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Newspaper Transcriptions

Below are some transcriptions from Newspapers in Kenton County. Please feel free to submit any portion of a Newspaper, just be sure to include the Newspaper name, date of article, page and column.

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    The Daily Commonwealth, Covington, Kentucky
    Monday, January 5, 1880
  • County Court:
    1. Bernard Bloomer and Henry Wernke took out their naturalization papers Saturday.
    2. John Felthaus and Greer Cox were appointed by Sheriff Armstrong, as his deputies.
  • The man Whiteley, who was killed last Saturday night by a Cincinnati policeman, was yesterday identified by Lieutenant Bolan and Jailer Willenbrink to be an old Covington offender, who passed as "James Rowe," and will be remembered as the party who threw a bucket of filth over Councilman R. A. McDannold, while the latter was walking through our city jail, while Rowe was confined, and for which odorous act he was fined $250, part of which was afterwards remitted.
  • Personal Mention:
    1. T. H. Rice, of Walton, was in the city last Saturday.
    2. Mr. Bryant Hurst, of Lexington, was in the city last week.
    3. Miss Fannie Foote, of this city, received New Year’s day with Miss Belle Metcalfe in Lexington.
    4. Mr. Absolom Ellis, of West Third street, is entertaining his son, Dr. Alliston Ellis, of Columbus, Ohio.
    5. Judge W. W. Cleary, Hon. John E. Hamilton and Hon. H. P. Whitaker are in Frankfort, in attendance upon the Court of Appeals.
    6. Mrs. Judge Phelps, of this city, received New Year’s day with Mrs. Isaac Jordan and Mrs. General McIntosh, at Mrs. Jordan’s residence in Clifton.
    7. Miss Kate Hall, the lovely daughter of Prof. J. W. Hall, of West Fourth street, has returned from a very pleasant holiday visit to friends in Dayton, Ohio.
    8. Mr. and Mrs. McClure, of Paris, Kentucky, are visiting their daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Owens, at their residence, No. 91 West Third street.
    9. A very artistic and novel basket of fruits and nuts, intertwined with smilax, was sent to Miss Mary T. Hall as a New Year’s greeting by Mrs. Comingore.
  • Mike Farrell Pardoned: At half past twelve o’clock to-day Mike Farrell received the welcome intelligence from Hon. M. T. Shine, per telegram from Frankfort, stating that Farrell’s fine had been remitted and his pardon from confinement granted. It will be remembered that Farrell was sentenced on the 25th of last August, to imprisonment for twelve months in the Kenton county jail, and to pay a fine of $100, for an assault on John Ogden, in defense of the honor of a young girl named Nellie Flaherty. The papers will be received by this evening’s mail, Mr. Shine telegraphs, and will bring pleasure to sympathize with "Booter" in his trouble.
  • Police Court:
    1. John Hambrick, drunk and disorderly conduct, fined $1 and costs.
    2. Richard Bailey, breach of the peace, fined $1 and costs.
    3. Frank Taylor, breach of the peace, fined $5 and costs.
    4. Oliver Spaulding, drunk, fined $1 and costs.
    5. John Clark, disorderly conduct, fined $2 and costs.
    6. Ed. Farrell, disorderly conduct, fined $1 and costs.
    7. Joseph Gordon, breach of the peace, fined $1 and costs.
    8. James Conners, drunk, fined $1 and costs.
    9. Mrs. Donovan, drunk and disorderly, fined $10 and costs.
    10. Mrs. Welsh, drunk and disorderly, fined $10 and costs.
    11. John McShane, night’s lodging free.
    12. Peter Wilshire, breach of the peace, fined $1 and costs.
    13. H. C. Stephenson, breach of the peace, discharged.
    14. John Stephenson, breach of the peace, fined $1 and costs.
  • Real Estate Transfers: Simeon B. Williams, trustee of the estate of William S. Johnston, deceased, to Hugh T. Brent, Lot 50 by 100 feet, on northeast corner of Johnston street and Covington avenue, being lot 11, block 16, Johnston’s and Russell subdivision; $1,500.
  • State News:
    1. Sid Baxter, charged with the murder of Lee Schwab, at Richmond has been admitted to bail in the sum of $5,000.
    2. Courier-Journal: In Larue county, while Albert Lucas, accompanied by three ladies, was returning early in the morning from a watch meeting held on the night of the old year he drove off a bridge, and his wagon fell a distance of eighteen feet. All the ladies were considerably injured, and one of them, Mr. Lucas’ daughter, died in a few minutes. Mr. Lucas was very badly crushed; but strange to say the horse remained on the bridge.

    Notice: The undersigned hereby gives notice of his appointment as Executor of the Will of Mrs. Sarah Saville, dec’d. All creditors will present their claims, proven as the law requires, for payment, at R. D. Handy’s office, corner Scott and Fifth streets. Covington, Kentucky. A. L. Greer, Ex’r of Sarah Saville, dec’d.

  • Cincinnati:
    1. The man that was killed on the C. H. & D. R. R. Near Gest street, was not Murray, the dairyman on Walker Mill road, as it was first supposed, but an old hostler named Wm. Bergen, residing at 58 East Eighth street, where he leaves a wife and three children.
    2. In the Police Court, Saturday, the case of Col. L. A. Harris, charged with shooting W. A. Adams with intent to kill, was continued until February 3. the bond in the mean time remaining at $500. The friends of Mr. Adams ask a suspension of opinion until he can have a hearing.
    3. Mike Connors, residing at 82 Abigail street, was locked up at Hammond Street Station last night on suspicion of being implicated with Pat Collins in stealing Sister Gabrielle’s horse and wagon from the corner of Sixth and Vine streets on Friday afternoon last. Collins, on Saturday in the Police Court for his share in the transaction, was fined $200 and sent to the Work House for ninety days.
  • Saturday afternoon Sam Whitley, a well known rough, made himself highly offensive by his indecent manner and language toward some children who were playing about the corner of Third and Ludlow streets. Policeman Graham undertook to arrest him but was caught by the throat and choked by Whitley. With outside aide Graham finally got him under subjection and started him for the station. They had not gone far when Whitley turned suddenly and kicked the officer several times, and said he would never go to the station house alive. Graham then drew his revolver, and a struggle ensued between him and the prisoner for its possession. During the struggle the pistol went off, the ball entering Whitley’s abdomen, causing his death in fifteen minutes. Immediately after the tragedy Graham went to Hammond Street Station, thence to headquarters, where he related the story of the difficulty. The charge of manslaughter was placed against him at Hammond street, and he was released upon $500 bonds for his appearance in Police Court. Yesterday Marshal Bolan and Jailer Willenbrink, of Covington, at the request of the coroner, visited Habig’s and examined the remains and identified them as that of a man who was known in Covington as James Rowe. In February, 1878, he was arrested in the city for some trivial misdemeanor and while in jail was visited by Councilman Reuben McDannold. While McDannold was conversing with Rowe or Whitley, the latter suddenly picked up the filth bucket and threw the contents over McDannold. For this pleasantry Rowe was fined $250 by Mayor Athey, which he worked out on the stonepile.
  • Paris: Special to Commonwealth - January 5:
    1. The two bridges over Hinkston at Millersburg, one on the Kentucky Central railroad and the other on the Maysville and Lexington turnpike, were totally destroyed by fire on Saturday night. The railroad bridge caught first and communicated the fire to the pike bridge, which was only a few feet from it. It is hardly possible that the fire originated from a spark from a passing locomotive, as the last train passed through the bridge between six and seven o’clock Saturday evening, and the fire was not discovered until late that night or early yesterday morning.
    2. Died. - At his home in this county, January 3d, Henry Giltner, brother of W. S. Giltner, of Eminence College. Also Poyntz, infant son of Jesse Talbott Jr.
    3. At a meeting of the stock holders of the Paris Gas Company, held last Saturday, A. Shire was elected President and Secretary; John R. Swiney, Treasurer, and W. P. Chambers, Collector.
    4. Elder J. S. Sweeney and wife left for Nolan, Ky., Saturday, a telegram calling them to the bedside of Mrs. Sweeney’s dying father.

    Transcribed by Jeannie Gallant