Feature Name ID Class County State Latitude Longitude Map Elevation (ft) BGN Entry Date
Alum Dirt Branch 485907 Stream Johnson KY 375236N 0825750W Redbush 748   20-Sep-79
Andylick Branch 485955 Stream Johnson KY 375343N 0825715W Redbush 702   20-Sep-79
Asa 507419 Populated Place Johnson KY 374604N 0825415W Oil Springs 718   20-Sep-79
Asa Creek 486065 Stream Johnson KY 374528N 0825222W Paintsville 640   20-Sep-79
Atkins Cemetery 509924 Cemetery Johnson KY 375129N 0824112W Offutt 669   1-Nov-92
Auxier Branch 486155 Stream Johnson KY 374431N 0824632W Prestonsburg 600   20-Sep-79
Ax Handle Branch 486161 Stream Johnson KY 374441N 0824026W Lancer 741   20-Sep-79
B U Cabin 486168 Locale Johnson KY 374847N 0824635W Paintsville 600   20-Sep-79
Baker Branch 486239 Stream Johnson KY 375115N 0824548W Paintsville 597   20-Sep-79
Baker Branch Church 486240 Church Johnson KY 375133N 0824532W Paintsville 633   20-Sep-79
Ballard-Butcher Cemetery 509923 Cemetery Johnson KY 375040N 0824055W Offutt 1004   1-Nov-92
Ballot Church 510018 Church Johnson KY 374734N 0825506W Oil Springs 922   1-Nov-92
Banjo Branch 486313 Stream Johnson KY 375212N 0824311W Offutt 554   20-Sep-79
Barker Branch 486348 Stream Johnson KY 375457N 0825604W Redbush 830   20-Sep-79
Barnetts Creek 507457 Populated Place Johnson KY 374940N 0825247W Oil Springs 633   20-Sep-79
Barnetts Creek 486411 Stream Johnson KY 375008N 0825214W Paintsville 617   20-Sep-79
Barnetts Creek Church 486412 Church Johnson KY 374957N 0825223W Paintsville 692   20-Sep-79
Barnrock Branch 486418 Stream Johnson KY 375754N 0825555W Redbush 758   20-Sep-79
Beachwald Church 486504 Church Johnson KY 374546N 0825155W Paintsville 646   20-Sep-79
Bear Branch 486533 Stream Johnson KY 374732N 0824113W Offutt 732   20-Sep-79
Bear Hollow 486570 Valley Floyd KY 374441N 0824741W Prestonsburg 587   20-Sep-79
Bear Water Branch 486579 Stream Johnson KY 374408N 0823918W Lancer 712   20-Sep-79
Beartree Fork 486589 Stream Magoffin KY 374456N 0825841W Ivyton 942   20-Sep-79
Bee Branch 486663 Stream Johnson KY 375017N 0824228W Offutt 594   20-Sep-79
Beech Branch 486692 Stream Johnson KY 375749N 0825311W Redbush 741   20-Sep-79
Bethel Church 486982 Church Johnson KY 374421N 0825456W Ivyton 705   20-Sep-79
Bettys Knob 487048 Summit Johnson KY 374857N 0824528W Paintsville 1220   20-Sep-79
Big Branch 487125 Stream Johnson KY 375307N 0823935W Richardson 627   20-Sep-79
Big Lick Fork 487214 Stream Johnson KY 374547N 0824912W Paintsville 656   20-Sep-79
Big Mine Fork 487221 Stream Johnson KY 375246N 0825860W Redbush 702   20-Sep-79
Biglick Branch 487298 Stream Johnson KY 375857N 0825412W Redbush 722   20-Sep-79
Billy Cox Branch 487316 Stream Johnson KY 375621N 0825314W Redbush 797   20-Sep-79
Blackberry Branch 487394 Stream Johnson KY 374846N 0824819W Paintsville 600   20-Sep-79
Blair Branch 487436 Stream Johnson KY 374731N 0825346W Oil Springs 774   20-Sep-79
Blair Cemetery 487438 Cemetery Johnson KY 374505N 0824941W Paintsville 810   20-Sep-79
Blair Cemetery 487439 Cemetery Johnson KY 374651N 0825315W Oil Springs 1096   20-Sep-79
Blanton Branch 487470 Stream Johnson KY 375137N 0825416W Oil Springs 702   20-Sep-79
Bobs Branch 487607 Stream Johnson KY 374953N 0824446W Offutt 597   20-Sep-79
Boons Camp 487701 Locale Johnson KY 374957N 0824204W Offutt 610   20-Sep-79
Borders Branch 487705 Stream Johnson KY 375341N 0824115W Richardson 548   20-Sep-79
Boyd Branch 487762 Stream Johnson KY 374924N 0824725W Paintsville 600   20-Sep-79
Brafford Fork 487812 Stream Johnson KY 375451N 0824538W Sitka 666   20-Sep-79
Brier Fork 487900 Stream Johnson KY 375540N 0825714W Redbush 902   20-Sep-79
Broad Hollow 487929 Valley Johnson KY 375246N 0825053W Sitka 718   20-Sep-79
Browns Fork 488035 Stream Johnson KY 375451N 0824521W Sitka 673   20-Sep-79
Browns Fork 488037 Stream Johnson KY 375249N 0825043W Sitka 738   20-Sep-79
Brushy Branch 488102 Stream Johnson KY 374343N 0825454W Ivyton 718   20-Sep-79
Brushy Creek 488112 Stream Lawrence KY 380313N 0824650W Blaine 627   20-Sep-79
Brushy Fork 488124 Stream Johnson KY 374518N 0824126W Offutt 617   20-Sep-79
Buckhorn Branch 488264 Stream Johnson KY 375054N 0825614W Oil Springs 771   20-Sep-79
Buffalo Creek 488319 Stream Johnson KY 374815N 0824559W Paintsville 600   20-Sep-79
Buffalo School 510070 School Johnson KY 374742N 0824459W Offutt 600   20-Sep-79
Buffalo United Baptist Church 509916 Church Johnson KY 374742N 0824459W Offutt 600   1-Nov-92
Burke Cemetery 488431 Cemetery Johnson KY 374333N 0825541W Ivyton 823   20-Sep-79
Burnt Cabin Branch 488456 Stream Johnson KY 374735N 0824729W Paintsville 600   20-Sep-79
Burnt Cabin Branch 488457 Stream Johnson KY 375325N 0824828W Sitka 633   20-Sep-79
Butcher Hollow 488496 Valley Johnson KY 374641N 0824302W Offutt 709   20-Sep-79
Butcher Hollow School 488497 School Johnson KY 374644N 0824258W Offutt 712   20-Sep-79
Butler Cemetery 488509 Cemetery Johnson KY 375058N 0825040W Paintsville 801   20-Sep-79
Buzzard Branch 488526 Stream Johnson KY 375022N 0824260W Offutt 597   20-Sep-79
Cane Branch 488765 Stream Johnson KY 375057N 0825341W Oil Springs 702   20-Sep-79
Cane Knob 510028 Summit Johnson KY 375015N 0825357W Oil Springs 1004   1-Nov-92
Cannel Coal Gap 488882 Gap Johnson KY 374533N 0824760W Paintsville 781   20-Sep-79
Cannons Chapel 488891 Church Johnson KY 375253N 0825240W Redbush 702   20-Sep-79
Cantrell Branch 488901 Stream Johnson KY 375512N 0825434W Redbush 755   20-Sep-79
Cantrill Fork 488906 Stream Johnson KY 374604N 0825410W Oil Springs 715   20-Sep-79
Castle Cemetery 509961 Cemetery Johnson KY 375157N 0824724W Paintsville 696   1-Nov-92
Castle Fork 489070 Stream Johnson KY 375451N 0824538W Sitka 666   20-Sep-79
Castle Memorial School 489071 School Johnson KY 375148N 0824722W Paintsville 650   20-Sep-79
Caudill Branch 489104 Stream Johnson KY 374832N 0825625W Oil Springs 853   20-Sep-79
Caudill Branch 489105 Stream Johnson KY 375512N 0824949W Sitka 820   20-Sep-79
Cave Fork 489118 Stream Johnson KY 375318N 0824630W Sitka 702   20-Sep-79
Chandlerville 507684 Populated Place Johnson KY 375605N 0824849W Sitka 846   20-Sep-79
Chestnut 510106 Populated Place Johnson KY 375324N 0824049W Richardson 669   1-Jan-00
Chestnut Creek 517529 Stream Johnson KY 375328N 0824043W Richardson 554 1991 1-Jan-00
Christian Union Enterprise Baptist Church 509987 Church Johnson KY 375902N 0825744W Redbush 751   1-Nov-92
Church of Christ 509994 Church Johnson KY 375254N 0825018W Sitka 692   1-Nov-92
Church of Christ 509995 Church Johnson KY 375325N 0824822W Sitka 673   1-Nov-92
Cold Springs Baptist Church 509990 Church Johnson KY 375424N 0825550W Redbush 928   1-Nov-92
Collins Cemetery 489865 Cemetery Johnson KY 374257N 0825403W Ivyton 853   20-Sep-79
Collista 507731 Populated Place Johnson KY 374657N 0824928W Paintsville 640   20-Sep-79
Colvin Branch 489890 Stream Johnson KY 374839N 0825312W Oil Springs 676   20-Sep-79
Colvin Branch 489891 Stream Johnson KY 375124N 0825360W Oil Springs 702   20-Sep-79
Company Cemetery 489912 Cemetery Johnson KY 374933N 0824703W Paintsville 869   20-Sep-79
Concord Church 489935 Church Johnson KY 374851N 0824636W Paintsville 600   20-Sep-79
Concord Church 509952 Church Johnson KY 374908N 0824554W Paintsville 656   1-Nov-92
Conley Branch 489958 Stream Johnson KY 374825N 0825142W Paintsville 696   20-Sep-79
Conley Branch 489959 Stream Johnson KY 375606N 0825317W Redbush 810   20-Sep-79
Conley Cemetery 489963 Cemetery Johnson KY 374606N 0824940W Paintsville 778   20-Sep-79
Conley Cemetery 489967 Cemetery Johnson KY 374925N 0825834W Oil Springs 935   20-Sep-79
Cox Branch 490213 Stream Johnson KY 375449N 0825611W Redbush 840   20-Sep-79
Cuba Branch 490450 Stream Johnson KY 375315N 0825612W Redbush 702   20-Sep-79
Cuba School 490453 School Johnson KY 375328N 0825606W Redbush 794   20-Sep-79
Cuba School (historical) 510078 Church Johnson KY 375341N 0825714W Redbush 702   20-Sep-79
Daniels Branch 490569 Stream Johnson KY 375551N 0824956W Sitka 787   20-Sep-79
Daniels Branch 490571 Stream Johnson KY 375219N 0824258W Offutt 577   20-Sep-79
Daniels Creek 490576 Stream Johnson KY 374449N 0824322W Lancer 594   20-Sep-79
Davis Branch 490635 Stream Johnson KY 374823N 0824623W Paintsville 600   20-Sep-79
Davis Branch 490638 Stream Johnson KY 375034N 0825613W Oil Springs 764   20-Sep-79
Davis Branch Church 490643 Church Johnson KY 375035N 0825611W Oil Springs 774   20-Sep-79
Davis Cemetery 509944 Cemetery Johnson KY 374759N 0824628W Paintsville 686   1-Nov-92
Dawkins 490681 Populated Place Johnson KY 374725N 0824705W Paintsville 600   20-Sep-79
Day Star Christian Center 509960 Church Johnson KY 375148N 0824759W Paintsville 656   1-Nov-92
Deadfall Branch 490727 Stream Johnson KY 374742N 0824439W Offutt 623   20-Sep-79
Denver 507848 Populated Place Johnson KY 374634N 0825117W Paintsville 623   20-Sep-79
Dicey Branch 490866 Stream Johnson KY 374739N 0824517W Paintsville 600   20-Sep-79
Dick Branch 490869 Stream Johnson KY 375802N 0825821W Redbush 827   20-Sep-79
Dixon Cemetery 490931 Cemetery Johnson KY 374953N 0825015W Paintsville 728   20-Sep-79
Dobson 507860 Populated Place Johnson KY 374431N 0825306W Ivyton 659   20-Sep-79
Dog Fork 490978 Stream Johnson KY 374449N 0824223W Lancer 630   20-Sep-79
Dogwood Fork 490990 Stream Johnson KY 375310N 0824640W Sitka 676   20-Sep-79
Drakes Creek 491095 Stream Johnson KY 375704N 0825332W Redbush 764   20-Sep-79
Dry Branch 491151 Stream Johnson KY 374858N 0825641W Oil Springs 823   20-Sep-79
East Point 491494 Populated Place Johnson KY 374446N 0824727W Prestonsburg 630   20-Sep-79
Elna 507934 Populated Place Johnson KY 375430N 0825742W Redbush 886   20-Sep-79
Enterprise Church 491792 Church Johnson KY 375448N 0825059W Sitka 869   20-Sep-79
Fairchild Branch 491873 Stream Johnson KY 375613N 0825119W Sitka 866   20-Sep-79
Fairview Church 510017 Church Johnson KY 374825N 0825318W Oil Springs 718   1-Nov-92
Fairview School 491933 School Johnson KY 374825N 0825321W Oil Springs 689   20-Sep-79
Fish Trap 492108 Locale Johnson KY 375128N 0825405W Oil Springs 702   20-Sep-79
Fitch Branch 509996 Stream Johnson KY 375631N 0824959W Sitka 794   1-Nov-92
Fitch Branch 510172 Stream Johnson KY 374747N 0824411W Offutt 663 1992 1-Jan-00
Fitch Lick Branch 510157 Stream Johnson KY 374312N 0825425W Ivyton 784   1-Jan-00
Flat Rock Branch 492204 Stream Johnson KY 374845N 0824750W Paintsville 600   20-Sep-79
Flatgap 492219 Populated Place Johnson KY 375603N 0825315W Redbush 814   20-Sep-79
Flatwood Branch 492222 Stream Johnson KY 374509N 0824504W Paintsville 600   20-Sep-79
Frank Vanhoose Branch 492440 Stream Johnson KY 375325N 0824908W Sitka 653   20-Sep-79
Franklin Cemetery 492450 Cemetery Johnson KY 374856N 0824625W Paintsville 699   20-Sep-79
Franks Creek 492463 Stream Lawrence KY 375840N 0825232W Redbush 735   20-Sep-79
Franks Creek Church 510091 Church Johnson KY 375657N 0825126W Sitka 833   20-Sep-79
Frazier Branch 492478 Stream Johnson KY 375106N 0825803W Oil Springs 823   20-Sep-79
Frogonery Branch 492569 Stream Johnson KY 375322N 0824830W Sitka 636   20-Sep-79
Fuget 508051 Populated Place Johnson KY 375318N 0825525W Redbush 830   20-Sep-79
Gambill Cemetery 509951 Cemetery Johnson KY 374906N 0824550W Paintsville 679   1-Nov-92
Georges Creek 492787 Stream Johnson KY 375832N 0823953W Richardson 571   20-Sep-79
Georges Creek Church 492789 Church Johnson KY 375448N 0824425W Richardson 640   20-Sep-79
Gillum Branch 492851 Stream Johnson KY 375720N 0825625W Redbush 873   20-Sep-79
Glade Branch 492872 Stream Johnson KY 375101N 0825319W Oil Springs 702   20-Sep-79
Goble Cemetery 492930 Cemetery Johnson KY 374552N 0824718W Paintsville 686   20-Sep-79
Goose Creek 492997 Stream Magoffin KY 374723N 0825647W Oil Springs 869   20-Sep-79
Goose Fork 493021 Stream Johnson KY 375308N 0824956W Sitka 676   20-Sep-79
Gray Mare Branch 493203 Stream Johnson KY 375452N 0825041W Sitka 837   20-Sep-79
Greasy Branch 493228 Stream Johnson KY 374458N 0825240W Ivyton 699   20-Sep-79
Greasy Creek 493231 Stream Johnson KY 375046N 0824410W Offutt 577   20-Sep-79
Green Branch 493257 Stream Johnson KY 375625N 0824847W Sitka 787   20-Sep-79
Green Valley School 493304 School Johnson KY 374734N 0825342W Oil Springs 794   20-Sep-79
Greenrock Fork 493333 Stream Johnson KY 374418N 0825460W Ivyton 712   20-Sep-79
Greer Branch 493357 Stream Johnson KY 374426N 0824804W Prestonsburg 699   20-Sep-79
Gullett Branch 493468 Stream Johnson KY 375222N 0825444W Oil Springs 702   20-Sep-79
Hackworth Cemetery 493520 Cemetery Johnson KY 374316N 0825552W Ivyton 833   20-Sep-79
Hagerhill 493540 Populated Place Johnson KY 374710N 0824737W Paintsville 620   20-Sep-79
Hale Branch 493548 Stream Johnson KY 374419N 0825009W Prestonsburg 728   20-Sep-79
Hall Regional Medical Center 509955 Hospital Johnson KY 374857N 0824847W Paintsville 627   1-Nov-92
Hamilton Branch 493614 Stream Johnson KY 375628N 0825719W Redbush 823   20-Sep-79
Hammond Creek 493639 Stream Johnson KY 375214N 0824134W Offutt 574   20-Sep-79
Hampton Cemetery 493656 Cemetery Johnson KY 374710N 0824745W Paintsville 689   20-Sep-79
Hanners Branch 493694 Stream Johnson KY 375036N 0824518W Paintsville 600   20-Sep-79
Hargis 508188 Populated Place Johnson KY 375029N 0825838W Oil Springs 915   20-Sep-79
Hargis Creek 493742 Stream Johnson KY 375148N 0825725W Oil Springs 738   20-Sep-79
Hawes Fork 493880 Stream Johnson KY 375507N 0824613W Sitka 709   20-Sep-79
Hayden Branch 493902 Stream Floyd KY 374452N 0824447W Lancer 597   20-Sep-79
Head Of Greasy School 493971 School Johnson KY 374752N 0824037W Offutt 712   20-Sep-79
Head of Mudlick School (historical) 510102 School Johnson KY 375449N 0825706W Redbush 955   20-Sep-79
Highland Church 509948 Church Johnson KY 374718N 0824818W Paintsville 663   1-Nov-92
Highland Memorial Park 494216 Cemetery Johnson KY 375011N 0825201W Paintsville 791   20-Sep-79
Hitchcork Branch 494311 Stream Johnson KY 374725N 0825401W Oil Springs 751   20-Sep-79
Home Fork 517545 Stream Johnson KY 375249N 0823958W Richardson 594 1991 1-Jan-92
Hood Creek 494493 Stream Lawrence KY 380152N 0825029W Blaine 640   20-Sep-79
Horne Branch 494561 Stream Johnson KY 374824N 0825137W Paintsville 679   20-Sep-79
Horne Cemetery 494562 Cemetery Johnson KY 374815N 0825143W Paintsville 709   20-Sep-79
Horse Picture Branch 494588 Stream Lawrence KY 375456N 0824412W Richardson 640   20-Sep-79
Hoss Mill Branch 510109 Stream Johnson KY 374919N 0824836W Paintsville 669   1-Jan-00
Howes Cemetery 494693 Cemetery Johnson KY 374923N 0824733W Paintsville 725   20-Sep-79
Hurricane Branch 494811 Stream Johnson KY 374856N 0825352W Oil Springs 712   20-Sep-79
Hurricane Branch 494812 Stream Johnson KY 375003N 0824216W Offutt 604   20-Sep-79
Hurricane Greasy School 494834 School Johnson KY 375001N 0824213W Offutt 610   20-Sep-79
Jack Caudill Branch 495073 Stream Johnson KY 374750N 0825354W Oil Springs 705   20-Sep-79
Jackson Cemetery 495113 Cemetery Johnson KY 374314N 0825554W Ivyton 837   20-Sep-79
Jade More Branch 495140 Stream Johnson KY 374643N 0824309W Offutt 709   20-Sep-79
Jennys Creek 495218 Stream Johnson KY 374918N 0825007W Paintsville 600   20-Sep-79
Jim Stambaugh Fork 495273 Stream Johnson KY 375249N 0825044W Sitka 741   20-Sep-79
Joe Salyer Branch 495302 Stream Johnson KY 375357N 0825305W Redbush 696   20-Sep-79
Joes Creek 495309 Stream Johnson KY 375444N 0825336W Redbush 718   20-Sep-79
Johns Creek 495347 Stream Johnson KY 374431N 0824560W Prestonsburg 594   20-Sep-79
Johnson Cemetery 495386 Cemetery Johnson KY 374636N 0824808W Paintsville 728   20-Sep-79
Johnson County 516904 Civil Johnson KY 375100N 0825060W Paintsville 892   1-Feb-93
Johnson County Central High School 510114 School Johnson KY 374918N 0824860W Paintsville 630   1-Jan-00
Johnson County Memorial Cemetery 509956 Cemetery Johnson KY 375007N 0825145W Paintsville 745   1-Nov-92
Johnson County School 509945 School Johnson KY 374521N 0824641W Paintsville 614   1-Nov-92
K Fork 495560 Stream Johnson KY 374629N 0825154W Paintsville 646   20-Sep-79
Keaton 509986 Populated Place Johnson KY 375908N 0825737W Redbush 748   1-Nov-92
Keaton Fork 495584 Stream Johnson KY 375954N 0825611W Redbush 699   20-Sep-79
Keaton Fork Church of Jesus Christ 509988 Church Johnson KY 375741N 0825826W Redbush 850   1-Nov-92
Kelly Branch 495621 Stream Johnson KY 375929N 0825640W Redbush 771   20-Sep-79
Kentucky, Commonwealth of 1779786 Civil Taylor KY 373001N 0851501W Lebanon West 666 1954 6-Feb-98
Kerz 508383 Populated Place Johnson KY 375500N 0825023W Sitka 846   20-Sep-79
Lacey Creek 495886 Stream Magoffin KY 375133N 0830017W Salyersville North 732   20-Sep-79
Lackey Branch 495889 Stream Johnson KY 374550N 0824035W Offutt 673   20-Sep-79
Laurel Fork 496046 Stream Lawrence KY 375349N 0823830W Richardson 640   20-Sep-79
Leander 508434 Populated Place Johnson KY 374511N 0825218W Paintsville 666   20-Sep-79
Left Fork Daniels Creek 496209 Stream Johnson KY 374454N 0824246W Lancer 630   20-Sep-79
Left Fork Greasy Creek 496218 Stream Johnson KY 374934N 0824131W Offutt 627   20-Sep-79
Left Fork Hammond Creek 496221 Stream Johnson KY 375136N 0824058W Offutt 614   20-Sep-79
Left Fork Rockcastle Creek 516968 Stream Johnson KY 374257N 0823656W Thomas 906   1-Jan-00
Left Fork Twomile Creek 496268 Stream Johnson KY 374947N 0824325W Offutt 620   20-Sep-79
Lester Branch 496294 Stream Johnson KY 375746N 0825618W Redbush 814   20-Sep-79
Lettered Rocks 496302 Summit Johnson KY 375416N 0824730W Sitka 1093   20-Sep-79
Levisa Fork 496312 Stream Lawrence KY 380705N 0823606W Louisa 528 1975 20-Sep-79
Liberty Church 509947 Church Johnson KY 374633N 0825117W Paintsville 623   1-Nov-92
Lick Branch 496434 Stream Johnson KY 374953N 0824153W Offutt 614   20-Sep-79
Lick Creek 496471 Stream Johnson KY 375219N 0824145W Offutt 571   20-Sep-79
Lick Fork 496501 Stream Johnson KY 374706N 0824946W Paintsville 630   20-Sep-79
Lick Fork 496503 Stream Johnson KY 375238N 0824646W Sitka 627   20-Sep-79
Lick Fork 496504 Stream Johnson KY 375432N 0824818W Sitka 712   20-Sep-79
Lick Fork Church 496512 Church Johnson KY 374528N 0824908W Paintsville 673   20-Sep-79
Lindy Branch 496577 Stream Johnson KY 375148N 0824654W Paintsville 627   20-Sep-79
Line Branch 496581 Stream Johnson KY 374702N 0825018W Paintsville 623   20-Sep-79
Little Friendship Church 509922 Church Johnson KY 374936N 0824125W Offutt 627   1-Nov-92
Little Lick Fork 496786 Stream Johnson KY 374547N 0824912W Paintsville 659   20-Sep-79
Little Mine Fork 496803 Stream Johnson KY 375212N 0825922W Oil Springs 702   20-Sep-79
Little Mine Fork School 496804 School Johnson KY 375116N 0825926W Oil Springs 843   20-Sep-79
Little Mission Church 496805 Church Johnson KY 374614N 0824446W Offutt 640   20-Sep-79
Little Mudlick Creek 510124 Stream Johnson KY 375013N 0825123W Paintsville 620   1-Jan-00
Little Paint Creek 496820 Stream Floyd KY 374445N 0824707W Prestonsburg 600   20-Sep-79
Little Paint Creek 496821 Stream Johnson KY 375350N 0825916W Redbush 702   20-Sep-79
Little Paint School 496822 School Johnson KY 375230N 0825826W Oil Springs 755   20-Sep-79
Locust Grove Church 496958 Church Johnson KY 375243N 0824738W Sitka 633   20-Sep-79
Locust Knob 510027 Summit Johnson KY 375214N 0825701W Oil Springs 1142   1-Nov-92
Long Branch 497041 Stream Johnson KY 374433N 0824750W Prestonsburg 656   20-Sep-79
Long Branch 497047 Stream Johnson KY 375039N 0824554W Paintsville 600   20-Sep-79
Long Branch 497048 Stream Johnson KY 375112N 0824205W Offutt 653   20-Sep-79
Long Fork 497104 Stream Johnson KY 374400N 0825523W Ivyton 715   20-Sep-79
Long Fork Church 497114 Church Johnson KY 374400N 0825530W Ivyton 712   20-Sep-79
Long Fork School (historical) 510127 School Johnson KY 374313N 0825423W Ivyton 791   20-Sep-79
Loon Branch 509917 Stream Johnson KY 374743N 0824442W Offutt 614   1-Nov-92
Lostlick Branch 497199 Stream Lawrence KY 380012N 0825522W Mazie 682   20-Sep-79
Low Gap Church 497237 Church Johnson KY 375138N 0825640W Oil Springs 781   20-Sep-79
Low Gap Fork 497241 Stream Johnson KY 375253N 0825540W Redbush 702   20-Sep-79
Low Gap School 497244 School Johnson KY 375207N 0825637W Oil Springs 925   20-Sep-79
Lower Laurel Creek 497292 Stream Lawrence KY 380118N 0825231W Mazie 656   20-Sep-79
Lower Twin Branch 497306 Stream Johnson KY 374635N 0825118W Paintsville 623   20-Sep-79
Lyons Branch 497394 Stream Johnson KY 375810N 0825522W Redbush 837   20-Sep-79
Manila 510029 Populated Place Johnson KY 375034N 0825456W Oil Springs 794   1-Nov-92
Manila Post Office 510128 Post Office Johnson KY 375034N 0825502W Oil Springs 817   20-Sep-79
Martha Pool Gas And Oil Field 497593 Oilfield Johnson KY 375916N 0825732W Redbush 804   20-Sep-79
Mary Branch 509882 Stream Johnson KY 375439N 0824454W Richardson 666 1991 1-Jan-00
McCarty Branch 497776 Stream Johnson KY 375107N 0825425W Oil Springs 732   20-Sep-79
McKenzie Branch 497900 Stream Johnson KY 375234N 0825456W Redbush 705   20-Sep-79
Meade Cemetery 497959 Cemetery Johnson KY 374753N 0824953W Paintsville 643   20-Sep-79
Meade Memorial High School 497960 School Johnson KY 375011N 0824318W Offutt 614   20-Sep-79
Meadow Branch 497973 Stream Johnson KY 375522N 0825324W Redbush 755   20-Sep-79
Meadow Fork 497989 Stream Johnson KY 375534N 0824840W Sitka 827   20-Sep-79
Meally 508585 Populated Place Johnson KY 374748N 0824424W Offutt 643   20-Sep-79
Meeks Branch 498028 Stream Johnson KY 375235N 0824127W Richardson 597   20-Sep-79
Melvin Cemetery 498054 Cemetery Johnson KY 375020N 0825048W Paintsville 846   20-Sep-79
Middle Fork Greasy Creek 498123 Stream Johnson KY 374931N 0824129W Offutt 627   20-Sep-79
Middle Fork Lick Fork 498127 Stream Johnson KY 374655N 0824935W Paintsville 630   20-Sep-79
Middle Fork Rockcastle Creek 498137 Stream Martin KY 375202N 0823230W Inez 617   20-Sep-79
Mill Branch 498213 Stream Johnson KY 374837N 0824821W Paintsville 600   20-Sep-79
Mill Creek 498249 Stream Johnson KY 374431N 0825260W Ivyton 659   20-Sep-79
Miller Creek 498337 Stream Johnson KY 374625N 0824728W Paintsville 600   20-Sep-79
Moody Branch 498519 Stream Johnson KY 374805N 0825337W Oil Springs 712   20-Sep-79
Muddy Branch 499027 Stream Johnson KY 374915N 0824723W Paintsville 600   20-Sep-79
Muddygut Branch 499053 Stream Johnson KY 375334N 0824136W Richardson 558   20-Sep-79
Mudlick Creek 499065 Stream Johnson KY 374957N 0825126W Paintsville 600   20-Sep-79
Music Cemetery 499133 Cemetery Johnson KY 374551N 0824709W Paintsville 732   20-Sep-79
Narrows Fork 499180 Stream Magoffin KY 374400N 0825522W Ivyton 755   20-Sep-79
Nat Pickle Fork 499182 Stream Johnson KY 375323N 0825115W Sitka 794   20-Sep-79
Nero 508689 Populated Place Johnson KY 374454N 0824437W Lancer 617   20-Sep-79
Nippa 508709 Populated Place Johnson KY 375157N 0824715W Paintsville 636   20-Sep-79
Noisy Branch 499503 Stream Johnson KY 375857N 0825743W Redbush 778   20-Sep-79
Oaklog Creek 499752 Stream Johnson KY 374528N 0824120W Offutt 640   20-Sep-79
Odds 508733 Populated Place Johnson KY 374520N 0824135W Offutt 636   20-Sep-79
Offutt 509926 Populated Place Johnson KY 375100N 0824347W Offutt 659   1-Nov-92
Oil Branch 499782 Stream Johnson KY 375223N 0825739W Oil Springs 715   20-Sep-79
Oil Springs 499786 Populated Place Johnson KY 374836N 0825633W Oil Springs 827   20-Sep-79
Oil Springs Church 510020 Church Johnson KY 374946N 0825315W Oil Springs 801   1-Nov-92
Oil Springs Church 510021 Church Johnson KY 375155N 0825707W Oil Springs 745   1-Nov-92
Oil Springs Church (historical) 510143 Church Johnson KY 375236N 0825750W Redbush 748   20-Sep-79
Old Bethel Church 499800 Church Johnson KY 375515N 0825327W Redbush 741   20-Sep-79
Old Cold Springs United Baptist Church 509991 Church Johnson KY 375415N 0825542W Redbush 915   1-Nov-92
Old Friendship Cemetery 509919 Cemetery Johnson KY 374958N 0824324W Offutt 702   1-Nov-92
Old Friendship Church 499827 Church Johnson KY 374943N 0824442W Offutt 600   20-Sep-79
Old Friendship Church 509921 Church Johnson KY 375008N 0824310W Offutt 696   1-Nov-92
Old Home Branch 499833 Stream Johnson KY 374431N 0823941W Lancer 692   20-Sep-79
Old Little Paint Church 510022 Church Johnson KY 375026N 0825639W Oil Springs 781   1-Nov-92
Old Preston Cemetery 499872 Cemetery Johnson KY 374857N 0824551W Paintsville 673   20-Sep-79
Otter Branch 500020 Stream Johnson KY 374954N 0824040W Offutt 656   20-Sep-79
Pack and Chandler Cemetery 509999 Cemetery Johnson KY 375537N 0824851W Sitka 906   1-Nov-92
Paint Creek 500114 Stream Johnson KY 374851N 0824731W Paintsville 600   20-Sep-79
Painters Lick Branch 500126 Stream Magoffin KY 374740N 0825660W Oil Springs 869   20-Sep-79
Paintsville 500128 Populated Place Johnson KY 374852N 0824826W Paintsville 610   20-Sep-79
Paintsville Golf Course 517264 Locale Johnson KY 374828N 0824609W Paintsville 623   20-Sep-79
Paintsville Lake 509958 Reservoir Johnson KY 375025N 0825214W Paintsville 755   1-Nov-92
Paintsville Lake Wildlife Area 509993 Park Johnson KY 375330N 0825830W Redbush 1047   1-Nov-92
Paintsville-Johnson County Medical Center 509954 Hospital Johnson KY 374852N 0824844W Paintsville 614   1-Nov-92
Paintsville-Prestonsburg/Combs Field 517465 Airport Johnson KY 374445N 0824644W Prestonsburg 623   1-Sep-94
Patrick Cemetery 500246 Cemetery Johnson KY 374425N 0825456W Ivyton 791   20-Sep-79
Patterson Creek 500259 Stream Johnson KY 375514N 0825419W Redbush 751   20-Sep-79
Pea Vine Branch 500315 Stream Johnson KY 374622N 0824339W Offutt 689   20-Sep-79
Peaceful Valley Independent Baptist Church 509992 Church Johnson KY 375451N 0825507W Redbush 833   1-Nov-92
Perkins Rehabilitation Center 509953 Building Johnson KY 374918N 0824602W Paintsville 617   1-Nov-92
Persimmon Point Cemetery 500443 Cemetery Johnson KY 375007N 0825140W Paintsville 725   20-Sep-79
Philadelphia Church 500523 Church Johnson KY 374450N 0824359W Lancer 627   20-Sep-79
Pickle Fork 500561 Stream Johnson KY 374939N 0825247W Oil Springs 630   20-Sep-79
Piegon Church 510019 Church Johnson KY 374950N 0825831W Oil Springs 951   1-Nov-92
Pigeon Creek 500586 Stream Johnson KY 375118N 0825647W Oil Springs 764   20-Sep-79
Pigeon School 500597 School Johnson KY 375004N 0825732W Oil Springs 843   20-Sep-79
Pigeonroost Branch 500602 Stream Johnson KY 374847N 0824107W Offutt 659   20-Sep-79
Pigeonroost School 500608 School Johnson KY 374826N 0824206W Offutt 735   20-Sep-79
Pine Branch 510025 Stream Johnson KY 375146N 0825738W Oil Springs 883   1-Nov-92
Point Pleasant Church 500993 Church Johnson KY 375739N 0825539W Redbush 932   20-Sep-79
Porter School 501152 School Johnson KY 374518N 0824634W Paintsville 630   20-Sep-79
Potato Knob 510026 Summit Johnson KY 375124N 0825724W Oil Springs 1138   1-Nov-92
Poundingmill Branch 501223 Stream Johnson KY 374940N 0824105W Offutt 636   20-Sep-79
Poundmill Branch 501224 Stream Johnson KY 374944N 0825651W Oil Springs 807   20-Sep-79
Preston Cemetery 501301 Cemetery Johnson KY 374936N 0824709W Paintsville 919   20-Sep-79
Preston Cemetery 501302 Cemetery Johnson KY 374943N 0824539W Paintsville 682   20-Sep-79
Prestons Branch 509918 Stream Johnson KY 374740N 0824457W Offutt 659   1-Nov-92
Puncheon Fork 501450 Stream Johnson KY 375452N 0825040W Sitka 833   20-Sep-79
Ramey Branch 501552 Stream Johnson KY 375232N 0825230W Redbush 659   20-Sep-79
Ramey Branch Church 509959 Church Johnson KY 375227N 0825227W Paintsville 663   1-Nov-92
Ratliff Cemetery 509946 Cemetery Johnson KY 374634N 0825054W Paintsville 705   1-Nov-92
Redbush 508913 Populated Place Johnson KY 375623N 0825657W Redbush 843   20-Sep-79
Riceville 508932 Populated Place Johnson KY 374404N 0825528W Ivyton 702   20-Sep-79
Riches of Jesus Independent Baptist Church 509925 Church Johnson KY 375131N 0824053W Offutt 627   1-Nov-92
Right Fork Bobs Branch 501869 Stream Johnson KY 374938N 0824439W Offutt 597   20-Sep-79
Right Fork Daniels Creek 501880 Stream Johnson KY 374518N 0824125W Offutt 623   20-Sep-79
Right Fork Greasy Creek 501886 Stream Johnson KY 374927N 0824128W Offutt 696   20-Sep-79
Right Fork Lick Branch 501898 Stream Pike KY 374420N 0822117W Williamson 669   20-Sep-79
Right Fork Miller Creek 501909 Stream Johnson KY 374641N 0824302W Offutt 709   20-Sep-79
River 501977 Locale Johnson KY 375131N 0824346W Offutt 604   20-Sep-79
Road Fork 502024 Stream Johnson KY 375040N 0824546W Paintsville 591   20-Sep-79
Robinson Branch 502083 Stream Johnson KY 375818N 0825445W Redbush 755   20-Sep-79
Rockhouse Branch 502178 Stream Johnson KY 374918N 0824615W Paintsville 600   20-Sep-79
Rockhouse Church 502187 Church Johnson KY 374858N 0825052W Paintsville 659   20-Sep-79
Rockhouse Creek 502191 Stream Johnson KY 374905N 0825043W Paintsville 600   20-Sep-79
Rockhouse Fork 502199 Stream Johnson KY 375802N 0824938W Sitka 725   20-Sep-79
Rocky Branch 502236 Stream Johnson KY 375205N 0825957W Oil Springs 722   20-Sep-79
Rocky Knob 502255 Summit Johnson KY 375102N 0825224W Paintsville 1099   20-Sep-79
Rocky Knob Branch 502256 Stream Johnson KY 375048N 0825131W Paintsville 623   20-Sep-79
Ross Creek 502368 Stream Johnson KY 375656N 0825329W Redbush 787   20-Sep-79
Rowland Branch 502429 Stream Johnson KY 375228N 0825805W Oil Springs 722   20-Sep-79
Rush Fork 502486 Stream Johnson KY 375151N 0824717W Paintsville 630   20-Sep-79
Salyer Branch 502857 Stream Johnson KY 375622N 0825659W Redbush 810   20-Sep-79
Salyer Fork 502861 Stream Johnson KY 374718N 0825643W Oil Springs 869   20-Sep-79
Salyers Cemetery 502866 Cemetery Johnson KY 375509N 0825336W Redbush 827   20-Sep-79
Sand Gap Branch 502904 Stream Johnson KY 374317N 0823718W Thomas 873   20-Sep-79
Saylor Fork 503027 Stream Magoffin KY 374638N 0825629W Oil Springs 906   20-Sep-79
Shack Branch 503200 Stream Johnson KY 375227N 0825831W Oil Springs 702   20-Sep-79
Shop Branch 503421 Stream Johnson KY 375719N 0825135W Sitka 853   20-Sep-79
Sip 509064 Populated Place Johnson KY 375530N 0824940W Sitka 830   20-Sep-79
Sitka 509066 Populated Place Johnson KY 375250N 0825018W Sitka 712   20-Sep-79
Slate Hollow 503648 Valley Johnson KY 374644N 0824322W Offutt 699   20-Sep-79
Sloane Branch 503701 Stream Johnson KY 375743N 0825005W Sitka 758   20-Sep-79
Son Butcher Cemetery 510003 Cemetery Johnson KY 375239N 0824221W Richardson 669   1-Nov-92
Span Branch 510024 Stream Johnson KY 375119N 0825743W Oil Springs 833   1-Nov-92
Sparks Cemetery 504025 Cemetery Johnson KY 375507N 0825212W Sitka 1047   20-Sep-79
Spears Branch 504040 Stream Johnson KY 375115N 0824347W Offutt 574   20-Sep-79
Spicelick Branch 504065 Stream Johnson KY 375311N 0825540W Redbush 702   20-Sep-79
Spring Branch 504120 Stream Lawrence KY 380007N 0825508W Mazie 679   20-Sep-79
Spring Knob Lookout Tower 517771 Tower Johnson KY 374900N 0823907W Offutt 1230   20-Sep-79
Stafford Cemetery 504221 Cemetery Johnson KY 374949N 0825040W Paintsville 722   20-Sep-79
Staffordsville 504227 Populated Place Johnson KY 374947N 0825032W Paintsville 673   20-Sep-79
Staffordsville Church 509957 Church Johnson KY 375017N 0825023W Paintsville 883   1-Nov-92
Stambaugh Cemetery 504241 Cemetery Johnson KY 375309N 0824748W Sitka 643   20-Sep-79
State Branch 504274 Stream Johnson KY 375126N 0825132W Paintsville 640   20-Sep-79
State Road Fork 504279 Stream Johnson KY 374915N 0825315W Oil Springs 666   20-Sep-79
State Road Fork 504281 Stream Magoffin KY 374817N 0825702W Oil Springs 843   20-Sep-79
Stave Branch 504289 Stream Johnson KY 374918N 0825008W Paintsville 600   20-Sep-79
Stone Coal Branch 510173 Stream Johnson KY 375459N 0825554W Redbush 810 1991 1-Jan-00
Stonecoal Branch 504470 Stream Johnson KY 375211N 0825228W Paintsville 673   20-Sep-79
Stonecoal Fork 504475 Stream Johnson KY 374655N 0824245W Offutt 735   20-Sep-79
Store House Hollow 504526 Valley Johnson KY 374626N 0824343W Offutt 715   20-Sep-79
Stuffley Knob 504605 Summit Johnson KY 374659N 0825513W Oil Springs 1493   20-Sep-79
Sturgeon Branch 504612 Stream Johnson KY 375254N 0825247W Redbush 669   20-Sep-79
Sugar Grove Church 504665 Church Johnson KY 375602N 0824953W Sitka 807   20-Sep-79
Sulphur Spring Branch 504753 Stream Johnson KY 375123N 0824839W Paintsville 656   20-Sep-79
Swamp Branch 509169 Populated Place Johnson KY 374409N 0825342W Ivyton 712   20-Sep-79
Swamp Branch 504828 Stream Johnson KY 374413N 0825345W Ivyton 659   20-Sep-79
Sycamore Creek 504875 Stream Johnson KY 374443N 0824037W Lancer 653   20-Sep-79
Sycamore Fork 504883 Stream Johnson KY 375218N 0824718W Paintsville 617   20-Sep-79
Tackett Cemetery 504908 Cemetery Johnson KY 375006N 0825239W Oil Springs 869   20-Sep-79
Tays Branch 505049 Stream Johnson KY 374935N 0824908W Paintsville 600   20-Sep-79
The Old Log Church 510125 Church Johnson KY 374451N 0824218W Lancer 614   1-Jan-00
Thealka 509201 Populated Place Johnson KY 374919N 0824720W Paintsville 607   20-Sep-79
Thealka Church 505146 Church Johnson KY 374931N 0824742W Paintsville 640   20-Sep-79
Thelma 509202 Populated Place Johnson KY 374909N 0824556W Paintsville 636   20-Sep-79
Thelma Lake 505147 Reservoir Johnson KY 374947N 0824513W Paintsville 623   20-Sep-79
Thomas Branch 505156 Stream Johnson KY 375522N 0825323W Redbush 761   20-Sep-79
Three Forks Greasy School 505233 School Johnson KY 374927N 0824129W Offutt 676   20-Sep-79
Tick Vanhoose Branch 505275 Stream Johnson KY 375309N 0825002W Sitka 653   20-Sep-79
Tiny Branch 505300 Stream Johnson KY 374956N 0825228W Paintsville 627   20-Sep-79
Toms Creek 505352 Stream Johnson KY 375106N 0824359W Offutt 591   20-Sep-79
Toms Creek Church 505353 Church Johnson KY 375039N 0824548W Paintsville 591   20-Sep-79
Travis Branch 505475 Stream Johnson KY 375740N 0825625W Redbush 751   20-Sep-79
Tucker Branch 505533 Stream Johnson KY 375154N 0825152W Paintsville 669   20-Sep-79
Turner Branch 505649 Stream Johnson KY 374927N 0824943W Paintsville 600   20-Sep-79
Turner Cemetery 505660 Cemetery Johnson KY 374939N 0824935W Paintsville 640   20-Sep-79
Tutor Key 509251 Populated Place Johnson KY 375040N 0824601W Paintsville 623   20-Sep-79
Tutor Key Church 509962 Church Johnson KY 375152N 0824640W Paintsville 718   1-Nov-92
Twomile Creek 505730 Stream Johnson KY 375006N 0824316W Offutt 600   20-Sep-79
Union Church 505785 Church Johnson KY 374936N 0825025W Paintsville 620   20-Sep-79
Upper Daniels Creek School 505874 School Johnson KY 374531N 0824114W Offutt 663   20-Sep-79
Upper Laurel Creek 505890 Stream Lawrence KY 380044N 0825309W Mazie 686   20-Sep-79
Upper Twin Branch 505913 Stream Johnson KY 374632N 0825118W Paintsville 623   20-Sep-79
Van Lear 505958 Populated Place Johnson KY 374616N 0824529W Paintsville 627   20-Sep-79
Vanhoose Cemetery 510178 Cemetery Johnson KY 375153N 0824655W Paintsville 646   1-Jan-00
Vaughan Branch 505988 Stream Johnson KY 375302N 0825250W Redbush 669   20-Sep-79
Volga 509295 Populated Place Johnson KY 375217N 0825224W Paintsville 709   20-Sep-79
Ward Branch 506214 Stream Johnson KY 374825N 0824142W Offutt 682   20-Sep-79
Ward Cemetery 506217 Cemetery Johnson KY 375058N 0824347W Offutt 663   20-Sep-79
Webb Branch 506327 Stream Johnson KY 374631N 0824605W Paintsville 617   20-Sep-79
Welch Cemetery 506361 Cemetery Johnson KY 374852N 0824609W Paintsville 732   20-Sep-79
Well Branch 506367 Stream Johnson KY 375304N 0824758W Sitka 617   20-Sep-79
Wells Chapel 509927 Church Johnson KY 374952N 0824150W Offutt 623   1-Nov-92
West Van Lear 509343 Populated Place Johnson KY 374710N 0824617W Paintsville 745   20-Sep-79
Wheeler Cemetery 506536 Cemetery Johnson KY 374839N 0824604W Paintsville 732   20-Sep-79
Wheeler Cemetery 509997 Cemetery Johnson KY 375756N 0825125W Sitka 925   1-Nov-92
Whippoorwill Branch 506553 Stream Johnson KY 375147N 0824648W Paintsville 636   20-Sep-79
Whipporwill Cemetery 506558 Cemetery Johnson KY 375042N 0824734W Paintsville 892   20-Sep-79
Whiskey Hollow 506560 Valley Johnson KY 374427N 0823931W Lancer 705   20-Sep-79
Whitehouse 506656 Populated Place Johnson KY 375225N 0824156W Offutt 640   20-Sep-79
Whitehouse Cemetery 506658 Cemetery Johnson KY 375213N 0825223W Paintsville 709   20-Sep-79
Wiley Creek 506759 Stream Johnson KY 375131N 0824338W Offutt 581   20-Sep-79
Williams Branch 506790 Stream Johnson KY 375114N 0824906W Paintsville 656   20-Sep-79
Williams Branch 506792 Stream Johnson KY 375424N 0825314W Redbush 709   20-Sep-79
Williams Cemetery 509920 Cemetery Johnson KY 374915N 0824348W Offutt 755   1-Nov-92
Williams Fork 506823 Stream Johnson KY 375148N 0824803W Paintsville 636   20-Sep-79
Williamsport 506836 Populated Place Johnson KY 374914N 0824345W Offutt 663   20-Sep-79
Win Post Office (historical) 517539 Post Office Johnson KY 375242N 0825851W Redbush 873   20-Sep-79
Winifred 509387 Populated Place Johnson KY 375646N 0825117W Sitka 837   20-Sep-79
Wittensville 509395 Populated Place Johnson KY 375146N 0824759W Paintsville 712   20-Sep-79
WKLW-AM (Paintsville) 517649 Tower Johnson KY 374719N 0824707W Paintsville 604   1-Sep-94
Wolf Pen Branch 507022 Stream Johnson KY 375300N 0823939W Richardson 617   20-Sep-79
Wolfpen Branch 507049 Stream Johnson KY 374541N 0825352W Oil Springs 686   20-Sep-79
Wolfpen Branch 507050 Stream Johnson KY 374614N 0824444W Offutt 640   20-Sep-79
Wolfpen Branch 507053 Stream Johnson KY 375711N 0825625W Redbush 846   20-Sep-79
WSIP-AM (Paintsville) 509950 Tower Johnson KY 374822N 0824559W Paintsville 610   1-Nov-92
WSIP-AM (Paintsville) 517651 Tower Johnson KY 374821N 0824601W Paintsville 607   1-Sep-94
WSIP-FM (Paintsville) 509949 Tower Johnson KY 374745N 0824803W Paintsville 1329   1-Nov-92
Yost Branch 507237 Stream Johnson KY 374826N 0824041W Offutt 673   20-Sep-79
Youngs Branch 507255 Stream Lawrence KY 375509N 0824326W Richardson 633   20-Sep-79

© Lynn Penick, 2006