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John Mullins


John Mullins was born about 1758.  He served in the Revolutionary War from 1779 to 1782.  He married Nancy Gentry on June 8,1792.  He died in Perry Co,Ky on Feb. 28,1838.  John and Nancy had 7 children.  Mary, Joseph, Daniel, Rachel,
John, Elizabeth, and Joshua

(1)Mary and her children, grand children, great grand children etc. are listed on page
(2)Joseph and his children, grand children, great grand children etc. are listed on page
(3)Daniel and his children, grandchildren, great grand children etc. are listed on page
(4)Rachel and her children, grandchildren, great grand children etc. are listed on page
(5)John and his children, grand children, great grand children etc. are listed on page
(6)Elizabeth and her children, grand children, great grand children etc. are listed on page
(7)Joshua and his children, grand children, great grand children etc. are listed on page

(I)Mary Mullins b.1793 married Thomas Kelly they had 1 child
  (1)Sara (Sally) Kelly  4/15/1815 - 4/13/1895 m. Jeremiah Combs 1815-1895
       (1)John Madison Combs
(II)Joseph Mullins b.7/14/1794 married Hannon Kelly(Elizabeth)they had 6
  (1)Jeptha Mullins,(2)Orena Mullins,(3)Sally Mullins,(4)Sarahan Mullins
  (5)John Mullins b.6/10/1853
(III)Daniel Mullins b.7/14/1799 married Nancy Demarton they had 9 children.
  (1)David Mullins b.1841 m.Rebecca Maggard,
  (2)Daniel  Mullins Jr. b.1843 m.Susan ?b.1854,
  (3)Mary Mullins b.1845,
  (4)Vince Mullins b.1847 m.Levinia ?
  (5)Samuel Mullins b.1849 m.Manurva ? b.1855 They had 11 children.
       (1)Howard Mullins b.1881 m.Lucinda Ashley
              (1)Della M Mullins b.7/12/1922 m.Lyman Elrod
                     (1)Cyndi Elrod
              (2)Mint Mullins m.Howard Baker
              (3)Polly Mullins
              (4)Samuel Mullins b.1909 m.Norsie Amburgey   (my aunt and uncle)
              (5)John Mullins b.1917  m.Gertrude Hall
              (6)Dora Mullins 3/28/1906 - 9/10/1975 m.July J Hall
              (7)Clem Mullins b.12/24/1911 m.Dollie ?
       (2)Andrew Mullins b.1861
       (3)Rachel Mullins b.1862
       (4)Henry Mullins b.1864
       (5)Sara Mullins b.1869
       (6)Issac Mullins b.1872
       (7)Rebecca Mullins b.1873
       (8)David Mullins b.1874
       (9)Hannah Mullins b.1876
       (10)Elizabeth Mullins b.1878
              (1)John W Mullins
       (11)Lucindy Mullins b.1880
  (6)Emanuel Mullins  2/20/1853 - 6/27/1927 m.Clara Collingsworth 4/1857-1944
  (7)Lousaney Mullins b.1855
  (8)Franklin Mullins b.10/14/1856 m.Margaret Sizemore
  (9)Elihue Mullins b.1858 m.Margaret Mckenzie b.1853
(IV) Rachael Mullins b.1802 not married to Jim Baker but they had 3 children.
  (1)Volentine Mullins 12/6/1827 - 4/4/1909 married Matilda Watts 5o13/1825-3/12/1916
   They had 9
       (1)Sally Mullins b.1845  m.Davis Fields(Old Doc)
              (1)Jasper Fields 11/1/1873 - 8/18/1931 m.Nancy Pennington
              (2)Garrett Fields m.Lucinda Mullins
              (3)Frank Fields m.Polly Everage they had 11 children.
                     (1)Sarah Fields b.3/25/1905 m.Carl Mullins
                            (1)Marcus Mullins 10/22/1928-10/22/1928
                            (2)Anna M Mullins 6/17/1930-10/1/1930
                            (3)Beulah Mae Mullins m.Luther Ashley
                                   (1)Paul Ashley m.Cathy Gayheart
                                          (1)Scott Ashley b.3/5/1976
                                   (2)Ronnie Ashley m.Creeda Cook
                                          (2)Brandon Ashley b.1/1982
                                   (3)Ricky Ashley
                            (4)Lloyd Mullins m.Susan Singleton
                                   (1)Vicki Mullins mJeff Davis
                                   (2)Jeffery Mullins
                                   (3)Brian K Mullins
                                   (4)Leonard Mullins
                            (5)John C Mullins m.Lillie Whitaker
                                   (1)Johnny D Mullins m.Kim Combs
                                   (2)Allen Mullins
                                   (3)Stacey Mullins
                            (6)Lois Mullins 1934-1956
                            (7)Guy Mullins m.Janice Allahunas
                                   (1)Phyllis Mullins m.Dale Hemeon
                                          (1)Brett Hemeon
                                     (2)Allison Hemeon
                            (8)Donald Mullins m.Jeanette Ritchie
                                   (1)Tammi Mullins
                                   (2)Carlie Mullins
                            (9)Thomas Mullins m.Virginia Mullins
                            (10)Joyce Mullins m.Donald Slinker
                                   (1)Timothy Slinker
                                   (2)Andrew Slinker
                            (11)Wanda Mullins m.Ardell Smith
                                   (1)Sara S Smith
                                   (2)David Smith
                                   Jason Smith b.5/19/1982
                     (2)John Fields m.Dorothy Mullins 10/15/1906-1/30/1972
                            (1)Walter Fields
                            (2)Clark Fields
                                   (1)Walter D Fields
                                          (1)Walter D Fields Jr.
                            (3)Thelma Fields
                            (4)Dennis Fields 3/28/1931-3/28/1931
                            (5)Ivan Fields11/1943-11/1943
                     (3)Nicholas Fields 4/27/1894-9/17/1965
                               m.Louisa Mullins 3/14/1896-2/19/1978          
                            (1)John M Fields m.Opal Dixon
                            (2)Elizabeth Fields m.Archie Combs
                            (3)Jasper Fields m.Olga Terry
                                   (1)Jimmy Fields(he has 3 children)
                                   (2)Den Fields(twin)
                                   (3)Don Fields(twin)
                                   (4)Kenneth Fields
                                   (5)Leonard Fields
                            (4)Ada B Fields m.Everett Calhoun
                            (5)Nick Fields m.Ellna B Smith
                                   (1)Steven Fields m.Brenda Stapleton
                            (6)Polly Fields m.Ivan Franklin
                                   (1)Darrell Franklin b12/5/1952 m.Linda Johnson
                                          (1)Jennifer D Franklin
                                          (2)Sara Beth Franklin
                                          (3)Rebecca Ann Franklin
                                   (2)Donna Sue franklin b.3/10/1954 m.John Brazzell
                                   (3)Harvey Franklin b.4/26/1956 m.Denise Balt
                                          (1)Charlotte Franklin
                                          (2)Amanda Franklin
                                   (4)Lisa Franklin b.9/9/1963
                            (7)Rudell Fields m.Marie Franklin
                            (8)Guy C Fields m.Judy Madden Mullins
                            (9)Carlos Fields 5/28/1918-7/20/1919
                     (4)Lucinda Fields m.Monroe Holliday
                            (1)Bertha Holliday d.8/1984 m.Newell Hayes
                            (2)Mack Holliday m.Verna Ward
                            (3)Benton Holliday m.Martha Mullins
                            (4)Polly Holliday m.Vaudra Combs
                            (5)Isabelle Holliday
                            (6)Breck Holliday m.Mary E Mullins
                     (5)Minda Fields
                     (6)Susie Fields m.Newton Mullins
                            (1)Cindi Mullins
                            (2)Hoyt Mullins
                     (7)Riley Fields m.Allie Jent
                            (1)Polly Fields1926-1926
                            (2)Cullen Fields 1/1929-1/1929
                            (3)Golda Fields m.Burl Ashley
                            (4)Jewell Fields m.Jerry Sizemore
                            (5)Marie Fields 1st m.Bill Franklin 2nd m.Ray Mullins
                            (6)Ed Fields m.Rachel Sizemore
                            (7)Nando Fields m.Jewell Owens
                            (8)Woodrow Fields
                            (9)Tom Fields m.Marina Parks
                        Rileys 2ndm. Sarah? 3/1/1912-12/31/1984
                            (10)Joe Fields
                            (11)Vadis Fields
                            (12)Irvin Fields
                            (13)Bessie Fields m. ?Gayheart
                            (14)Neatha Fields m.? Sheperd
                            (15)Molly Fields m. ? Hurt
                            (16)Dolly Fields m. ? Tuttle
                            (17)Elzira Fields m. ? Wells
                     (8)David Fields m.Nancy Ghent
                            (1)David Fields Jr. d.4/1982
                     (9)Easter Fields m.Wilson Ashley
                     (10)Monroe Fields 8/3/1910-5/12/1972 m.Mae Madden 3/30/1913-4/4/1972
                            (1)Marie Fields m.John Cornett
                            (2)James(Bud) Fields m.Fronia Mullins
                                   (1)James Fields b.1/26/1956 m.Belinda Broady
                                   (2)Deborah Fields b.7/5/1957 m.Jerry Kersey b.8/8/1955
                                          (1)Joshua Kersey b.4/25/1978
                                          (2)Todd Kersey b.7/30/1979
                                          (3)Mary Kersey b.3/18/1964 m.Lyle Reddick b.5/26/1963
                            (3)Mildred Fields m.Richard Jent
                                   (1)Gwen Jent m.Bert Holland
                                          (1)Tammy Holland
                     (11)Frank Fields Jr. m.Latiffa Mullins
              (4)Newton Fields m.Mary Cornett
              (5)Jack Fields m.Amanda Coots
                     (1)Troy Fields m.Sally Mullins
                            (1)Ruby Fields 1stm.James Mullins
                                   (1)Bonita b.9/15/55 m.Johnny Napier
                                   (2)Freddie K Napier b.8/19/1957 m.Laura Hall(2)
                                   (3)Donald G Napier b.9/20/1958 m.Kathy Hall
                                          (1)Dustin Todd Napier b.12/10/1980
                                Rubys 2ndm.James B Gibson
                                   (4)Jimmy R Gibson b.12/7/1966
                            (2)Pauline Fields m.Bob Parks
                                   (1)Charma Parks m. Charles Ison
                                   (2)Cathy Parks
                            (3)Maywood Fields m. Jesse Lamanda
                                   (1)Jesse Lamanda Jr.
                                   (2)Keith Lamanda
                                   (3)Gary Lamanda
                            (4)Troy Fields Jr. m. Beulah Groves
                                   (1)Barry Fields m. Melinda ?
                                   (2)Paul Fields
                            (5)Willis Fields m. Ruthann Mullins
                                   (1)Ralph Fields
                                   (2)James Fields
                                   (3)Joyce Fields
                                   (4)Lois Fields
                                   (5)Ricky Fields
                            (6)Vaughn Fields m. Ruth A Upkide d.11/7/1986
                            (7)Elmer Fields m.Ruby Creech
                                   (1)James D Creech
                            (8)Wallace Fields (killed in WW2)
                            (9)Ruth Fields died young
                            (10)Grace Fields died young
                            (11)Louise Fields died young
              (6)Mary Jane Fields m.Ben Adams
              (7)Deliah ? m.Tom Cody 1883-1910 (Deliah was child of Sally but not Davis)
       (2)John Newton Mullins 7/11/1849-3/6/1932
              m.Elizabeth Madden.12/1/1849-4/11/1930 They had 9 children.
              Cassie,Christina, John, Isabella, Nancy, Sophronia, Margaret, Allie, Armelda
              (1)Cassie  Mullins 4/17/1869-2/28/1946 m. Albert Amburgey 4/5/1867-8/4/1942
                     (1)Mary Belle Amburgey 12/16/1892-10/12/1932
                     (2)John Amburgey m.Ida Smith 9/24/1894-1/5/1982
                          m.Ida Smith b.1897
                            (1)Eugenia H Amburgey b.5/14/1921 m. Guy Collins b.1919
            (4)Isabella Mullins b.9/5/1879 m.William Hale
                     (1)Ella Hale m.Luther Miller
                            (1)Sherrel Miller m. Elaine McIntosh
                                   (1)Patty Miller m. ? O Brian
                                          (1)Dawn R O Brian
                                          (2)Ann M. O Brian
                                          (3)Kenneth S. O Brian m. Marry Ann ?(had 1 son)
                                   (2)Don Miller m.Sue C Watts
                                   (3)Winfred Miller m. Nusetta Isom
                     (2)Ida Hale 1st m.Andrew Morton 
                            (1)Bill Morton m. Sue Ritchie
                                   (1)Tina Morton
                                   (2)Charlotte Morton m. Terry Fugate
                                          (1)Amanda Fugate
                                   (3)Burley Morton
                                   (4)Stanley Morton
                          Ida 2ndm. Harlan Cornett
                            (2)Jolene Cornett m. Wendell Pridemore
                                   (1)Wendy Pridemore m. Howard Sparkman
                                          (1)son b.9/15/1984
                                   (2)Robyn Pridemore m. David Bourne
                                   (3)Jimmy Pridemore
                          Ida 3rdm. Grover Franklin
                     (3)Zelda Hale m.Adeline Clark
                            (1)John Hale
                            (2)Joan Hale m. Ken Enochs
                                   (1)Laura Enochs
                            (3)Zelda Hale
                     (4)Florence Hale 7/3/1905-10/3/1984 m.Elihu Breeding
                            (1)Wilma Breeding m. Owen Begley
                            (2)Margarette Breeding
                            (3)Robert Breeding
                     (5)Lawrence Hale m.Virginia Watts
                     (6)Herman Hale
                     (7)Little Hale
                     (8)Oscar Hale m.Ophelia ?
              (5)Nancy Mullins 10/25/1881-3/29/1967 m.Clayton Calhoun 2/25/1875-5/5/1950
                     (1)Everett Calhoun m.Ada B Fields
                     (2)Martin Calhoun m.Getra Smith
                            (1)Nancy N Calhoun b.1942 m. Burl Ashley Jr (had 1 son)
                            (2)Wallace Calhoun b.1945 m. Donna Johnson b.1949 (had 1 son)
                            (3)Deloris J Calhoun b.4/24/1949 m. Clarence Mullins (had 2 sons)
                     (3)I.V.Calhoun m.Goldie Reedy
                            (1)Ilene Calhoun m. Kenneth Clay
                            (2)Doug Calhoun
                                   (1)Beth Ann Calhoun
                                   (2)Jason Calhoun
                     (4)Ruthabelle Calhoun died young 2/15/1919
                     (5)James Calhoun
              (6)Sophronia Mullins b.12/14/1883 m.Martin Combs
                     (1)Edith Combs m.James Feltner
                            (1)Raymond Feltner
                            (2)Don Feltner
                     (2)Mae Combs m.Bradley Short
                            (1)Annette Short
                            (2)Harold D Short
              (7)Margaret Mullins b.12/15/1885 m.John D Smith
                     (1)Ralph Smith m.Ada Grigsby
                     (2)Arlie Smith
                     (3)Mamie Smith m.Kirby Combs  
                     (4)Archie Smith m.Eva Melton
                     (5)Truby Smith m.Madge Salyers
                            (1)Ricky Smith
                            (2)Lavon Smith
                     (6)John Smith m.Mattie Fields
              (8)Allie Mullins b.6/24/1887 m.Elhannan Cornett
                     (1)Rena Cornett  m. Bennett Kelly
                            (1)Virginia Kelly
                            (2)Kenneth Kelly
                     (2)Ruby Cornett  m.Leonard Collins
                     (3)George Cornett
                     (4)William Cornett b.12/12/1916-1/4/1985 m.Millie Breeding
                     (5)Grace Cornett  m.Cotton Singleton
                     (6)Guy Cornett
                     (7)Edna Cornett
                     (8)Virginia Cornett
                     (9)Cuba Cornett
              (9)Armelda Mullins b.5/3/1892  m. I.V.  Hudson
                     (1)Lauza Hudson  m.Frances Ashley
                            (1)Quentin Hudson b.1939 m. Rebecca Noble
                     (2)Burley Hudson 7/19/1922-9/16/1978 m.Hazel Ashley b.4/1928
                            (1)Judy L Hudson b.7/1950 m. Ronnie Whitaker
                                   (1)Beth Ann Whitaker
                            (2)Larry Hudson b.7/4/1954 m.Sabrina Young
                                   (1)Kisha R Hudson b.3/22/1982
                     (3)Bruce Hudson  m.Lois McIntosh
                     (4)Oscar Hudson  m.Annette Franklin
                            (1)Keith G Hudson b.1950 m. Alexandra Combs
                                   (1)Shawn K Hudson
                            (2)Teddy G Hudson m.Joanne Johnson
                            (3)Toni G Hudson m. Russel W Draughn
                     (5)Nettie Hudson  m.Samuel Everage(singing Sam 7/26/1920-2/17/1980
                            (1)Wilma Lee Everage
                            (2)Shelia Everage
                            (3)Christine Everage m. Wayne Jones
                                   (1)Kenneth W Jones b.1/1982
                                   (2)Christopher Jones b.7/16/1984   
                            (4)Nancy A Everage b.1960
                            (5)Treva Everage
                            (6)Kenneth Everage
                            (7)Harvey Everage
                            (8)Tommy Everage
                     (6)Allie Hudson  m.Charles Williams
                            (1)Vernon Williams
                            (2)Jerry Williams
                     (7)R.B. Hudson  m.Connie Hunley
                            (1)Kenny Hudson
                            (2)Kelli Hudson
                     (8)Thelma Hudson b.1935  m. Solomon Richardson
                            (1)Dale Richardson b.6/1960 m. Shirley Holliday b.1960
                            (2)Lisa Richardson
                     (9)Ethel Hudson 5/10/1920-12/10/1924
                     (10)Daughter(not named) 2/13/1916-2/13/1916
                     (11)Carma Hudson 12/16/1919-12/16/1919(twins)
                     (12)Cornelius Hudson 12/16/1919-12/16/1919(twins)
       (3)Enoch Mullins 6/10/1852-6/10/1852
       (4)Susan Mullins 11/5/1853-1922  m.Daniel D Mullins 1844-1919
           They had 7 children.
           Matilda,Mary Polly,Elizabeth,Nancy,Roxanne,Melinda,Joshua
              (1)Matilda Mullins 2/17/1871-3/8/1952 
                   m.Franklin Ashley 12/29/1876-12/16/1928
                     (1)Elisha Ashley  m.Nancy Madden
                     (2)Londa Ashley m.Alberta Hall
                     (3)Alta Ashley  m.Claude Franklin
                     (4)Roy Ashley  m.Rebecca Watts
                     (5)Lotus Ashley (died young)
                     (6)Belle Ashley m.Harlin Watts
                     (7)Corsie Ashley m.Theophilas Watts
                     (8)Burl Ashley m.Goldie Fields
              (2)Mary Polly Mullins 7/30/1870-3/31/1938
                  m.Enoch Pridemore 1/9/1870-4/26/1934
                  They had 9 children.Ealy,Hettie,Nannie,
                     (1)Ealy Pridemore 1896-4/1/1965 m.Grace Gibson
                     (2)Hettie Pridemore 3/1o1898-11/3/1977 m.M McIntosh
                     (3)Nannie Pridemore 12/25/1900-4/15/1978 m.Everett Centers
                     (4)John Pridemore m.Norma Mullins
                     (5)Susan Pridemore m.Eurie Mullins
                            (1)Merle Mullins b.11/18/1930 m.Doris Keith
                                   (1)Brenda Sue Mullins b.6/6/1958 m.Javier Lopez
                                   (2)Edward Merl Mullins b7/2/1959 mAnnette Samons
                                   (3)Carol E Mullins b.12/14/1960 m.Don Sullivan
                                   (4)James D Mullins b.4/25/1962 m.Teresa Stivers
                                          (1)James D Mullins Jr b.7/8/1989
                            (2)Earl Mullins b.7/25/1933 m.Oma Sue Barnett
                                   (1)Gregory Mullins 3/27/1962-3/27/1962(twin)
                                   (2)Geoffery Mullins b.3/27/1962(twin)
                                   (3)Beverly Susan Mullins b.5/1/1964 m.Gene Vanoner
                                          (1)Devon Gene Vanover b.4/2/1987
                                   (4)James Eurie Mullins b.12/19/1965
                                   (5)Deborah Lynn Mullins b.4/28/1971
                                   (6)Lisa Ann Mullins b.9/4/1977
                            (3)Carol Mullins b.8/13/1937 m.John Slone
                                   (1)Melissa D Slone b.8/12/1964 m.Phillip Johnson
                                          (1)Christopher Johnson b.5/29/1983
                     (6)Ella Pridemore m.Delza Mullins
                     (7)Farris Pridemore 9/16/1908-5/28/1974 m.Corna Ritchie
                     (8)Carl Pridemore 11/24/1912-5/27/1973 m.Elma Mullins
                            (1)Janice Pridemore b.1939 m.Robert Newton
                                   (1)Robert A Newton b.1957
                                   (2)Carlos E Newton b.1958
                                   (3)Gregory P Newton b.1959
                                   (4)Anthony Newton b.1961
                                   (5)Mathew Newton b.1965
                                   (6)William Newton b.1967
                                   (7)Daniel Newton b.1968
                            (2)Doris Pridemore b.1942 m.Caroline Burdine
                                   (1)Kimberly S Pridemore b.1965
                            (3)William Pridemore b.1946 m.Linda Judd
                                   (1)Jennifer L Pridemore b.1968
                                   (2) Jeremy Pridemore b.1970
                                   (3)Stephanie Pridemore b1974
                            (4)Sandra Pridemore b.1948 mDavid W Nunn
                                   (1)David W Nunn Jr b.1970
                                   (2)Robin Nunn b.1974
                            (5)Shannon Pridemore b.1950 mGeorge Fields
                                   (1)Josetta Fields b.1973
                                   (2)Jeanie Fields b.1974
                            (6)Shirley Pridemore b.1956 mDavid Browe
                                   (1)Brian K Browe b.1975
                                   (2)Tina Marie Browe b.1978
                                   (3)Timothy D Browe b.1980
                     (9)Mable Pridemore b.1915 m.Samuel Amburgey
              (3)Elizabeth Mullins 1877-1947 m.Spencer Mullins 1881-1912
                     (1)Riley Mullins 1900-1976m.Matilda Mullins
                            (1)Brax Mullins b.1922 m.Juanita Everage
                                   (1)Clarence Mullins b.1950 m.Delores Calhoun
                                          (1)Allen Mullins b.1972
                                   (2)Christopher Mullins b.1950 1stm.Candace Ruhal
                                          (1)Charles Mullins
                                        Christophers 2ndm.Brenda Mullins
                                          (2)Mike Mullins
                                   (3)Betty Lou Mullins b.1943 m.Roger Knott
                                          (1)Patrick Knott
                                   (4)Sadie Mullins b.1945 m.Tommy ?
                            (2)Elma Mullins b.1924 m.Carl Pridemore 1912-1973
                                   (1)Janice Pridemore b.1939 m.Robert Newton
                                          (1)Robert A Newton b.1957
                                          (2)Carlos E Newton b.1958
                                          (3)Gregory P Newton b.1959
                                          (4)Anthony Newton b.1961
                                          (5)Mathew Newton b.1965
                                          (6)William Newton b.1967
                                          (7)Daniel Newton b.1968
                                   (2)Doris Pridemore b.1942 m.Caroline Burdine
                                          (1)Kimberly S Pridemore b.1965
                                   (3)William Pridemore b.1946 m.Linda Judd
                                          (1)Jennifer L Pridemore b.1968
                                          (2) Jeremy Pridemore b.1970
                                          (3)Stephanie Pridemore b.1974
                                   (4)Sandra Pridemore b.1948 m.David W Nunn
                                          (1)David W Nunn Jr b.1970
                                          (2)Robin Nunn b.1974
                                   (5)Shannon Pridemore b.1950 m.George Fields
                                          (1)Josetta Fields b.1973
                                          (2)Jeanie Fields b.1974
                                   (6)Shirley Pridemore b.1956 m.David Browe
                                          (1)Brian K Browe b.1975
                                          (2)Tina Marie Browe b.1978
                                          (3)Timothy D Browe b.1980
                            (3)Astor Mullins b.9/3/1927 m.Nila J Parks
                                   (1)Clyde Mullins b.7/6/1951 m.Carol Holiday
                                   (2)Wade Mullins b.11/5/1952 m.Donna Thomas
                                          (1)Dawn Mullins b.1974
                                          (2)Joshua Mullins b.1976
                                   (3)Pamala Mullins b.10/4/1976 m.David Gibson -my wifes brother-
                                          (1)Daniel Gibson  
                                          (2)Jessica Gibson
                                   (4)Vickie Mullins b.1/27/1957 m.Benny Sorels
                                          (1)Dustin Sorels b.8/10/1987
                                   (5)Scott Mullins b.11/11/1961
                                   (6)Chuck Mullins b.4/22/1964 m.Sandra Salyers
                                   (7)Astor D Mullins b.11/15/1968
                            (4)Manis Mullins b.1930 m.Janet Thompson
                            (5)Maxine Mullins b.1934 m.Easley Johnson
                                   (1)Kelly Johnson b.1959 m.Neal Raleigh
                                          (1)Kathy Raleigh
                                          (2)Shawn Raleigh
                                          (3)Nicole Raleigh
                                   (2)Sherry Johnson b.1960
                            (6)Virginia Mullins b.1937 m.Thomas Mullins
                     (2)Newton Mullins 7/31/1902-6/13/1967 m.Lizzie Gibson
                     (3)Daniel D Mullins 10/15/1905-12/06/1979 m.Ada B. Everage
                     (4)Dicie Mullins b.10/29/1908 m.Gorden Madden
              (4)Nancy Mullins 9/1879-1/4/1954 m.John D Ashley 1878-4/7/1959
                     (1)Luna Ashley m.Chester Mullins
                     (2)Stella Ashley 1stm.Euins Tolliver  2ndm.Melvin Cornett
                     (3)Franklin Ashley m.Susan Mullins
                     (4)Elizabeth Ashley m.Lewis Day
                     (5)Gardner Ashley m.Dorothy Cornett
                     (6)Leonard Ashley m.Bernice Gray
                     (7)Jesse Ashley m.Gladys Noble
                     (8)Bill Ashley m.Nora Adams
                     (9)Lesta Ashley m.John Hale
              (5)Roxanna Mullins 4/1885-3/22/1954
                   m.Samuel(Redwine) Mullins 8/19/1884-1/13/1978
                     (1)N.D.Mullins m.Carrie Hall
                     (2)Spencer Mullins m.Gladys Hylton
                     (3)Virginia Mullins m.Maryland Collins
                     (4)Roy Mullins m.Beatrice Amburgey
                     (5)Sarah Mullins m.Darrell Whitman
                     (6)Troy Mullins m.Gustavia Amburgey  (my stepfather) m.
                          Melba D. "Amburgey" Givens   ( my mother)
                     (7) Tilda Mullins m.Odus Morgan
                     (8)Susanne Mullins (died young)
                     (9)Dalmas Mullins (died young)

                                  (1)Paul Collins b.12/29/1954 m.Nancy Marksberry
                                          (1)Rebecca Collins b.12/5/1980
                                          (2)Jason Collins
                     (3)William Newton Amburgey 3/1/1897-5/18/1961
                           m.Ida Madden 6/28/1899-7/9/1977
                            (1)James Balford Amburgey 12/18/1920-10/18/1966
                                  m.Virginia Watkins
                                   (1)Georgia Jean Amburgey b.11/12/1942
                                   (2)William Garrard (Johnnie) Amburgey b.6/15/1946
                                       m.Diana Ritchie
                                          (1)James Amburgey
                                          (2)Johnny Wayne Amburgey
                                   (3)Brenda Amburgey b.3/18/1950
                            (2)E.L. Amburgey 11/15/1924-11/15/1924(twin)
                            (3)Helen Amburgey 11/15/1924-11/15/1924(twin)
                            (4)Norma Jean Amburgey b.2/11/27
                     (4)Estill Amburgey 11/3/1903-7/1/1976 m.Cora Everage b.7/15/1903
                            (1)Fairie Amburgey b.2/22/1925 m.James Watts 9/7/1922
                                   (1)James P Watts m.?
                                          (1)Nicki Watts
                            (2)Ellis W Watts b.12/27/1926 m.Nancy Stamper
                                   (1)Kathy Watts
                                   (2)Lisa Watts
                            (3)Uneeda(Fern) Amburgey b.1/11/1930  m.Dr. Gene Watts b.1927
                                   (1)Mary A Watts b.1960
                                   (2)Derrick Gene Watts
                            (4) Mary Genell Amburgey b.1932 1st m.J.C.Hammonds
                                   (1)Kim Hammonds m.Jerry Hall
                                          (1)Todd Hall b.1977
                                  Marys 2ndm.Taulbee Pratt
                                   (2)Pauletta Pratt
                     (5)Burn Amburgey m.Lydia Gibson
                            (1)Onas Amburgey m.Unave Everage
                     (6)Odus Amburgey b.1906 m.Nora Everage b.1908
                            (1)Hubert Amburgey 5/22/1928-5/22/1928
                            (2)Josephine Amburgey b.10/25/1929 m.Pat Wheatley
                                   (1)Timothy Wheatly
                                   (2)Karen Wheatly
                                   (3)Sherry Wheatly
                            (3)Joyce Amburgey b.8/8/1931 m.Clarence Risner
                                    (1)Pamala Risner 
                            (4)Cassie Justine Amburgey b.9/4/1933 m. Carlos(Jake) Huff
                                    (1)Carlos Wayne Huff
                            (5)Hershall 8/15/1934-8/15/1934
                            (6)Hagan Amburgey 8/17/1935-8/17/1935
                     (7)Sophronia Amburgey b.6/4/1909
                          m.Ishmael McIntosh 3/26/1912-8/12/1976
                            (1)AAron McIntosh
                            (2)John  McIntosh
                            (3)Symelene McIntosh
                            (4)Betty Jo McIntosh
                            (5)Corbett McIntosh
                            (6)Ada Belle McIntosh m Irvin Seals
                                   (1)Jimmy Seals
                                   (2)Reva Seals
                                   (3)Reena Seals
                            (7)Marion McIntosh 3/15/1934
              (2)Christina Mullins b.1875 m. Jack Davidson
                     (1)Edward Davidson m. Allie Combs
                     (2)Elliot Davidson m. Dora Fugate
                     (3)Denie Davidson m. Elizabeth Combs
                     (4)Lonnie Davidson m. Corbet Hall
                     (5)Lula Davidson 1st m. Herman ?2nd m.Buck Dials 3rd m Archie Riddle
                     (6)Ollie Davidson m. Silas Amburgey
                     (7)Beckham Davidson 1st m. Mary Combs 2nd m. Margarette Cornett
                     (8)Newton Davidson m. Rachel Everage
                            (1)Richmond Davidson m. Opal Parks
                                   (1)Jackie Davidson
                                   (2)Betty Parks
                            (2)Hazel Davidson m. Delmas Cornett
                                   (1)Lewis D Cornett
                                   (2)Opal J Cornett
                            (3)Ruby Davidson m. Ran Stamper d.1984
                                   (1)J.N. Stamper
                            (4)Newton Davidson Jr. m. Arzella Cornett
                                   (1)Ronald Cornett
                                   (2)Debbie Cornett
                            (5)Hagan H Davidson 1923-10/9/1984 m. Tess Branson
                                   (1)Ronnie Davidson m. Brenda Rachiel
                                          (1)Varonica Davidson
                                          (2)Johnnie Davidson
                     (9)Bill Davidson
                     (10)Hargus Davidson
                     (11)Ida Davidson
                     (12)Herbert Davidson m.Sophronia ?
              (3)John W Mullins b.10/5/1877 m.Matilda Smith
                     (1)Bonnie Mullins m.Delza Owens
                            (1)Nadine Owens m. Lyle Adams
                                   (1)Gregory Adams
                                   (2)Joann Adams m. Joe Stamper
                                   (3)Gary Adams
                     (2)Beulah m. Monk Bowling
                                   (1)Phyllis Bowling m.William R Arrington
                                          (1)Margaret Arrington
                                   (2)Betty A Bowling m. Otis B Mullins
                                          (1)Odis D Bowling m.Pamula Cook
                                                 (1)Christy L Bowling
                                                 (2)Joey D Bowling
                                                 (3)Denessa Bowling
                                   (3)Paul R Bowling 1stm. Shirley Hale,2ndm. Terri Archer
                                          (1)Paul Bowling
                                          (2)Wade Bowling
                                   (4)Judean D Bowling m.Michael Anderson
                                          (1)David M Anderson
                                          (2)Christopher Anderson
                                          (3)Clifford Anderson
                                   (5)Raymond G Bowling 1stm. Priscilla Archer,
                                        2ndm. Leann Hudson
                                          (1)Rachel Mae Bowling
                     (3)Breck Mullins m.Della Dixon
                            (1)Gloria Mullins
                            (2)Cash Mullins
                     ( 4)Latefa Mullins m.Frank Fields
                            (1)Frankie Fields m. Brenda ?
                            (2)Charlene Fields d. 1985
                            (3)Hilda V Fields
                      (5)Norma Mullins b.5/16/1912  m. John Pridemore 8/4/1904-12/22/1927
                            (1)Geneva Pridemore 10/1/1928-10/15/1928
                            (2)Lavonne Pridemore b.11/15/1929 m. Earl Beatty Jr
                                   (1)Earl J Beatty b.3/26/1952 m. Catherine Rydberry
                                   (2)Thomas S Beatty b.4/24/1953 m.Carmen Haun
                                   (3)Christopher Beatty b.3/11/1960
                            (3)Juana Lee Pridemoreb.2/4/1932 m.Marvin K Russel
                                   (1)Janice Russell b.12/24/1961
                                   (2)Marvin K Russell Jr b.6/11/1964
                            (4)John Q Pridemore Jr.(Jay) b.11/23/1936
                            (5)Anthony Pridemore(Tony) b.12/18/1946
                            (6)Patricia Pridemore b.5/16/1948 m.William Waleske
                                   (1)Deanna S Waleske b.3/16/1968
                                   (2)Patricia Walske b.12/10/1970
                                   (3)Carol Walske b.1/8/1972
                                   (4)William Walske b.11/13/1973
                      (6)Wallace Mullins m.Maxine Eldridge
                            (1)Sandra Mullins m. ? Richardson
                            (2)Peggy Mullins

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