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Johnson County Clerks

Clerk Time in Office
John Howes 1844-1866
Daniel Pelphrey 1866-1870
T J Mayo 1870
C J Howes 1870-1874
E F Howes 1874
Thomas S Williams 1874-1876
G S Preston  1876-1877
T S Williams 1877-1879
E F Howes 1879-1886
H B Rice 1886
P M Rule 1886
J K Dixon 1887-1890
George C Perry 1890-1894
F M Bayes 1894-1898
J M Preston 1898-1902
James M Price 1902-1906
William P Davis  1906-1910
Paul C Hager 1910-1914
Beecher Stapleton 1914-1918
Frank Chandler 1918-1926
Walter Van Hoose 1926-1930

Source: History Of Johnson Co Vol. I by Mitchell Hall


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