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Crescent Springs High School



I have transcribed the following pages from “The Crescent Hand-Book 1935-1936”, which was the publication of Crescent Springs High School, Kenton County Kentucky. This little booklet has been in our family for years. It has a red cover and contains sixteen pages. It is mimeographed and is about six inches by four inches. Some of the pages are very hard to read, thus my transcription of names might not be totally accurate, but hopefully pretty close.

My main thrust was to transcribe the pages that contained the students and teachers names, so as to hopefully trigger the readers to dig for more good “stuff” that hides in old shoe boxes and trunks, in those out of the way corners of closets and attics.

The school enrollment was 475 students with 5 special students in classes from Kindergarten through the Twelfth Grade. School started September 9th and Thanksgiving was the 28th and the 29th of November. The school was closed for Christmas from December 20 to January 6th, with the last day of school the 29th of May.

The teacher’s daily schedules with class times noted are also given. The first classes started at 8:45 and the last class started at 2:45. It is interesting to see what they studied throughout the day, in those days. Mr. Jasper taught Nat. Sc. and Phys. Ed., Nat. Sc. 9 and Nat. Sc.8. Mr Caywood had study classes. Mr. Mahan had classes in Math. 7, Math 8, Math 9, Study, Eng 8, and Math 10. Mr. Gilliland had Social Sc. 8, Study, Nat.Sc. 9, Nat.Sc. 10, Nat. Sc. Lab, Soc. Sc 7, and Soc.Sc. 12. Miss Mathews had Soc.Sc. 11, Soc. Sc. 9, Study, French 11, French 12, Soc. Sc.9, and Sc. 10. Mr. Carter taught Man.Arts 9, Man.Arts 12, Man.Arts 8, Man Arts 7, and Man,Arts 11. Miss Giles Eng. 10, Eng 9, Library, Eng 7, Study, and Eng.9. Mr. Heinrich had

Typing 12, Shorthand 12, Bookkeeping, Typing 11, Typing 12 and Typing.

Other pages of interest contain the Basketball and Football schedules. In basketball, Crescent played Bellevue, Florence, Newport, Highlands, Erlanger, Covington, Ludlow, New Cath. and Dayton. In football, they tussled with Bellevue, Dayton, Ludlow, Erlanger and Highlands.

Hope you enjoy---and by all means----have fun----I do

Robert Finnell Lockbaum
Chico, CA.

February 5, 2005