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Newspaper Transcriptions

Below are some transcriptions from Newspapers in Kenton County. Please feel free to submit any portion of a Newspaper, just be sure to include the Newspaper name, date of article, page and column.

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    Licking Valley Register, Covington, Kentucky
    Saturday, May 28, 1847
  • Whig Convention: It will be seen by the proceedings of the Whigs in Grant, Bracken, and Kenton counties, published in the Register today, that a District Convention will be held in this city on Tuesday the 8th day of June, to select a candidate for Congress in this District. We learn from the Maysville Eagle of Saturday, last, that a meeting has been held in Nicholas County, but we have seen nothing of their proceedings.
  • At a meeting of the Whigs of Grant, held in Williamstown on the 24th of May, 1847, James Ewing, was called to the Chair, and Jas. M. Corbin, was appointed Secretary. The object of the meeting having been explained, to be the appointment of Delegates to a Whig Convention for the proposed the following preamble and resolutions, which were adopted to wit: Whereas, it is known to us, that the Polk party already has a candidate actively in the field - that it is high time for the Whigs of the 10th Congressional District to decide upon their candidate - that the Whigs of Nicholas and Harrison counties having appointed delegates, to meet their whig friends from other parts of the District, in Convention at Covington. Therefore Resolved, That Wm. P. Drinkard, J. Stacy, B. K. Merrill, S. Yancy, G. L. Hughey, Jas. Ewing, J. F. Gooch, A. S. Linn, A. Kendall, J. Elstner, J. Morgan, B. P. Clark and N. C. Tunis, be appointed to represent the Whigs of Grant is said convention on the 8th of June next. Resolved, That it is the desire of this meeting, that our said delegates, vote in said convention for John P. Gaines provided, they shall at the time of said convention, have received such information, as will satisfy them, that he can be the candidate.Resolved, That we desire our said delegates , if according to the above resolution, they do not urge Maj. Gaines, to act with reference to another candidate as they may think best. Resolved, That this meeting have great respect for the pretensions of Zachary Taylor, and will long as they "have tongue, to talk speak out for "Rough & Ready." Jas. Ewing, Pres’t, Jas. M. Corbin, Sec’y.
  • Commissioners Sale of Valuable Land: By virtue of a decree, of the Boone Circuit Court, in the chancery cause of John Ross’ administrator against John Ross’ heirs and creditors, the undersigned as master commissioner in chancery, will expose to sale publicly, on the premises on Friday, the 11th day of June next, on a credit of 12 & 18 months, a sufficient quantity of the tract of 140 acres of land, situated on the Ohio River between Petersburg and Lawrenceburg, on the Kentucky side in Boone county, the same described in said suit, as of the estate of John Ross deceased. The purchaser to have possession about the first of March next. Bond and good security will be required for the purchase money bearing interest. John Cave, Master Comm. May 21, 1847.
  • Commissioners Sale of Real Estate - Kenton Circuit Court, Kentucky:
    Helen A. Ludlow, Executrix of the last will and testament of Israel L. Ludlow, deceased, against Israel L. Ludlow’s Heirs, Devisees, and Creditors. In Chancery. By virtue of a decree in the above cause rendered at the late April Term of said Court as Master Commissioner in Chancery, I shall proceed to sell at Public Sale on the premises, on Saturday, the 12th of June next, at 9 o’clock A.M., so much of the Real Estate of said Israel L. Ludlow, dec’d, as will be sufficient to pay the sum of $37,000 on a credit of one, two, and three years to the highest bidder. The purchaser giving bond and security for the purchase money, bearing interest at the rate of six percent per annum from date. The land is situated on the Ohio River opposite the lower part of the city of Cincinnati, laid off into lots of convenient size for County seats–plats of which may be seen at my office, at the office of M. M. Barton, as well as many other places in the city of Covington - also in the city of Cincinnati of Messrs. Wright and Graff, Auctioneers, and at Messrs. Brown and McLean, Third street. These lots are beautifully situated on a commanding view of Cincinnati, Covington and Newport, and offer great inducements to persons desirous of obtaining pleasant County Seats of easy access.The Fifth Street Ferry Boat lands at the base of some of them, and will take passengers on that day, ferry free. Should there not be a sufficient amount of property sold on that day to satisfy the above sum, the sale will be adjourned from time to time until enough shall be disposed of. A. H. Jameison, Master Commissioner of Kenton Circuit Court, May 28, 1847.
  • Commissioner’s Sale
    Griffen P. Theobald, Complai’t
    vs. } In Chan’ry
    Sam’l G. Menzies, & c. Defend’t

    By virtue of a decree of the Gallatin Circuit court, in the above cause, I will expose to sale on Monday, the 14th of June next, on the premises at the Big Bone Lick, Boone County. Kentucky, on a credit of 12, 18, and 24 months, a tract of about 250 acres of land, situated at Big Bone Lick. The whole of said tract, or enough to satisfy the residue of said complainants debt and costs, will be sold. Bond and approved security will be required of purchasers bearing interest from date. John Cave, Commissioner. May 14th, 1847.

  • Commissioner’s Sale
    Northern Bank of Kentucky,
    vs. } In Chancery
    Elijah S. Clarkston and others

    By virtue of decree of the Boone Circuit Court, in the chancery cause of the President, Directors and company of the Northern Bank of Kentucky, against Elijah S. Clarkston and others. The undersigned as commissioner of said court will expose to sale on Monday 21st, of June next, on a credit of six, twelve, and eighteen months (three equal semi-annual payments,) upon the premises, 400 acres of land situated in Boone county in the Richwood; about six miles from the Ohio River, and four from the Big Bone Lick, and three from the Covington and Lexington Turnpike road. The same land lately occupied by defendant Clarkston. If a certain amount of money be paid previous to the day of sale, then, but 300 acres will be sold. Bonds and approved security for the purchase money bearing interest. John Cave, M. C. B. C. C. May 21, 1847.

  • Executors Notice: All persons having claims against the Estate of John Bennett M. D. late deceased, are hereby notified that we the undersigned have been duly qualified as executors of his last Will and Testament and desire that said claims shall be fully made out according to Law, and presented for payment, and all those indebted to said Estate by note or book account, are respectfully requested to come forward and make immediate payment and settlement of the same. Richard Pretlow, Arthur Connely. } Executor. Covington, Ky., Feb. 20th, 1847.

    Transcribed by Jeannie Gallant