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The Gold Rule Hospital

    The Golden Rule Hospital was established October 18, 1926 by the late Dr. G. V. Daniel, the late Dr. Jno. P. Wells, Dr. D. H. Daniels, Dr. Jake A. Wells and Dr. W.R. Castle.  It opened with fanfare with a reception and open house. The hospital was transformed to a place a healing from its original use as the Conley Hotel. The first floor housed the offices of the Drs., while the second floor was utilized as for the operating and patient rooms. Dr. J. C. Sparks was on the consulting staff from the Baptist General Hospital in Ashland and did the first operation on Earl Ratliff for empyemia. On the first day alone six patients were registered. He also operated on Mrs. Jonathan Ward of Van Lear.

    Many came to the small hospital including Drs. from other area hospitals. The second week was just as busy as the first. Dr. W F Marting, who was named as chief of the consulting staff was on hand to help and removed the eye of Harlan Blair of Denver. During his stay he also operated on Prudie Hamilton, daughter of Ben Hamilton in an attempt to straighten her crippled joints which had kept her paralyzed for 8 years.  Mrs. Minix was treated for injuries when she was knocked off the bridge by a train. Luckily no bones or other serious injuries had occurred tho the fall was one of thirty feet. Uncle Jno. Ward of River also received surgery to "better and prolong his life" Charlie Phillips was doing well as was Forest Conley who had been in his third week of typhoid fever. Earl Ratliff who had surgery just the week before was on his way home again. It was noted that Ray McKenzie's wife who had been suffering from what was termed " a complication of troubles"  was also rapidly improving.

    Miss Pearl Smith of Hinton WV., was the superintendent of nurses with her associate nurses being Ida Thompson and Alka Preston. The matron of the hospital was Amanda Price and the offices duties fell upon Miss Edna Wells. Rebecca Witten was said to be an expert in the culinary arts which and was said to have pleased both staff and patients alike.

    In April of 1945  Dr. J. A. Wells purchased full interest from Dr. Castle. The hospital did not stay open long after Dr. Wells died.

Dr. Jacob "Jake" A. Wells was born May 5, 1883 to William A. and Mary Hicks Wells. J. A. Wells married Lillian James and had three children.


Alice Mae Wells          b. 03-25-1912


James Dennis Wells   b. 12-02-1914


Robert Wells                b. 10-16-1916

Dr. and Mrs. Wells lived for many years at Betsey Lane, before he moved to Paintsville to operate with his fellow Drs. the Golden Rule Hospital which was on West Main Street. Dr. Wells passed away 02-22-1947 and was buried in the Wells-Buckingham Cemetery. His wife Lillie passed November 15, 1955 and is buried along side her husband.

Dr. W. R. Castle was the son of Jeff and Mary Meadows Castle and was one of 8 children raised on Tom's Creek. Dr. Castle was married to Eunora Joynson and together they raised their daughter Eunice.

He attended school at east Point and upon graduation became a teacher at age 18. This tho an honorable profession was not his dream of becoming a Dr. After 10 years he decided to pursue his dream. He worked as a laborer for the C & O Railroad. With hard work and saving he was able to grab hold of his dream and he entered the Hospital College of Medicine on Louisville in 1902. Graduation was in July of 1907.

Upon his return to Johnson Co., Dr. Castle began to practice medicine in 1908 with the North-East Coal Co., the Royal Collieries Co., and Ayers and Lang.  After 12 years Dr. Wells and others began the Golden Rule Hospital.

To honor the memory of his parents, Jeff and Mary Meadows Castle, Dr. Castle donated the land on Tom's Creek which became the homeplace of the W.R. Castle School. A fitting tribute to a man who strived to help others at all times in his life.

Dr. D. H. Daniel was born March 31, 1878, he was the son of the late Wyatt W. and Lydia Rice Daniels, both members of prominent families in Johnson County. He attended the University of Tennessee College of Medicine in Knoxville and then at the University of Louisville School of Medicine, from which he was graduated in 1908. After a short term as a Capt. in the US Army  Dr. Daniel founded the Johnson County Post 117, American Legion, and he served as the first post commander.

Dr. G. V. Daniel was born Jan 3, 1866 in Flat Gap, Ky to Isom and Eleanor Jayne Daniel. He was one of 13 children. He graduated in 1901 from the Tennessee Medical College in Knoxville and had his first practice at Sip, Ky. He married Josie Rice and together had had two children. Virgil Daniel and Ann Daniel Saxton.

Dr. Daniel practiced medicine in Johnson County for over 30 years. He was considered to be an earnest and hardworking man by all who came into contact with him. He was very active in the promotion of Johnson County and active in area organizations. Dr. Daniel passed away in 1932.

His wife Josie was considered to be a leader in the community and taught school in the city schools of Paintsville.