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Newspaper Transcriptions

Below are some transcriptions from Newspapers in Kenton County. Please feel free to submit any portion of a Newspaper, just be sure to include the Newspaper name, date of article, page and column.

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    The Daily Commonwealth, Covington, Kentucky
    Thursday, October 4, 1877
  • The Clay-White Homicide: A correspondent of the Courier Journal gives a version of the killing of the negro Perry White by Hon. C. M. Clay, which is slightly different from that heretofore published. He says that Mr. Clay was thoroughly aware of the threats of the negro to kill him "if he ever got the chance," and on leaving his house in the morning he saw, "in approaching his stable, some hundred and fifty years from the house, concealed in the woods, and what was apparently a loose horse, the negro Perry. Divining the scoundrel’s object, the General at once dismounted, and, with pistol in hand, rapidly advanced upon the would be assassin, and before he had time to fire or even draw his weapon confronted him face to face at but a few feet distance, calling on him at the same time "to hold" up his hands, all of which the said Perry complied with instantly. No sooner, however, had this occurred, and General Clay commenced to question him about his cause of grievance against him, and to inquire why he had threatened his life, than Perry sprang to his feet and attempted to draw his weapons. At this demonstration Gen. Clay fired, striking him in the neck, and immediately afterward a second shot, which passed through his heart and produced instant death.
  • Hotel Arrivals-Day House: J. H. Brown, Crittenden, H. B .Tucker and wife, Dry Ridge, Grant County; J. J. Davis and Floyd McKinsley; Williamstown; A. F. Shespy, Scott county; J. M .Cormer, Boone county; E. C. Nichols, Fremont, O.; S. W. Creycraft, Cynthiana; E. B. Sayer, Walton; J. F. Blythe and wife, Burlington; Mrs. Carpenter, Boone county; C. H. Duncan, Lexington; R. Powers, Verona; A. J. Brashears, Falmouth; Chas. Peoples, Butler; Geo. B. Davey, Cynthiana; J. F. Jacoby, Paris; J. F. N. Simmons, W. E. Robertson, Denver, Colorado; H. H. McCrey, Paris.
  • National Hotel: D. Williams, J. B. Thomas and Jas. Lynn, Lexington; Gus Shonfield, K C R R; Geo. Crasser, C S R W; A. M. Edwards, Walton; R. Richards, Butler; M. L. Carr, Cynthiana; Levi Lambert, Cincinnati; A. A. Northcutt, Indiana; J. J. Burn, Lexington; J. Halberg, Covington; Jas. Lucas, Bracken, Kate Alice, Effie, and Lucia Conrad, Dry Ridge; William Holden, City; W. H. Loyd, Lexington.
  • Local Matters:
    1. John McCue, and engineer in the Covington Dock-yards at the foot of Philadelphia Street had his hand badly burned from the elbow down yesterday about noon.
    2. Rudolph Teising and Henry Limberg were before Squire Francis this morning, charged with committing a breach of the peace. They were mulcted in the sum of $2.50 each, with about $5.00 costs to be added to it.
    3. Master Commissioner Frank Helm sold, at the Court House door this morning, lot 187 of the Western Baptist Theological Institute’s Addition to the city of Covington, to the Kenton Building Association for $2,000. The property was sold to satisfy a judgement against Pat. Burke in favor of the Building Association.
    4. The funeral of the late Wm. Gobel will take place from his residence, corner of Sixth and Washington streets, tomorrow afternoon. The various societies to which the deceased belonged will attend in a body.
    5. Walton, Boone County, is very much agitated by the approaching trial of Mrs. O’Gorman, of prize fighting fame, who was served yesterday with process issuing from Esquire Conner’s Court, summoning her to appear before him on Monday next, to answer the charge of retailing liquor without license. It seems that the accused allowed some of Walton’s youth to excessively indulge in spiritus frumenti on her premises some days since; hence the disturbance. Mrs. O’Gorman seems peculiarly unfortunate, and is not allowed to defy the law and public sentiment with impunity. She considers this an inalienable right, and possibly should be permitted to enjoy it without interference by those tyrants, "the minions of the law," who in turn seem to think that the corruption and degradation of the youthful and thoughtless of Walton constitute an offense and should be discouraged. Of course all such notions are exceedingly old-fashioned, and shouldn’t be allowed to prevail in a model village in these enlightened days.
    6. Alex. White and Bettie Watts, both of color, were this morning granted a license to wed.
  • Personal Mention:
    1. H. P. Whitaker and James O’Hara Jr. left yesterday for Frankfort to attend the Court of Appeals.
    2. J. W. Bryan, Esq., leaves on Friday evening for Nashville, Tennessee.
    3. Miss. Jennie Burns, of Cincinnati, is visiting Mrs. W. C. Gedge.
    4. W. L. Cassen, of Lexington, formerly chief clerk of the Phoenix Hotel, but now of the firm of Hughes & Cassen, was in the city yesterday.
    5. Jasper King, of Berryville, Harrison county, and bride, nee Miss Sidney Hedger, of Connersville, same county, arrived in the city this morning, on their wedding tour.
    6. L. S. Withers, cashier of the National bank of Cynthiana, arrived in the city this morning.
    7. A. W. Lydick, a prominent resident of Cynthiana, is in the city.
    8. Messrs. Stevenson and O’Hara will, in the course of a week or ten days, occupy rooms No. 14, 15 and 16, Boone block. These rooms are exceedingly handsome and commodious.
    9. Mr. Thomas R. Sayers, youngest son of Mr. Wm. Sayers, of this office, celebrated the twenty-first anniversary of his birth last evening, with a social gathering of some of his intimate friends at the residence of his father, where a pleasant collation was spread which added no little to the enjoyment of those who assembled to congratulate the young man on attaining his majority.
  • Campbell County-Carthage-October 3:
    1. Bennie Newkirk Jr., who has been driving street-cars in Covington has returned home. Ed. intends going South in two or three weeks.
    2. Mrs. Em. Newman has returned to her home and husband in Illinois.
    3. Died on Friday, the 28th, of typhoid fever, Hunt Bryan, son of G. W. Bryan, near this place.
  • Mason County-October 4:. W. B. Owens died at his residence near this place, September 9. He was a man of unusual energy and activity, and in the practical matters of life, of more than usual shrewdness. Mr. James B. Casey and others will hear of his death with regret, as he has been shipping his crops of tobacco to the Morris Leaf Tobacco Warehouse, Cincinnati, for several years.
  • Kenton County-Oak Ridge: Enoch Morgan, long since deceased, who at one time ran fifteen miles in fifteen minutes and hung five minutes in a gypsievine, has been outdone by our great pedestrian, Louis Richardson, who recently walked to Covington, a distance of eight miles in an hour and fifteen minutes with 1,500 puckered pickles on his back, and the little brown jug on his side.
  • Bourbon County-Paris:
    1. John A. Williams, formerly of this city, and recently express and mail agent at Hot Springs, Arkansas is on a visit to his old friends here.
    2. Misses Ella and Sallie Mitchell have removed their millinery establishment from Main street to Broadway, in the room recently occupied by Miss Sallie Smith.
    3. Died yesterday of scarlet fever, Clara Martin, daughter of Prof. E. Amende, of this city, aged five years.
  • Boone County-Beaver Lick: As the Commonwealth is well circulated over this neighborhood, I take the following method to vindicate myself. Some mischief-making individual has started the report that I whipped my wife and played old Nick generally. I will just state that such is not the fact, and that any person telling such tales is a liar and afraid to tell them to my face. This report had been going the rounds for a week before I knew anything about it and I hope you will publish this card, and when the dirty coward that started the report sees it, that he will come forward and acknowledge that he has done me a wrong. If he does so I will forgive him. J. Polk Parsons.
  • Harrison County-Cynthiana:
    1. Married at Ruddle’s Mills on the 2d, Napoleon B. Howard, of Bourbon County, and Miss Sallie Scroggins, of this city.
    2. Married yesterday at the residence of the bride’s father, Jacob Hedger, in this county, Jasper King, aged 27, and Miss Sidney Hedger aged 20 years.
    3. N. J. Lockhart, a prominent lawyer of Williamstown, was in Cynthiana yesterday.
  • Owen County-Beech Grove-October 3: Wm. T. Garrison is preparing to "go west," this fall.
  • Winchester, Ketucky-October 2.
    1. J. P. McIivain, telegraph operator here, was badly disabled by a fall at the depot yesterday, and will be kept off duty a month or more. E. G. Coleman, of Mt. Sterling, has taken his place.
    2. W. G. Meadows has been sentenced to death in Arkansas for throwing a train from the track and killing a fireman.
  • In Memoriam:
    At a called meeting of the Covington Light Guard, held last evening at their armory, the following resolutions of respect, to the memory of their late comrade, J. D. Thomas, were passed: Whereas, Our Divine Father has, in his infinite wisdom, seen fit to take from us our friend and associate, J. C. Thomas; and, Whereas, J. C. Thomas was among the first in the organization of the Covington Light Guard, and by his exertions and perseverance contributed largely to the success and final organization of this company; and, Whereas, We, the members of the Covington Light Guard, are desirous of expressing our sympathy and heartfelt sorrow with those to whom he was nearest and dearest; Resolved, That we deeply condole with the mother, brother, sisters, and relatives of our late companion, and while we regret the removal from our midst, and mourn his loss, who was every way worthy of our esteem and respect, we bow in humble submission to the will of an All wise Creator. Resolved, that our companion in arms, Lieutenant W. R. Thomas, the members of this company extend their heartfelt sorrow and sympathy. Resolved, that in death of our friend the company has lost one who was a noble example of integrity, perseverance, kindness, and generosity. Resolved, that we will wear the usual badge of mourning for thirty days. Resolved, that these resolutions be spread upon the records of the company, and a copy sent to the bereaved family. R. H. Gray, E. C. Sellers, Committee.
  • A committee was appointed to draft resolutions regarding the death of J. K. Linn, who was also one of the charter members of the organization.

    Transcribed by Jeannie Gallant