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Newspaper Transcriptions

Below are some transcriptions from Newspapers in Kenton County. Please feel free to submit any portion of a Newspaper, just be sure to include the Newspaper name, date of article, page and column.

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    The Daily Commonwealth, Covington, Kentucky
    Monday, October 22, 1877
  • A daughter of Senator Blaine was shot in the face on Saturday by the accidental explosion of a pistol she was handling. The injury is not serious.
  • It is reported in Washington that Senator Morton is dying, and the departure of his physician, Dr. Bliss, for Indiana seems to confirm the report, though no such news has come from the Senator's office.
  • County Court met in regular session this morning, Judge Phelps presiding:
    1. On motion of M. M. Benton, Esq., for administrator, the will of Walter Gregory, deceased, was admitted to probate.
    2. K. T. Bendorf, administrator of the estate of Jas. K. Linn, deceased, filed an inventory thereof showing personality valued at $9,139.96.
    3. An order was made appropriating $5 for the purpose of send Samuel Sterling, an indigent pauper of the county, to friends in Evansville, Indiana, and Sheriff Lowe was directed to pay it.
  • It is reported that Jack Arnold, a notorious character of this city, was killed in Bracken County the other day.
  • Died this morning at 6 o'clock at the residence of Mrs. F. O. Smith, Miss Lizzie Kelman. Friends of the family will be notified of the time of the funeral.
  • Licensed to Marry: Ross Hamilton of Cincinnati to Miss Belle Francis of Covington; Chas. H. L. Quade, aged 32, to Bernadina Walz, aged 45, both of Covington.
  • The son of Mr. B. Bramlage died of scarlet fever on Saturday. The morning his little schoolmates of the St. Joseph's School, under the lead of Prof. Mohr, their teacher went to the residence and sang this beautiful hymn: "In the grave is rest." and accompanied the body to the church, from whence it was buried in St. Joseph's Graveyard.
  • Frank Keyer died at 9 o'clock last night at his residence on the corner of Powell and Stevens Street.
  • Miss Lizzie Kellman, a talented young lady, know in the literary circles, know as nom'de plum of Jettie Earle, died at the residence of her uncle, S. B. Smith, at 8 o'clock this morning after a lingering illness of several months duration. Due notice to the funeral will be given.
  • Boone County:
    1. Married Thursday, the 18th, at the residence of the bride's parents by Rev. John Beasley, Mr. Harry Warren of Urbana, Ohio and Miss Missouri Fry of this place.
    2. Miss Fannie Noell, widow of John G. Noell, has moved into her new and elegant residence built on her dowery near Beaver.
    3. Joseph Rich Sr. has rented and moved to the property of Deitemeir near Union on Big Bone Creek.
  • Grant County:
    1. Married October 10 at the residence of Isaac Johnson, W. R. Points and Miss Annie R. Jackson, all of this city.
    2. Also, October 11, at the residence of the bride's mother, Mr. Gilbert Kendall, Miss Mollie Kendall and Mr. Sob McClure, Rev. Lafe Johnson officiating.
    3. Robert Price is lying very low with typhoid fever.
    4. P. C. Massie has sold his farm to Will Webster at $20 per acre
  • Kenton County:
    1. Born October 8 to the wife of Muirheld, a girl.
    2. Also, October 17, to C. W. Fisk and wife, a boy.
    3. Also, October 18, to John Harrod and wife, a girl.
  • Brief Mention:
    1. A four-year-old child Henry Anderson of Hastings, Michigan pulled a kerosene lamp from the table Saturday night, set fire to himself and died ten minutes afterward.
    2. A gold watch and chain which were identified as the property of Professor Panarmo, a music teacher, murdered in New York four years ago, were found in the ruins of the Brookly Theater, Saturday.
  • The will of John Lothrop Motley provides that all his books and personal property be distributed equally among his daughers. The rest of the property, excepting copyrights, is left in trust for the benefit of his daughters. In relation to the copyrights, trustees have been authorized to arrange for the continued publication of his works and the income to be paid over to his daughters.
  • Ex-Congressment John Wintrop Chauler is dead, aged 51.

    Transcribed by Jeannie Gallant