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Newspaper Transcriptions

Below are some transcriptions from Newspapers in Kenton County. Please feel free to submit any portion of a Newspaper, just be sure to include the Newspaper name, date of article, page and column.

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    The Daily Commonwealth, Covington, Kentucky
    Tuesday, February 25, 1879
  • Marriage Licenses:
    1. James H. Yates, farmer, and Sarah Taylor, both of this county.
    2. James B. Harris and Sarah Butt, both of West Covington. The last two will be married at the brides home on Bullock Street, this evening.
  • Biographical Sketch of Prominent Newportonian:
    William H. Gayle is more frequently called by most people on account of his fatherly appearance and manner, "Father Gayle." William Hall Gayle was born in the state of Virginia in 1801. His parents, John and Anna Gayle, were also born, lived and died in the Old Dominion, the paternal parent combining the two-fold avocation of farming and preaching. William received but a limited education in his youth, for public schools were almost unknown in those days in Virginia, but being possessed of a retentive memory, he in in after years he overcame, in a great measure, his early defect. At the proper time he was apprenticed to learn the trade of millwright and after serving the allotted period was declared competent to earn journeyman's wages In the year 1823 he left his native state and went to Tennessee and engaged in mill building. There he remained until 1880, and then during the next twenty years, or until 1851, was engaged in the building of mills in the States of Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri, in 1851 he came to Cincinnati and engaged as salesman with Clayton & Co. In 1862 he became employed in the like capacity with the well-known house of Duhme and Co., corner of Fourth and Walnut Streets with whom he has remained ever since. In July, 1822, Mr. Gayle became a member of a loge of Masons in New Glasgow, Virginia, and rose rapidly through the various degrees until he became Eminent Commander of both Covington and Newport He is a member of the Christian Church and for four years he was one of the School Trustees at this city, and took a lively interest in their prosperity and welfare. On the 14th of April, 1874, he was united in marriage to Miss Louisa at Davenport, Iowa. Having out lived the allotted three score and ten he bids fair to reach, by reason of strength, four score an ten, for he has lived according to the Scriptural injunction, which enjoins temperance in all things. His long and active life has been characterized by moderation and the practice of Christian virtues. In appearance he is tall and portly, his hair whitened with age, he presents a venerable appearance. He seems almost to belong to a former age, and might step back into the customs of the last century and find himself at home. Possessed by a dignified demeanor, and the manners of the old-time gentleman, he is a man the people of Newport may point to with with parental love and call in truth "Our Father Gayle".
  • Kenton County:
    1. February 21, 1879: T. J. Heever, wishing to move to the state of Kansas, has advertised his personal property for sale on the 27th. J. Lummis will accompany him. Both families will start on the first of March.
    2. Died of consumption on the 20th the wife of Columbus Durr. Her remains were interred here in the cemetery on the following day.
    3. On the 20th? C. T. Culbertson was married to Miss Mary C. Oneal, oldest daughter of John Oneal, Esq. Also on the same date Julius Rouse was married to Miss Sarah Elliott, third daughter of Ed. E. Elliott, Esq. The marriages took place at the respective brides.
  • Grant County:
    1. Miss May Belle Hogan returned home Friday.
    2, Miss Emma Clements of Missouri is still visiting.
    3. Social parties of D. D. Clements and P. G. Webster were nice. The pretty ladies present were Emma Clements, Della and Mattie Beach and Louisa Beach.
  • Georgetown:
    1. Miss Bettie Campbell, wife of Mr. Lewis Campbell, an daughter of Mrs. Susan Finley, died at their residence near town on Friday last of consumption. Funeral services were held at the Presbyterian Church in Georgetown on the 22nd.
    2. Charles F. Cannon, whose death reported by your LExington correspondent, was formerly a citizen of Georgetown, having been raised near this city. His death was not unlooked for by friends in Scott County, as he had been in poor health for many months.
  • Obituary: We are called upon again to chronicle the death of one of our most worthy citizens. Our excellent postmaster, John J. Hoffman, died on pneumonia after nine days illness. Mr. Hoffman was one of the best businessmen in our place. He was a worthy member of the Order of the Oddfellows and held some office of importance in the Lodge. His burial took place from the Baptist Church on the 23rd. He was buried by the order to which he belonged and the funeral sermon was preached by the writer from Job 11, Chapter 14. He leaves an affectionate wife and two lovely little children to mourn his loss. L. Johnson, Walton, Kentucky, February 24.
  • In the course of human events it has pleased the Devine Ruler to take from our mists a beloved mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Franks, who has been a devoted member of the Baptist church since early youth. She had reached the age of 81, and was sick but a short time. She was interred in the Mt. Zion Cemetery February 19. The burial ceremony of usual solemnity was attended by a large concourse of people. The departed one was a pious and exemplary mother. She leaves a large number friends and relatives to mourn her absence. Mt. Zion, Grant County, February 21.
  • State News:
    1. Marriage: In Versailles, Mr. William Williams of Fayette, to Miss Maggie Daniel of Woodford County.
    2. Deaths: In Bourbon County, Mr. James McCray, aged 70; Levi Talbott Sr., age 81; John Campbell, one of the oldest citizens of Bath County.
  • In Memoriam:
    1. At the meeting of the Simon Kenton Pioneer Association of Kentucky, held on the 22nd day of February 1879 the following preamble and resolutions were unanimously adopted: Resolved: That in the death of our beloved Chaplain, Rev. James Challeu/Challen, our association has lost a venerable member and the church a devoted minister. Resolved: After spending over a half century in the ministry which was marked with devotion in the cause of his Redeemer he was transferred to the great superintendent to the church, triumphant on the 6th? day of December 1878 in the 76th year of his life. His name unstained, his labor unsurpassed, falling asleep in the arms of his Savior, to rise, we trust in the first resurrection, to receive his plaudit,well done good and faithful servant - enter thou into the joys of the Lord.
    2. Sister Jane Pugh was born 5th May 1709 in Pennsylvania, departed this life on the 20th day of December 1878. She settled in Covington in ____ and remained in the city until her death. She united with the Presbyterian Church in an early period of her life and remained a member until translated from the church militant to the church triumphant, died in a full prospect of a blessed immortality.
  • Cincinnati: Mr. Charles Gallagher, an old citizen, died yesterday.
  • Cynthiana, Kentucky:
    1. Joseph Wilmonth and bride, Miss Mollie E. Warnock, returned yesterday from their bridal tour.
    2. Died yesterday morning at her house near this city, in the 71st year of her age, Mrs. Sallie Shawhan, wife of Henry Shawhan, deceased. The remains were interred today in Battle Grove Cemetery.
    3. Born to the wife of R. H. Ridgely, February 24, 1879, a daughter.
    4. Married at the Catholic Church in this city yesterday, James A. Kanley and Miss Margaret Bronnon.

    Transcribed by Jeannie Gallant