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Newspaper Transcriptions

Below are some transcriptions from Newspapers in Kenton County. Please feel free to submit any portion of a Newspaper, just be sure to include the Newspaper name, date of article, page and column.

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    The Daily Commonwealth, Covington, Kentucky
    Tuesday, October 16, 1877
  • But for a prosecution in Whitley County the other day, not one man in a hundred of our population, even including the lawyers, would have known the penalty for selling one’s vote in this State is disfranchisement for life. The law has so long been a dead letter that it was forgotten. Nevertheless it exists, as a man named Joe Collins, in the county named found to his cost, having been prosecuted under it, found guilty, and sentence of disfranchisement passed upon him. A thorough enforcement of that law in this vicinity would kill the votes of a good many bummers, and purify our city elections. Let the authorities look up the statue. It may be a little musty, but we can put it to good use.
  • Yesterday morning David Hall and John Thompson had a shooting match near Frankfort, in which both were wounded, Thompson mortally.
  • Local Matters:
    1. C. Faulweller was before Squire Francis this morning, charged with disorderly conduct. Owing to the absence of witnesses the case was continued until to-morrow morning at 9 o’clock.
    2. Randolph Wilson, of Bracken county, filed his voluntary petition in bankruptcy with Clerk Bostwick this morning. Assets 0, liabilities, $1,400.
  • The following orders from the docket of the Court of Appeals, yesterday, will be of interest to some of our readers: Field’s heirs vs. Klette, Kenton; Thompson, & c., vs. Armstrong, & c., Kenton; petitions for rehearings filed. Holton vs. Holton, Pendleton; argued by A. R. Clarke for appellee and Chas. A. Duncan for appellant, and submitted.
  • Mysterious Disappearance: Wm. Rolfus, aged about 60 years, who kept a grocery at the corner of Twelfth and Lee Streets, disappeared from his house at about 10 o’clock last night. As soon as he was missed by his family search was instituted for him, which resulted in the discovery of his hat and coat upon the Main Street ferry-boat. His family fear that he has committed suicide, inasmuch as he has been confined to the house for the past two or three years by sickness, and was partially paralyzed, and for several days past has been in a despondent mood. Henry Rolfus, his son, offers a reward of $50 for his recovery, either dead or alive.
  • Mayor's Court: Albert Wachs and James McKinney each have wives who, in turn , are possessors of tempers. Mrs. McKinney has been throwing her slops in front of Mrs. Wachs’s kitchen door, whereat Mrs. Wachs’s temper slapped over, and a wordy war ensued, finally involving Messrs. Wachs and McKinney, who yesterday waxed wrath, and drew clubs and hatchets, with murderous intent; but upon second consideration they concluded to submit their difficulties to an arbitration, swore out warrants for each other, and came before the mayor this morning, who arbitrated with a vengeance, binding each in the sum of $250 to keep the peace, and assessing a fine of $10 and costs upon each, the fine to be suspended until a further breach is committed.
  • Personal Mention:
    1. Miss Lottie Wise, of St. Louis, Mo., is the guest of Miss Cora Riggs.
    2. Mrs. F. G. Sellers leaves this afternoon for Falmouth, to visit Mrs. Hegemeyer, of that city.
    3. Miss Laura Riggs, a charming brunette of Pine Grove, Ky., is visiting friends in this city.
    4. William Hornhorst, of 913 Philadelphia Street has arranged a pleasant surprise party in honor of his mother’s birthday tomorrow. Billy is one of the biggest hearted boys in the Seventh Ward, and his latch-string is always out.
    5. Ollie Tucker, of the City National Bank, leads to the altar this evening Miss Emma Hoggins, of Florence.
    6. W. E. Spencer, at the corner of Mill and Short Streets, Lexington, is our authorized agent and reporter for that city and vicinity.
    7. Mr. C. Musser will visit Lexington in a few days, in the interest of The Commonwealth.
  • Harrison County:
    1. Marriage Licenses: Joe Humphrey, aged 26, and Lucy R. Trabue, aged 18, Alonzo McNees, aged 22, and Mary E. Bell, aged 26, Richard Hodge, aged 31, and Lucy J. Whalen, aged 23, Hubbard H. Tebbs, aged 25, and Lizzie G. Ammerman, aged 22, Daniel R. Fisher, aged 25, and Laura Kennard, aged 20; Real Estate Transfers: Edward Hutchinson to Llewellyn N. Riardon, 11 acres, at $50 per acre; John Blair and L. G. Garrard to James C. Garrard, & c., 1 1/? acres at Boyd’s Station, at $160 per acre.
    2. Eugene Thompson and Judge Lytle, of Robertson County, passed through here to the Grand Lodge of Masons meeting at Louisville. Also F. A. Evaleth and John Hogg, of this city, have gone there.
  • Fayette County - Lexington: Capt. Johnny Kidd, the popular businessman, will assume the holy bonds of wedlock tomorrow evening 3 ½ o’clock. He marries a belle of Millersburg, sister to J. Roland Day. His friends and relatives will assemble in the evening at the residence of Mr. Farra, two miles out of the city on the Harrodsburg pike, to give him a cordial reception. Music, dancing, and feasting will be the order of the evening.
  • Lexington, Kentucky, October 15 - John Hart and a man named Stoker got into a difficulty at a whiskey shop - on the Richmond road on Saturday, and Hart stabbed Stoker through the heart with a knife. At Kidville, Clark county, on Sunday evening, a negro named Joe Williams fired through the window at two other negroes named Stout. They answered with their revolvers and killed Williams. The Stouts were both wounded.
  • Married October 16 at the bride’s residence, Miss Ida Humphrey and Mr. Albert Jack.
  • Grant County-Elliston Station-October 15: Depositions were taken last week in a suit between G. W. Farrell as administrator of Wm. Farrell, deceased, and Joseph Webster as guardian for infant heirs, respecting the disposition and use of land belonging to the heirs by Wm. Farrell, while he was formerly the guardian for said heirs. Mose Webster somewhat famous for services rendered the Confederate cause in our late unpleasantness, is attorney for plaintiff. Mose seems to be Jack of all trades," and master of all arts and professions.
  • Bourbon County:
    1. Died on Sunday, 14th, A. D. Cummins, a resident of Centerville, in this county.
    2. "Duke" Williams, a former resident of this city, now a traveling salesman for Mullins & Crigler, wholesale liquor dealers, was on a visit to his relatives and friends here on Sunday and Monday.
    3. One marriage license was issued by County Clerk J. ? Hughes, last Saturday, the candidates for matrimony being William J. Coons and ?elissa C. Vice. (That’s a Vice it is worth while being addicted to. But it’s not the season for catching Coons. - Ed. Com.)
    4. Criminal Court convened on Monday morning, with Judge J. D. Hunt on the bench, and Commonwealth’s Attorney J. Lawrence Jones at his post. The following persons compose the Grand Jury: William Collins, Neal Lary, Jno. T. Barnett, Wm. T. Woodford, Wm. See, Thomas Talbott, Lafe Ardery, F. R. Wyatt, Jack Burgess, Jos. McClelland, Allen Turner, Thos. H. Clay, Thompson Ware, Fleming Clendening, J. D. Becraft, and Wm. Trimble.
    5. Miss Pattie Judy of North Middletown, is visiting her brother George in this city.
    6. Born - Oct. 14th, to Garrett M. Davis and wife, a daughter.
  • Kenton County - Independence:
    1.October 15 - Mrs. Nannie Fish, of Florence, a very intelligent and agreeable lady has been visiting relatives in this vicinity.
    2. Mr. James Thomasson, of Alexandria, and Mr. Julius Thomasson and wife, of Persimmon Grove, Campbell county, have been visiting the family of E. J. McColum, of this place. Mr. James Thomasson is eighty three years old, and can walk and ride as well as ever. He is a man of wonderful constitution, and is as lively in manner and conversation as one in a hundred of our young men.
    3. Married October 14, Wm. Stevens and Miss Minerva Marshall, by Rev. Charles Bagby.
    4. In the Police Court at Independence, on Saturday, the 13th inst., the following business was transacted: Jacob Miller vs. John Mullins; an action for $40 for killing plaintiff’s cow. L. Shaw, for plaintiff, G. W. Carlisle, for defendant. Cause dismissed agreed at plaintiff’s costs.
    6. Jacob Miller vs. U. N. Rudieill and N. W. Egleston, on a note for $41.50. Cause dismissed agreed note filed herein to be held by the court, subject to the compliance of an agreement entered into between the parties, each party to pay one-half of the costs. L. Shaw, for plaintiff; G. W. Carlisle, for defendant.
    7. Egleston & Hampton vs. William Callant, Jr., on account for $26.05 and attachment. The law and facts submitted to the court. Judgement for plaintiffs for $23.05 and attachment sustained and ordered that the garnishee, U. N. Rudieill, pay into this court the amount of judgement and costs, in satisfaction thereof. G. W. Carlisle, for plaintiffs, and L. Shaw, for defendant.
  • Mr. Thomas B. Stagg, who committed suicide recently at Stanton, seems to have given his case considerable thought. He wrote, "Dear Brother, Will you see that the letters in my coat pocket in the wardrobe are delivered? Get one of those cedar coffins from Wearen and take me home, have it trimmed nice. You will soon join me I know because you cannot live long. My life has been all disappointment and trouble but now, thank God, I am out of it. I trust it all with a loving God. Jim, I have been a consistent Christian, I believe. I am not afraid to meet my God. Take charge of all my things here until ____ settle up my business. I have plenty to pay all I owe, thank God. Don't you let anyone open those letters expect the ones they are to. May God bless you. Dress me in those clothes on the chair. All the money I have is in my pants pocket. Jim, please go and get Rose and let her look at me.
  • News Summary:
    1. Daniel O'Hara, an old an respected citizen, prominent politician, and formerly County Treasurer, died at his residence in Chicago Friday.
    2. Quite a cutting affray occurred at Warsaw, Kentucky Friday night in which T. Cox (white), cut Ras Russell (colored). Afterward Russell stuck cox with a-dray-pin. Both are pronounced dangerously ill.
  • Newport: The following licenses were issued yesterday: Frank Dye and Virginia Boyd; M. Yeager and Theresa Scherer; Philip Schwenbold and Barbara Yeager.
  • The Bowling Green Democrats reports the death in Simpson County of Joseph Barrager, father of Gen. Barrager of the U. S. Army.
  • A three-card monte man giving his name as L. J. Howell was arrested here today on the charge of swindling an old man out of $50. He was committed to jail in default of $1,000 bail to appear at the next criminal court.
  • Laurel Mountain Echo: On Thursday morning a serious difficulty took place near the residence of Mr. James Andrews, between two young men named Pinkey Clark and Putnam Garnet. Both shot at the same time - Clark three times and Garnet three times. Two of Clark's shot took effect on Garnet's person, one in the thigh and one in the breast, producing death in about two hours. Clark made his escape.

    Transcribed by Jeannie Gallant