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 ROUTE 581





Documented by Kym Hitchcock.

If you have any connections to this cemetery Kym would love to hear from you.


First Row   Starting at the back   R-L


Name Born Died Parents Notes


Wiley, Elizabeth Aug 17, 1863 Jan 19, 1952   Combined Stone
Wiley, William Elzie March 8. 1853 Sept. 19, 1944    
Wiley, John B. 1885 1946   Vicia 1887
Wiley, Herbert 1902 1946    
Wiley, Susie Feb. 14, 1912 July 23, 1974 d/o Henry and Gardia Whittaker Combined stone
Wiley, Frank Feb 19, 1907 July 28, 1982 possible s/o Wm & Elizabeth Wiley  


2nd Row

Blevins, Samuel 1879 1924   Pvt. Co A 18 US INF
Unknown       Child size grave
 Blevins, Samuel E. Sr. 1910 1970    

3rd Row

Preston, Luther 1883 1938    
Preston, Ora 1900 1947    
Preston, John 1855 1921    
Whittaker, Mary E Feb 7, 1916 Aug 15, 1916 d/o Henry C and Gardia Preston Whittaker  
Whittaker, Morgan C 1832 1913   f/o Henry C
Whittaker, Susan Hale 1833 1918   m/o Henry C
Weddington, Vencil 1903 1914    
Little, Julia 1884 1914   sister /o Gardia Preston
Weddington, Robert 1903 1914    

4th row

Whittaker, Robert L July 25, 1925 May 26, 1989 s/o Henry and Gardia Preston Whittaker  
Whittaker, Burns Mar 26, 1908 Oct 13, 1940 s/o Henry and Gardia Preston Whittaker  
Whittaker, Henry C May 18, 1887 Apr 2, 1930 s/o Morgan and Susan Hale Whittaker Combined stone
Whittaker, Gardia Preston Jan 8, 1889 Nov 2, 1942   Combined Stone
Whittaker, Hobert 1922 1971 s/o Henry and Gardia Preston Whittaker  
Whittaker, Howard H June 20, 1917 Aug 4, 1979 s/o Henry and gardia Preston Whittaker  
Whittaker, Henry Hansford Feb 6, 1935 Aug. 8, 1978 s/o Burns and Roma Wallen Whittaker  

5th Row

Dutton, Sylvia Price 1889 1969    
Price, Ballard 1877 1959   combined stone
Price, Jula Cassell 1877 1945    
Dutton, Buena       Child
Dutton, Hobert       Child
Dutton, Floretta       Child
Dutton, Samuel       Child
Dutton, Ballard       Child
Dutton, Donald        
Dutton, Donna A        
Dutton, Elias 1896 1966   combined stone
Dutton, Galda Price 1900 1984   Combined Stone

6th row

Preston, Mary Ann Wallen 1921 1958 d/o Isom (Buger) Wallen  
Wallen, Everett July 3, 1919 Oct 30, 1987 s/o Isom Wallen  

There is also another cemetery off from this one with many graves but all unreadable. One has had a new stone put down within the last few years. The old stones of this one are laying flat on the ground. The new stone reads:

Farewell Dear Friends Staffords

John Stafford   Feb. 17, 1779  May 22, 1865

Erected by his children Aged father well done Rest From Thy Loved Employ. The Battle Fought The Victory Won. Enter the Masters Joy Mark the Perfect Man and behold the upright for the end of that man is peace.

Mary Wife of John Stafford died August 25, 1877 Age 89 years. As a wife devoted  As a mother affectionate, as a friend ever kind and true, in life she embodied all the graces of a Christian in death her redeemed spirit returned to God who gave it.