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Newspaper Transcriptions

Below are some transcriptions from Newspapers in Kenton County. Please feel free to submit any portion of a Newspaper, just be sure to include the Newspaper name, date of article, page and column.

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Covington Journal, Covington, Kentucky
February 16, 1856
  • D. Mooar, Attorney at Law, Covington, will practice in the counties of Kenton, Boone, Grant and Pendleton, and in the Court of Appeals. All business confided to him will receive prompt attention. Office South West corner of 6th and Madison streets. A large amount of valuable real estate for sale, both in the city and country, improved and unimproved. Inquire at the above office.

  • On Sunday night last five slaves made their escape from Grant county. A reward of $1000 is offered for the lot.
  • We regret to learn, that the dwelling house of Alexander M. Rigg, in Owen county, was totally destroyed by fire on the 3rd together with all his furniture. The loss we have not heard stated.
  • On Saturday last, Dennis McCarly and James Fitzgerald, two Irishmen, on the C. & L. R. R. near Paris, were engaged in drilling out a blast that missed fire, when it suddenly exploded, killing McCarty, and mangling Fitzgerald in such a manner that no hopes are entertained for his recovery.
  • Married on the 14th, by Rev. A. Drury, Mr. Jno. M. Ferguson to Miss Eleanor J. Thomas, all of this city.
  • State of Kentucky-Grant Circuit Court-A. Clark, Guardian for Rifle’s Heirs, against m. H. Sipple, A. C. Bibee, and Mary A. Bibee, In Equity Heirs and Cr’s of John Riffle.
  • The undersigned, Master Commissioner, of Grant Circuit Court, will on the 9th day of February, 1856, at said Commissioner’s office in the town of Williamstown, Kentucky, proceed to take claims against the estate of Jno. Riffle, dec’d, and the said creditors of said Riffle are hereby notified to present their claims to said Commissioner for adjustment, on or before the 23d of February next. Seth Doud, Master Commissioner
  • Notice: My wife, Elizabeth Holthaus, left my bed and board on the 5th, without any just cause or provocation, taking with her my little girl Charlotte, and almost every article of furniture and other house-keeping articles that were in my house during my absence. I forbid any one trusting her or either of my children on my account, as I will not pay any debts their contracting. H. Holthaus.
  • State of Kentucky-Kenton Circuit Court:
    E. H. Parrish, Executor and trustee of R. L. Clarkson, Pltif., against James M. Clarkson and others, Defendants.- In Equity. By virtue of a decree rendered at a late term of the Kenton Circuit Court in the above cause, I will on the 19th day of February next, offer for sale, on the premises, a valuable tract of containing one thousand acres in tracts of 50 acres, Said land is situated in Kenton county, Ky., on Licking river, nineteen miles from Covington, by the Covington and Lexington railroad, which runs through the land. The sale will be made on a credit of one, two, and three years, the purchaser to give bond and security for the purchase money, bearing interest at six per cent, per annum until paid. This land is all unimproved and covered with the finest description of wood and timber trees, consisting of oak, poplar, black walnut, sugar tree, blue ash, interspersed with a large proportion of wild cherry tree, and is in the river bottom the finest beach imaginable, and presents the finest prospect yet offered for men of industry to get themselves homes, or men of capital to increase their fortunes, as the wood and timber taken to market will more than pay for the land, and when taken off will render the land doubly valuable.I will be prepared on the day of sale with a complete survey and maps of the land and the divisions, so as to give accurate information touching the locality of the several parcels, and also give satisfactory assurances in respect to the title. In the meantime, Mr. Phillip Talifario, on the adjoining tract above the land, will take pleasure in showing land to anyone who may wish to inspect it. N. B. Stephens, Com’r.
  • Commonwealth of Kentucky-Kenton Circuit Court:
    Phillip H. Spilman’s Administrator against Phillip H. Spilman’s heirs and creditors - Also the cross Petition of James Stone in same case - Petition in Equity.

    At the October term of 1855, the above case was by an order of said Court, referred to me as Master Commissioner, to audit and settle the claims against the estate of Phillip H. Spilman deceased. Now, therefore, all creditors of the estate of said decedent, are hereby notified that I shall attend at the office of Circuit Court Clerk in Covington, from this day till the 28th day of February next, and all creditors are hereby to present and prove their demands according to law. The aforesaid Administrator is also required to appear before me at the same time and place, and settle his account with said Estate. E. B. Bartlett, Master Commissioner Covington, Ky., Jan. 19, 1856.

    Transcribed by Jeannie Gallant