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Newspaper Transcriptions

Below are some transcriptions from Newspapers in Kenton County. Please feel free to submit any portion of a Newspaper, just be sure to include the Newspaper name, date of article, page and column.

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    Covington Journal, Covington, Kentucky
    Saturday, March 5, 1870
  • Kentucky News:
    1. Rev. Charles C. Evans of Buffalo, New York has been called to the Episcopal Church in Maysville.
    2. Rev. William R. Brown, pastor of the Presbyterian Church at Georgetown, has resigned his charge to accept a call in Leavenworth, Kansas.
    3. Dudley Richardson committed suicide at his residence in Irvine last Saturday by blowing his brains out with a revolver.
    4. Mr. John Butler, an old resident of Jessamine County. while conducting some business at a Norther Bank in Lexington, Tuesday last, suddenly fell to the floor dead. The physician pronounces heart disease as the cause of death. Mr. Butler was about 60 years of age.
    5. Mr. John Reily, an old gentlemen from Marshall County, who was tried and convicted before the United States District Court at Paducah, on the 3rd of November, on a charge of illicit distilling, and sentenced to a fine of $1000 and six months' imprisonment, has been pardoned by the President. Mr. R. had manufactured nine gallons and paid tax on it, but failed to comply with the law in some trivial point, hence the prosecution.

  • Married in Danville on the evening of the 9th by Rev. W. J. McKnight, J. M. Anderson of Memphis, Tennessee and Miss Lou P. Hoskins, daughter of Colonel William A. Hoskins.
  • Married at the residence of Gen. William Johnson in Scott County, on Tuesday morning, January 25, by Rev. T. J. Stevenson, Charles D. Mooaz/Moonz to Miss Lou J. Darnaby.
  • Married on the 27th at the residence of the bride's father in Nicholas County by Rev. J. M. Scott, Wm. Caldwell to Miss Amanda Allen.
  • Married at the residence of the bride's mother in Harrison County on the 2nd of February by Rev. C. W. Miller, Mr. J. Summerville of Rush County, Indiana to Miss Lou Reese of Harrison.
  • Born in Paris, Kentucky February 24 to the wife of Gen. Stolworthy, a son.
  • Born in Lexington, Kentucky to the wife of Col. Hart Gibson, a son - Tobias.
  • Obituary - Departed this life at 5 o'clock Wednesday morning, February 23, 1870, at the residence of her son, Leroy Hume and brothers near Williamstown, Miss Mary K. Fugate, aged 65 years, 9 months, 8 days. About 4 years ago she was stricken with paralysis from the effects of which she never recovered. Her maiden name was HOBDAY; her father was a Virginian who settled in Pendleton County, where perhaps she was born. On the 22nd day of May, 1823, she was united in marriage with Major Joel B. Hume, who many excellent traits of character are well remembered by the people of Grant County, and who died in Covington of smallpox in the early part of 1850. October 30, 1855 she again intermarried with Robert S. Fugate, Esq., of Gallansville, Pendleton County, a well-know gentleman who survives her. If the kind attention of an affectionate husband and most devoted children could have availed, she would still be among the living. During the years of her affliction, in hope of effecting her recovery and relieving her mind, her dutiful children at their several home became her tender nurses. For her comfort her husband came with her to her son's residence in Grant. She next became the tender care of her daughter, Mrs. James M. Clarkson of Covington. Next her husband took her to his home in Gallansville. There her daughter, Mrs. Uriel Harrison, at Williamstown used all her efforts to relieve and comfort her mother. Again her sons, Leroy, James, William, and George, brought her back to her old home where her devoted daughter, Mrs. James W. Hutchinson, was her constant nurse until her death.
  • Obituary - Died of consumption, Mr. Pomprey, on Sunday evening, February 27, 1870 at her residence on Greer Street, Covington, Kentucky. The husband, stricken by old age and infirmity, loses a dear companion; the children all of whom have arrived at the age of maturity are deprived of a good and kind mother. The funeral services were largely attended by a number of friends, she having been a member of the M. E. Church for a number of years. The church mourns the loss of one of its best members, but their loss is her eternal gain.
  • Obituary - Mr. John McCauley, one of the best know citizens of Fayette County, died of paralysis at his residence on Maxwell Street, Lexington, last Saturday. He was one of the wealtiest men of that county, but lost most of his property by the war. He was as brave as a lion and many a good deed marked his eventful life.
  • As my wife, Lucinda, absents herself from my home, I give notice that I will not be responsible for any debts she may contract. Also, that any person or persons occupying the house and farm where I resided last Spring, or the share of the late Enoch Bannister's farm inherited by my wife, will be liable to me for rent or for use and occupation. Paul Waite. South Covington, Kentucky, February 17, 1870.

    Transcribed by Jeannie Gallant