Independence Marriage Records
Kenton County, Kentucky 1840-1940
Transcribed by Carolyn
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Samuel Pickett to Martha M. Burden
Wm. Pickett to Mary Mangum
Clarence Pieper to Minnie Haney
Frank Pieper to Anna Mary Helbush
Abner Pierce to Susanna House
Ahasures Pierce to Catharin Roth
Chester Pierce to Marie Dreier
Herbert Pierce to Lillie May Dowden
Claude Piercefield to Lily Miller
Barney H. Piering to Elizabeth Gospohl
Noah Pierpoint to Elizabeth Joyner
Joseph Piete to Jean Kulik
Frederick Pike to Virginia Carr
Noah Pine to Elizabeth Claugh
James R. Piner to Amanda Sparrow
Pobert P. Piner to Laura Carlisle
Wm. Silas Piner to Hannah J. Peebles
Wiate Pingston to Julia Ann Donnelly
Wyatt Pinkstern to Mary Ann Morgan
George Piper to Arminta M. Soden
Joseph Pissoipink to Catherine Ruete
Joseph Pitts to Elizabeth Williamson
Randolph T. Pitts to Gertrude B. Roland
B. H. Plagger to Mary Casselman
Max Plummer to Ruth Weller
John Plunkett to Edith Robert
Peter Pockard to Susan Loas
Charles A. Pogue to Alicia L. Harrell
John Poindexter to Fanny Goodloe



Ann Pibelhimer to Jacob Steinsultz
Isabella Picher to Dexter D. Hardy
Ada M. Pickett to L. C. Adams
Anginne Pickett to I. A. Hall
Annie Pickett to Ezra Ervin
Rosanna Pickett to James M. Riley
Tabitha Pickett to John Pope
Felicia Alice Pickle to Joseph Reeder
Stella Maud Pieper to Jerome J. Schuster
Ellen Pierce to Jacob Schuel
Elmer Pierce to Maurice Burger
Estella Pierce to Paul D. Bruggen
Jessie Pierce to Edward F. Bowen
Margaret Pierce to John D. Norris
Mary Ann Pierce to B. F. Turley
S. Opal Pierson to Marcellus P. Pearson
Lucy Pile to Theodore Splinter
Mary Pinder to P. Coleman
Bessie Piner to Oscar Lunsford
Margaret Piner to THomas W. Powers
Mary J. Piner to Nathaniel L. Rector
Sylvia Ping to Pearl Hillard
Sarah Ann Pinkstine to Samuel Comahan
Georgia Ann Pitcher to John Brownfield
Carolyn Pitman to Richard Brooks
Stella Pitstick to Walter Cummings
Helen Pitts to William Fisher
Mary Jane Pitts to James A. Mullin
Sadie Pitts to Carl W. Foster