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No Additions made in December this year due to computer problems and work schedule. Sorry!

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January 26, 2002 Ads from yesteryear

Elzie Ward Family Album

1891 Agricultural report

Isadora & Fannie Fitch
  JC Clerks 1844-1930 JC Jailors 1844-1887 Pauper Keepers JC Judges 1843-1930
  Ursula Witten VanHoose Obit Henry Pack Obit Rachel Hannah Hackworth Obit Census Records by Kayleene Lowe
  Sycamore Dist 1880 Census W I McCloud Obit William C Jones obit Benjamin Wells Porter Obit
  Mary Francis Brewer Samuel E. Welch Obit    
January 19, 2002 W.R. Castle obit JC Historical Society Herschell Pack updated!!!! Obit page
  Scottish Bagpipes Morton Hall obit Flem Lemaster obit Ervin Wright
  James Witten bio Herbert Witten Frank H. Witten Bus Accident 1958
  Ward Family Album Up the Big Sandy Russell Davis Bio County Officials
  1925 Voting Prec. 1943 Teachers Education James W. Preston
  1880 Census pt1      
January 12, 2002 Kentucky to Indian Territory Caudill Family Album more pictures! Jack Witten Obit Kym Hitchcock Album
  Herschell Pack Hunting license John H. Witten Obit Minnie Collins Obit
  Cooper~Collins Marriage certificate The 1950's Johnson Co. Resources Arizona Castle James
January 5, 2002 Hospital Register 2 Oil Springs School JC Post Offices Lookup Volunteers
  Diabetic Delites Apple Stack Cake Samuel E. Welch Jr. Sterling T. Castle
  Johnnie Childers Roger Preston Dorothy L. Stewart War History Links
  The Golden Rule Hospital Paintsville Hospital Doctors Caudill Family Album  
January 1, 2002 Proctor Webb obit Register Announcements Meade Graduates
  Paintsville Hospital Paintsville High Alumni Association World War II Memorial  
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