleazer & Rachel Ramey Lemaster, my fifth great



William Emerson Blanton born about 1801 Lee County, VA died 21 May 1885 Magoffin Co. KY married (1) 5 Jan 1831 Floyd Co. KY Esther Cantrell, born about 1815 died before 1859, daughter of Elijah & Margaret Peggy Connally Cantrell.

William Emerson Blanton married (2) 1 May 1859 Mahala Roberson Conley, born about 1820 Floyd Co. KY. Daughter of John Roberson.  Mahala was first married to David M. Conley.


Rachel Blanton born about 1807 Lee Co. VA died 5 Aug 1905 Johnson Co. KY married 29 Sept 1825 Floyd Co. KY Elias “Henry” Cantrell born about 1806 North Carolina died after 1800 Johnson Co. son of Elijah & Margaret Peggy Connally Cantrell.


Loucinda Blanton born about 1811 Lee Co. VA died after 1880 Johnson Co. married 11 July 1830 Morgan Co. Elijah Dide Smith born about 1811 died before 1880 son of Elijah The Dutchman & Mary Polly VanHoose Smith


George Blanton, Jr. born about 1816 Lee Co. VA died after 1880 Plummers Mill, Fleming Co. KY married 16 Feb 1833 Morgan Co. KY Tabitha Lansdown born about 1815 VA died before 1880 daughter of Nathaniel & Nancy Fairchild Lansdown.


Martha Blanton born 8 Dec 1817 Lee Co VA died 1880-1900 Johnson Co. KY married 7 Dec 1836 Floyd Co. KY William Pennington born about 1816 Lee Co VA died about 1880 Johnson Co. KY son of Joshua & Nancy Sparks Pennington


*James Henry Blanton born 25 Jan 1820 Scott Co. VA died 5 August 1905 Johnson Co. KY married 24 Sept 1840 Floyd Co. KY Mary E. Davis born 8 July 1824 Fish Trap, Johnson Co. KY died 7 Apr 1897 Johnson Co. KY daughter of Elias & Elizabeth Curtis Davis.


Alcia Alsey Blanton born about 1822 Floyd Co. KY & died in Magoffin Co. married 10 Mar 1849 Johnson Co. KY Madison Blanton born about 1812 Tennessee & died in Magoffin Co. Son of James D. & Margaret Carter Trimm Blanton. James D. was a brother of George, Sr.


Mary Blanton born Johnson Co. KY married 16th July 1826 Floyd Co. KY John Arms


The Children of James Henry & Mary:

Elias Bud Blanton, Uncle Bud born 18 Nov 1843 Johnson Co. died 24 Oct 1918 Johnson Co. married Johnson Co. Minerva McCarty born 8th Feb 1846 Harlan Co. died 23 Dec 1923 Johnson Co. daughter of John & Clarissa/Patsy Salyers McCarty.


*George WashingtonWashBlanton born 15 Nov 1845 Johnson Co. KY died 1 Aug 1911 Johnson Co. KY married 13 Aug 1866 Johnson Co. Mahala “Angeline” Nickell born 1 Jan 1853 Johnson Co. KY died 31 July 1917 Johnson Co. daughter of Alexander Washington “Alex” & Katherine Salyer Nickell.


Martha Jane Blanton born 12 Nov 1847 died 3 Sept 1919 married 11 Apr 1863 Johnson Co. Oliver Brown McKenzie born 5 Apr 1842 Scott Co. VA died 6 Jan 1921 son of David Jesse & Anna Saunders McKenzie.


Sarah Anna Blanton born 8 May 1849 Johnson Co. died 14 Nov 1914 married 26 May 1868 Johnson Co. David Jesse McCarty born 19 Nov 1840 Harlan Co. died 20 Oct 1919 Johnson Co. son of John & Clarissa/Patsy Salyers McCarty.


James McHenry ”Mack” Blanton born 26 Mar 1851 Johnson Co. died 17 Feb 1921 Johnson Co. married 6 Aug 1874 Johnson Co. Sarah Jane McCarty born 18 Jan 1859 Johnson Co. died 4 May 1914 Johnson Co. daughter of Nelson & Louisa Dicy Blanton McCarty


John Elliott Blanton born 25 Dec 1852 Low Gap, Johnson Co. died 14 Jan 1943 Low Gap, Johnson Co. married 24 Dec 1880 Johnson Co. Sarah Alice Williams born 5 Dec 1853 Johnson Co. died 25 Apr 1940 Low Gap, Johnson Co. daughter of Lucas P. & Mary Elizabeth Picklesimer Williams.


SylvestorHarmonBlanton born 23 July 1854 Johnson Co. died 15 Feb 1917 Johnson Co married (1) 7 Nov 1876 Johnson Co. Arminta L. Coldiron born 9 Jan 1860 Johnson Co. died 15 Mar 1902 Johnson Co. daughter of Hiram Lewis & Rebecca Jane McCarty Coldiron.

SylvestorHarmonBlanton married (2) 22 Jan 1884 Johnson Co. Rosa Belle McKenzie born 12 Feb 1871 Johnson Co. KY died 30 Nov 1939 Mt. Vernon, Ohio daughter of Hiram E. & Rachel Elizabeth Williams McKenzie.


Mary Jane Blanton born 29 Apr 1856 Johnson Co. died 28 March 1939 Johnson Co. married 6 Nov 1874 Johnson Co. (1) Joseph F. Salyer son of Henderson “Henry” & Nancy Fugate Salyer.

Mary Jane Blanton married (2) 22 Jan 1893 Johnson Co. James B. Gullett born 8 Mar 1857 died 30 May 1938 Johnson Co. son of Ira & Lydia Jane Pelphrey Gullett


Santford Lee Blanton “Uncle Sant” born 29 Jan 1858 died 24 Jan 1939 married 13 Feb 1879 Johnson Co. Sarah Ann McKenzie born 5 Aug 1860 Johnson Co. died 1 May 1941 Johnson Co. daughter of Lafayette & Mary Ann Sparks McKenzie.


Lydia Blanton born 6 Mar 1860 Johnson Co. died 26 Jan 1942 married 23 Aug 1883 Johnson Co. William Henry McKenzie born 28 June 1862 Johnson Co. died 7 Apr 1909 Johnson Co. son of Lafayette & Mary Ann Sparks McKenzie.


William Riley Blanton born 12 July 1864 Johnson Co. died 1 Nov 1936 Johnson Co. married 20 May 1886 Johnson Co. Judith E. McFarland born 31 Aug 1866 Johnson Co. died 8 May 1954 Johnson Co. daughter of William & Nancy Caroline Bayes McFarland.


Benjamin Blanton born about 1868 Johnson Co. died 22 Nov 1906 Johnson Co. married 22 Jan 1891 Johnson Co. Adelia Rose Lemaster daughter of James Lewis & Catherine Harriet Russell Lemaster.


Children of George & Angeline

James Alexander Washington “Alex” Blanton born 14 Feb 1869 Johnson Co. died 4 Oct 1895 Johnson Co. married Laura Sturgill born March 1873 Johnson Co daughter of Henry & Mary Kimbler Sturgill.


Mary Elizabeth Blanton born 8 Oct 1871 Johnson Co. died 6 Apr 1935 Johnson Co. married George B. Hitchcock born 18 Sept 1868 Johnson Co.



Louisa Alice Blanton born 13 Dec 1874 died after 1920 married 17 Mar 1892 Johnson Co Christopher Columbus “CC” or “Lum” Reed about 1870 died after 1920 Johnson Co. son of Daniel & Mary Polly Williams Reed.


Cora Ellen Blanton born 12 Dec 1875 Johnson Co died 28 Oct 1924 Johnson Co. married 4 Mar 1892 Johnson Co. Johnny W. Jayne born 28 July 1872 Johnson Co. died 20 Sept 1943 Johnson Co. son of Henry Harrison & Pauline E. Ellington Jayne.


Stella R. Blanton born June 1876 Johnson Co. died after 1912 Johnson Co. married 18 Mar 1893 Garfield Hitchcock born Oct 1867 Johnson Co. died 15 Jan 1942 Johnson Co.

Note: Divorced


William Roscoe Blanton born 2 June 1882 Johnson Co. died 12 Sept 1953 married 27 Dec 1902 Johnson Co. Dorcas Fairchild born 14 Sept 1885 Johnson Co. died 23 Jul 1953 Johnson Co. daughter of Thomas Aaron & Elizabeth Jane Conley Fairchild.


*Charlie Blanton born 4 Jan 1886 Low Gap, Johnson Co. KY died 11 Mar 1922 Johnson Co. KY from Appendicitis married 4 Apr 1902 Johnson Co.  Rosa Etta Tackett born 22 Sept 1888 Johnson Co. died 23 Mar 1955 Pike Co. Ohio from Cancer daughter of Andrew Jackson & Melinda Jane Stafford Lemaster Frazier Tackett. 


Lydia Myrtle Blanton born June 1887 Johnson Co. KY married (1) 5 Dec 1903 Johnson Co. KY Ames Williams born 7 Feb 1881 Johnson Co. KY died 1 July 1918 Johnson Co. KY son of Rufus Pelphrey & Mary Elizabeth Howerton Williams.

Lydia Myrtle Blanton married (2) Sam McCain


Edgar Blanton born 30 June 1888 Johnson Co. died 17 July 1971 Pike Co. Ohio married 19 Aug 1909 Lucinda Tackett, born 11 June 1894 Magoffin Co. died 14 Sept 1984 Pike Co. Ohio daughter of Isaac Lewis & Nancy Katherine Quicksall Tackett.

Note: Ed was twin to Aunt Ethel


Ethel Blanton born 30 June 1888 Johnson Co. KY married 15 Apr 1907 Johnson Co. Granville Williams born 14 Mar 1886 Johnson Co. KY died February 1980 Madison Co. OH son of Rufus Pelphrey & Mary Elizabeth Howerton Williams.

Note: Aunt Ethel was a twin to Uncle Ed


Gilla Mae Blanton born 8 July 1890 Johnson Co. KY died 9 Dec 1971 Chillicothe, Ross Co. Ohio married 14 Dec 1907 Johnson Co. KY Simon Andrew  Tackett born 14 Nov 1890 Johnson Co. KY died 2 Jan 1961 Xenia, Greene Co. Ohio son of Andrew Jackson & Melinda Jane Stafford Lemaster Frazier. 

Children of Charlie & Rose:

Beulah Mae Blanton born 24 Dec 1904 Johnson Co. died 1905 Johnson County


Andrew Buel Blanton born 28 Dec 1906 Johnson Co died 1907 Johnson Co.


Benny Veston Blanton born 15 Apr 1908 Johnson Co died 5 Nov 1929 Scioto Co. Ohio from Rheumatic Fever married Alice Kender.


Golden Seigel Blanton born 8 June 1910 Johnson Co. KY died 26 July 1964 Chillicothe, Ross Co. Ohio married 2 Jan 1932 Mary Anna Jane Denny born 2 July 1918 died 8 May 1975 Pike Co. Ohio daughter of Elmer & Nora Eblin McKenzie.

ElvaElvieorPreachBlanton born October 1912 Johnson Co died 19 Aug 1972 Pike Co. Ohio married Minnie Ernestine Carson born 23 June 1912 Pike Co. Ohio died 5 Mar 1985 Pike Co. Ohio daughter of Henry & Ellie Blakeman Carson.


*Melinda Shirley Pansey Blanton born 26 Oct  1914 Johnson Co. KY died 3 Dec 2001 Pike Co. Ohio  married 6 Dec 1930 Greenup Co. KY Judson Harmon “Jim” Hines born 11 Mar 1910 Beaver- Stockdale Pike Co. Ohio died 5 Sept 1982 Pike Co Ohio from a Coronary son of Frank Clarence & Ida Mae Blakeman Hines 

Note: It was a surprise to many in the family that Papa’s name was Judson Harmon. He went by Jim for 72 years.

Marlene Piney Blanton born 10 June 1917 Johnson Co. KY died of Cancer 22 Feb 1981 married 5 June 1936 Pike Co. Ohio James Elsworth “Jimmy” Hartley Jr. born 1 Oct 1908

Note: Aunt Merlie had her name legally changed to Marlene.

Richmondale, Ross Co Ohio died of Cancer 18 June 1988 Pike County Ohio

Marjorie Etta Imogene Blanton born 20 Oct 1920 Johnson Co. KY married (1) Wilbert “Wibb” Diddle. Wibb died June 2000 in Florida they divorced.

Marjorie Etta Imogene Blanton married (2) Raymond Alfred Knouff born 14 March 1925 son of Raymond Carlos & Lucille Eckhardt Knouff.

Note: Aunt Margie is the only remaining child of Charlie & Rose. I have permission from both my Aunt & Uncle to post their information.




Transcribed by Sheila Helene Bradley

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