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Newspaper Transcriptions

Below are some transcriptions from Newspapers in Kenton County. Please feel free to submit any portion of a Newspaper, just be sure to include the Newspaper name, date of article, page and column.

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    The Daily Commonwealth, Covington, Kentucky
    Saturday, August 21, 1880
  • Death: Mrs. Bridget Burns who resided with her husband and three children at No. 111 East Third Street, was accidentally drowned yesterday afternoon in the cistern in the rear yard of her home. One of her sons on returning from work in the evening missed his mother, but thought she was at a neighbor's, until about six o'clock when he instituted a search for her, and mechanically looked into the cistern, when he was horrified to discover her dead body floating on the water. The alarm was given and Chief Gore and the Hook and Ladder Company came promptly to the spot and recovered the body, which had apparently been in the was several hours. Coroner DeGruyter held an inquest when it was discovered that about about four o'clock Ed Thornton, the son of a neighbor, had heard her cries, but could not discover whence they came, as they were muffled in the cistern. The supposition is that the unfortunate woman fell in the cistern while drawing a bucket of water, as the top was low, the cistern full, and the rope short. The verdict of the Coroner's jury was in accordance with the above facts. Deceased was 55 years of age.
  • Cynthiana-August 20: Miss Amanda Fisher of this county, aged 40, was married to a Mr. Andrews, aged 18 years.
  • Lines written in the death of the infant son of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Wilkinson.
    An angel in the Book of Life
    Wrote down our darling's birth,
    Then added, ere, he closed the page
    Too lovely for earth.
    And when death passed by
    He read the words and smiled,
    Then elapsed in his ___ hands
    Our darling little child.
    The parents wept, but angels sang
    In soft and sweet accord,
    And welcomed the lovely flower
    To the garden of the Lord.
    Their parents wept, they will not weep
    When all their days are run,
    And at the gates of Heaven
    They meet their darling one.
  • Another Pioneer Gone: Mrs. Marie Koch, a highly esteemed German lady, was buried this afternoon at the Mother of God Church. Mrs. Koch was born in Hanover, Germany, and at the time of her death, which occurred at her residence on West Sixth Street, Thursday evening, from dropsy, was 61 years of age. She came to America over thirty years ago and lived for a while in Memphis where she married Mr. Lorenz Koch who died several years ago. Mrs. Koch had lived in Covington for over thirty years. She leaves to mourn her loss one son who is married and one unmarried daughter. Mr. John Koch, the son, buried three children within a week about a year ago, and this blow is a sore affliction to him and his family.
  • Cincinnati:
    1. Martin [no last name given], aged 50 years, died of sunstroke at his home on Delhi Pike, near the River Road, yesterday afternoon at 1:30.
    2. Mr. John Schnell was arrested yesterday and locked up in the Central Station until a bondsman appeared and gave security for his appearance, in answer in the Police Court this morning to the charge of shooting with intent to kill his wife.
    3. Last night Sophia Shappell of No. 362 Liberty Street died from the effects of poison by paris-green, taken with suicidal intent. The deceased was about 35 years, the mother of eight children, six of whom are living. Mr. Shappell was let to take the rash step by the tattle of a neighbor woman who induced her to believe that her husband was unfaithful.
  • Newport:
    1. Mr. John Biehl, an estimable young man, died early yesterday morning at the residence of his brother,Fred W. Biehl, No. 118 York Street. The fatal disease was consumption.
    2. Mrs. Frederick Korse, the victim of the disastrous runaway Thursday morning, died yesterday morning from the effect her injuries, at the residence of Mrs. Weise on Jefferson Street.
    3. In the Chancery Court last evening, Henry M. Young filed a petition for divorce from Carrie T. Young. The ground for separation is that the defendant was pregnant, a fact unknown to her husband at the time of their marriage, giving birth to a child three months and five days afterward. The father of the child plaintiff never learned.
    4. Coroner Schoolfield yesterday morning held an inquest on the body of old man Rackers of Dayton. The verdict was death from injuries of the head caused from a blow by the hands of his young son Hermann. The charges against young Rackers has been changed to "murder" and his bond increased to $1,000.
  • Frankfort, Kentucky-August 20: The physicians pronounce Mrs. Berry much better today, and in a few days she will be able to be out, when the case against George Berry for assault and battery upon her will be tried.
  • Additional News Notes:
    1. At Louisville last nigh, Cash Palmer, while drunk fell into a privy vault and was suffocated.
    2. Mr. Hiram Berry of Frankfort has instituted suit for divorce from his wife, Mollie. he alleges that the "marriage was obtained from him" by fraud", and at a time when he was of unsound mind.
  • Murfreesboro, North Carolina-August 20: A three-year-old child of Mr. Spence Winborne was yesterday drowned in a mud-puddle three fee deep, around which she was playing in the yard.
  • Milwaukee-August 20: Albert Huxley of the tow of Clayton, Winnebago County, a respected farmer, aged 78 years, was shot this morning by his son-in-law, Torris Emmons, who lived with him. Emmons then shot himself, both dying within a hour. It was understood that the fatal act was the result of family and business difficulties.
  • State News:
    1. Robert W. Price of Columbia who was born in 1798 celebrated his birthday on the 11th. The celebration took place in his home in which he was born and has since resided.
    2. Louisville Commercial: Eugene, a nine-year-old son of Addison Kelley, died at his father's residence in Warren County Sunday, and was buried the same day. Rev. Clay Proctor officiating. He had a dropsial affection and as his body was being prepared for burial he opened his eyes and said: "Mother, do no cry, this is God's purpose" and reclosing his eyes gave no further signs of life.
    3. Courier Journal: A remarkable family of fat children reside in Barren County. The father, Smithland Chambers, weights 180 pounds, and his wife only 112, but a six-year-old daughter weighs 230 pounds. The latter is as about as tall as other girls her age, but measure eighty-four inches about the waist. A son died a five years weighing 200 pounds, and some younger members of the family manifest a tendency to take on flesh rapidly.
    4. Glencoe-August 20: Mr. James Davis and Miss Lizzie Roberts of Owen, eloped to Vevay, Indiana and returned yesterday as man and wife.... Mr. Lewis Littrel of this county, and Miss Lizzie Deatheridge, of Carroll, formed an eloping party to Cincinnati last night, and returned this afternoon two hearts as one.... Owen County furnished the parties to a romantic party yesterday in the persons of Mr. Daniel Beatty, 22 years of age, and his cousin, Miss Margaret Beatty, 42 years of age.
  • Crimes and Casualties:
    1. Yesterday at Greenville, Ohio, Monroe Roberson was hanged for the murder of Wiley Coulter, his brother-in-law. The murder was a result of an old grudge. On the scaffold Roberson confessed to many other crimes as well as the murder.
    2. Corsicana, La. August 20: Geo. Doran was hanged today for the murder of Joe Fitzzimmons, June 1, 1879. The execution took place in the jail yard. Only those allowed by law were present. The prisoner said he would prefer to be shot or gullitoned.
    3. New Orleans-August 20: Edwin C. Mix Jr. was killed today by three DERANCE brothers, Ferdinand, Armand and Henri, aged 25, 20 and 18 respectively. The Derances were imprisoned. They declared that Mix had flirted with their young sister, and, although warned, had not desisted, but continued to follow the young lady.
  • The Arnold Murder Case-Nicholasville, Kentucky-August 20: Joe. S. Bronson, Mrs. Mollie Rice, Dennis McQuinnay, N. B. Dethridge and C. A. Partella were the witnesses examined by the prosecutors in the Arnold murder case this morning. There was nothing elicited, but all the evidence heretofore given was corroborated by these witnesses. Pat Riley, J. W. Seper, G. L. Little, C. G. Miler and W. O. Cunningham testified for the prosecution this afternoon, their stories being the same as the preceding witnesses. Then the Commonwealth rested. W. C. Werritt, for the defense, then testified to seeing Arnold put on his overcoat that morning, take a letter out of the desk and go out. About ten minutes afterward the firing commenced. He saw Little on the pavement. Arnold did not shoot or attempt to shoot after Little fell. His testimony contradicts several witnesses for the prosecution and tells of Little cursing and threatening Arnold in Arnold's Store over some paper. Henry Clay, the most important witness for the Commonwealth, has disappeared. Clay saw the whole difficulty. He was breaking rock in front of Little's door, and looking directly in when the shooting commenced. His evidence, it is claimed, would have been very damaging to the defendant. Arnold and friends are in good spirits and seem confident of getting a hung jury, and possibly winning the fight; while the prosecution say it is impossible to acquit. They say the only question for the jury to decide will be as to his punishment.
  • Obituary-At Boston Station, July 31, 1880, of quick consumption, Mrs. Mary F. Wagoner, wife of Mr. George Wagoner, and daughter of Richard Manning, Esq., of Pendleton County. Deceased, at the time of her death, was on a visit at the home of her parents near Boston Station. She connected herself with the Christian Church at Morgan Station less than a year ago, and bore her suffering with a true Christian fortitude; every one acquainted with Mollie can testify to the purity of her life. In February of the present year she united in marriage to Mr. Geo. W. Wagoner, of near Levengood, and now scarcely six months have elapsed and she has bid adieu to her husband, mother, fathers, brothers, sisters, and friends, and gone to her rest. As the hour of death drew nigh Mollie, in a calm voice, gave sweet counsel to those around her dying bed, then closed her eyes in death.

    Transcribed by Jeannie Gallant