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Ever go to a site and see the same old "New and Updated" little markers and search as you might there is just nothing new or updated. Here we will attempt to keep you updated on the changes that we make to your Johnson County site. This will insure that you know what is updated and new. Sometimes it may be a page, some times added links and minor changes. It is our hopes to make this site informative for all who use it. Any questions will always be answered as promptly as possible. As usual we try to maintain the integrity of all links. If you find a bad link or would like something added please let us know.

Mary K and Mary Ann

December 29, 2001
bullet Frederick Baldwin
bullet Earl Cantrell
bulletVincent Dawson Will corrected
bullet 1910 Death Records
bullet Chocolate Gravy
bullet Strawberry Butter
bulletDr. Ernest E. Archer
bullet WW I  additions and bios added
bullet Coal Mine Accidents in Ky
bullet Postcards
bulletLulu Witten Ballard Obit
bullet Castle Murder
bullet Kym's  Photos Hitchcock Family
bullet From Long Ago
bullet Sweet Potato Cookies
bulletPatrick Marriages
bullet Sidney Adams WWI
bullet David Bickford Obit
bullet Walter Blair Obit #2
bulletKentucky Resource Guide for Veteran and Military Info
bullet Randall R. Brown Obit
bullet Military Links Added
bullet American Memorial Link
bulletWheeler Album
December 18, 2001
bullet1853 Deaths
bullet1854 Deaths
bullet1855 Deaths
bullet1856 Deaths
bullet1857 Deaths
bullet1858 Deaths
bullet1859 Deaths
bulletLand Grants E~H
bulletLand Grants I~L
bulletLand Grants M~P
bulletLand Grants Q~T
bulletLand Grants U~Z
bulletPrimitive Baptist Obits 1
bulletPrimitive Baptist Obits 2
bullet Death & Obits
December 4, 2001
bullet Robbins Album
bulletWW I
bulletHerbert Ward
bulletKirk Fairchild
bullet Malcolm Rice
December 1, 2001
bullet The Hill Letters
bulletJohn Walker Porter Last Will
bulletVincent Dawson 
bullet On the Lighter Side
bullet Alien Ancestors
bullet Litteral Album
bulletHerman Skaggs Photo
bulletLand Grants A~D
bullet Robbins Album
bulletVietnam Wall of Honor A~D
bulletRevolutionary War
bulletDuty Honor and Family
November 29, 2001
bulletLost and Found Meadows/VanHoose
bullet Women Veterans
bullet  Unknown photos
bulletby Shirley Dunn
bullet Biographies
bullet John Porter Sr. Will
bullet Meade Memorial 1963 ID's
bulletChuck Runyon Album
bullet Postmark Johnson County
bulletTammy Adams Album more new photos
bulletCemetery and Headstones photos
bulletJohn Walker Porter Last Will
November 26, 2001
bullet Borders/Brown ML
bullet Ralph Whittaker
bullet Working the land
bullet Genealogy Links
bullet The Trophy Room   new photos added
bulletKym Hitchcock Album more new photos
bulletJohnson County War Memorials
bulletTammy Adams Album more new photos
bulletKY in the Civil War
bulletCaroline Slone Yates
bullet Louise Vore Album
bulletFishing page
bullet Postmark Johnson County
bulletVietnam Wall of Honor for Kentucky
bulletMeade Memorial School photos added
bullet Military Page of Links
bulletMelungeon Links
bullet Family Outlines
bulletDawson/Williams photo
bullet A guest book!!!
November 24, 2001
bullet Meade Memorial Graduates
bullet Meade Memorial School
bullet Meade Memorial Seniors 1949-50
bullet Meade Memorial Class of 1963
bullet Sisco Album
bullet Johnson Co. Albums
bullet Chuck Runyon Album
bullet Mary's Memories
bullet Chuck Adams Album
bullet Tammy Adams Album
bullet Elias Mollett Will
bullet John Brown Will
bullet J. C. Marriages ~A~ now includes parents
bullet Marriage licenses and certificates
bullet The Trophy Room
bullet Maston Clay Will
bullet Red Velvet Cake
bulletPaw Paw Pie
bulletPaw Paw Bread
bullet JC Land Grants
November 18, 2001
bullet Album by Kym Hitchcock
bullet Meade Memorial School
bullet Meade Memorial Seniors 1949-50
bullet Meade Memorial Graduates
bullet Surname Page
bulletJ. C. Marriages ~A~ Grooms list
bullet Lonnie Hitchcock Obit
bullet John Selvage Obit
November 14, 2001
bullet Adoptions
bullet Adopted KY in VA
bullet Adopted KY in OH
bullet Adopted Ky in PA
bullet Will Conley Obit
bullet Alpha Sesco Obit
bullet Anna Wallen Obit
bullet Bosier Castle Obit
bullet Burns Whittaker obit
bullet Easter W Brown obit
bullet Hazel B. Daniel obit
bulletHam Wallen Obit
bullet Mabel Castle obit
bullet Photos
November 11, 2001
bullet Obits
bulletSurnames Studies
bullet Comfort
bullet Whittaker Cemetery
bullet Orphans
bullet Adoptions
November 6, 2001
bulletDavis Borders Cemetery 
bullet Cemetery Markers and Clean up
bullet Marilee's Coalmine page
November 1, 2001
bullet Links added to Index
bullet Home page links updated
bullet Obits added
bullet Surname Studies
bullet Marriages
bulletWelch photos
bullet Words n Stuff Booklist
bullet  Wills

In the months before all pages were updated on the Johnson County site. We took the time to update, renew, add and change each page in some way to provide you with the most up to date information that is available.

Some of the new pages and updates added this year were:

Johnson County Resource page

Johnson County Historical Society

Slave Links Slave Records
Land and Tax Records 1925 Tax Lists Prison Records


Relationship Chart

 Johnson Co Newspapers- History Johnson County in the Wars
Education in Johnson Co 1927 School List 1926-27 Teacher List

From Long Ago

Occupations Coal Mining in Ky Family and County Reunions
Brick Walls Letters VanHoose Postcards
Birth Records Abbreviations FYI   

We hope you enjoy your visit with us.

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