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Newspaper Transcriptions

Below are some transcriptions from Newspapers in Kenton County. Please feel free to submit any portion of a Newspaper, just be sure to include the Newspaper name, date of article, page and column.

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    Covington Journal, Covington, Kentucky
    Saturday, December 23, 1871
  • Necrology of Grant County in 1871. Christmas, 1870, has passed nearly one year ago, and since then have also passed away the following named persons, living at that day in Grant County, near the Covington turnpike, between a point three miles above Williamstown and one nine miles below, viz: (1) William E. Brooks, Elliottsville, an exemplary youth (2) Rev. William Tucker, Dry Ridge, an aged, well known, local preacher (3) Mr. William Tucker, Jr., Dry Ridge, cousin to, and nearly as old as the preacher who bore the same name (4) John Page, Elliottsville, an aged and worthy man, a soldier of 1812 (5) Mrs. Cordelia Collins, Williamstown, wife of James W. Collins (6) Mr. Johnathan Ives, Sherman, an aged man, distinguished millwright and good citizen (7) Mrs. Jane Childers, Williamstown, an exemplary widow lady (8) Mrs. America Hutchinson, Sherman, wife of Thomas Hutchinson (9) Mrs. Sallie S. Smith, Williamstown, wife of William Smith (10) Mrs. Elizabeth R. Lemmon, Sherman, wife of B. F. Lemmon (11) Thomas Brooks, Elliottsville, father of William E. (12) Sanford T. Clark, Dry Ridge, a youth, son of John T. Clark (13) Dr. Wesley Tully, Williamstown, an aged man, well known physician and good citizen (14) John Myers Jr., Sherman, son of John Myers, killed at Dry Ridge (15) Mrs. Mary Sechrest, Sherman, an aged lady, well known and much respected, widow of Charles Sechrest, sen., and sister to Robert Fugate, Esq., Callensville, Pendleton County (16) Mr. Richard A. Dickerson, Sherman, a man above middle age, a well known, highly respectable.citizen, and one of the most accommodating neighbors, which the writer knows personally (17) Mr. Edward Taylor, Dry Ridge, well known as a teacher in this county upwards of twenty years ago and lately as clerk in the iron works of Runyan & Co., near Nashville, Tennessee - an Englishman, and had made in later years, several voyages to England (18) Tilford Metcalfe, three miles east of Crittenden, above middle life, an energetic farmer (19) Mr. William J. McGinnis, near Dry Ridge, not far from 70 years of age, who died suddenly at his residence, on Monday morning, the 13th December, 1871, of heart disease. He was brother to our well-known and highly respected fellow citizen, T. Johnson McGinnis, and father of our late sheriff, John T. McGinnis (20) A good name follows the deceased, James W. Collins, Williamstown, died rather suddenly at his residence, Thursday, 16th December 1871. He was a good businessman, upright in his dealings, and occupied a respectable position among his acquaintances, and was a well known citizen of Grant (21) Thomas Hutchinson, near Sherman, died at the residence of his brother-in-law, George ? Norton, on Sunday morning, December 17, 1871. He had been long afflicted with the consumption, but all with whom I have conversed on the subject of his death, during the last ten years, he was the best prepared for his departure. He was brother to James Hutchinson, of Cynthiana.

    In all twenty-one persons immediately along the pike, not more than twelve miles between the farthest from each other, have seen their last Christmas Day. To their distant friends, once citizens of this county and now residing in the Western and South-Western States, these deaths will be solemn tidings, and will suggest both to them and to those still living in this county the fact that "life is uncertain" and that "death is certain" and fast approaching us all, and may call for many who now think but little of "their latter end." Many others have died in Grant in 1871, whose names I cannot recall, which would swell this Necrology to double its present size. Messes. Editors, the principle purpose of this communication is for the information of many who are living in distant places, who once resided in Grant; and therefore, I ask room for it in your Journal, which, I have reason for saying, is read by many beyond the bounds of Kentucky. Singed B. N. Carter.

  • Kentucky News:
    1. Mr. James C. Davis of Winchester died in that place on Tuesday night of last week.
    2. Mr. Edward Oldham, an aged and well-known citizen of Salyersville,died suddenly a few days ago of a congestive chill.
    3. Col. Alex H. Renick of Frankfort departed this life at the residence of his son-in-law, James M. Todd, about 9 o'clock Monday, the 18th, in his eighty-first year.
  • Current Events:
    1. Mary Loftus committed suicide at Ft. Wayne on Sunday night. Grief for the death of her intended was the cause and poison the method.
  • Notice:
    All persons are hereby notified that I will not be responsible for any debts contracted by my wife, Mena? Ostendorf.

    Transcribed by Jeannie Gallant