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Post Offices by State
Knox County, Kentucky Post Offices
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ZIP Code Post Office Date Established Date Discontinued
40903 ARTEMUS 09/08/1888
40905 BAILEYS SWITCH 09/15/1890 02/08/1992
40906 BARBOURVILLE 04/01/1804
BAUGHMAN 05/25/1916
40915 BIMBLE 01/24/1898
40921 BRYANTS STORE 09/06/1873
40923 CANNON 05/29/1801

CRANE NEST 07/13/1874 09/19/1983
40930 DEWITT 04/26/1894
40935 FLAT LICK 09/24/1840
40943 GIRDLER 04/28/1899
40734 GRAY 01/25/1888
40946 GREEN ROAD 11/30/1927
40949 HEIDRICK 03/04/1920
40952 HIMYAR
40953 HINKLE 07/10/1915

JARVIS 01/13/1874 11/08/1963
40970 MILLS 05/27/1891 04/19/1997
40980 SALT GUM 01/07/1926 07/18/1992
40982 SCALF 12/23/1897
40995 TROSPER 05/22/1900
40997 WALKER 01/10/1890
40999 WOOLLUM 03/05/1900 08/07/2004

Name Title Date Appointed
(Originally established as ELON)
James M. Durham Postmaster 09/08/88
Changed to BRUSH CREEK on May 18, 1889
John W. Hemphill Postmaster 05/18/89
Charity B. Hemphill Postmaster 11/13/90
Changed to ARTEMUS on June 1, 1891
Charity B. Hemphill Postmaster 06/01/91
Ira Partin Postmaster 10/17/91
William McStewart Postmaster 06/22/93
John A. Dickenson Postmaster 11/29/93
Zeb B. Hall Postmaster 08/20/95
Charity B. Hemphill Postmaster 10/16/97
James L. Westerfield Postmaster 07/16/03
Christopher L. Harbin Postmaster 09/23/10
L. Tilden Helton Postmaster 04/27/14
Wilbur S. Edwards Postmaster 10/15/18
Daisy H.(Baine/Rice)Hampton Postmaster 04/02/20
Daisy H. Baine's name was changed to Mrs. Daisy H. Hampton
by marriage on August 16, 1928; to Mrs. Daisy H. Rice by
marriage on October 4, 1946; and back to
Mrs. Daisy H.Hampton on June 19, 1959.
Benny C. Mays Acting Postmaster 12/29/62
Benny C. Mays Postmaster 05/11/64
Gerald Keith West Officer-In-Charge 01/13/68
Gerald Keith West Postmaster 06/26/71
Albert Hembree Officer-In-Charge 02/27/97
Albert Hembree Postmaster 08/30/97
name? Officer-In-Charge
Walter E. Chesnut Postmaster 04/03/04

Name Title Date Appointed
John R. Bailey Postmaster 09/15/90
Elijah J. Miller Postmaster 08/18/98
James H. McDonald Postmaster 05/19/02
Marinda Longworth Postmaster 12/12/02
Samuel M. Bennett Postmaster 01/07/04
Levi Bennett Postmaster 10/06/04
Emmet Joyner Postmaster 07/12/12
Mrs. Mattie Stewart Acting Postmaster 01/02/33
Carson C. Chesnut/Chestnut Postmaster 10/06/33
Mrs. Myrtle Owens Acting Postmaster 10/31/54
Mrs. Myrtle Owens Postmaster 05/13/55
Service suspended by June 23, 1987
Discontinued on February 8, 1992; mail to Barbourville
Place name established (PB 21806, 1-9-92)

Name Title Date Appointed
Richard Hender Postmaster 04/01/04
Green B. Taylor Postmaster 04/01/06
Andrew Craig Postmaster 04/01/07
John Logan Postmaster 07/01/08
Gill Eve Postmaster 04/01/12
Overton Baker Postmaster 01/01/13
William Patton Postmaster 12/10/13
The dates given for the first seven postmasters
are the dates of their first financial returns.
Exact appointment dates are unavailable.
Wade N. Woodson Postmaster 02/08/14
Peter Engle Postmaster 10/01/17
Ezekiel A. Porch Postmaster 11/08/24
James Love Postmaster 01/23/26
Thomas J. Adams Postmaster 08/30/26
William Williams Postmaster 06/21/27
Name changed to BARBOURSVILLE by 1828
John Chick Postmaster 07/08/29
John Woods Postmaster 02/03/32
John B. Banton Postmaster 09/09/36
Thomas I. Frazier Postmaster 09/10/38
Benjamin H. Ohler Postmaster 05/27/40
William H. Brafford Postmaster 09/01/45
Asa G. Runyon Postmaster 05/28/46
John P. Anderson Postmaster 01/12/47
William B. Anderson Postmaster 02/19/49
Bradley W. Anderson Postmaster 05/20/53
William B. Anderson Postmaster 01/31/54
Drury Tye Postmaster 02/01/59
Daniel F. Dowis Postmaster 07/25/61
George W. Pitzer Postmaster 06/12/67
James N. Brafford Postmaster 01/27/68
William F. Costello Postmaster 08/30/69
James Gibson Postmaster 06/02/71
Thomas J. Pitzer Postmaster 02/02/80
Thomas H. Arnis Postmaster 02/16/86
Joseph R. Jones Postmaster 08/03/89
Mary Lou Word Postmaster 08/01/93
Daniel McDonald Postmaster 08/27/97
Jesse D. Tuggle Postmaster 02/07/07
Name changed back to BARBOURVILLE by April 1907
Mrs. Rebecca Green Postmaster 04/20/11
William F. Arnis Postmaster 06/23/15
Raleigh N. Jarvis Acting Postmaster 02/04/24
Mrs. Rebecca Green Acting Postmaster 11/06/24
Mrs. Rebecca Green Postmaster 03/02/25
George W. Tye Acting Postmaster 07/08/33
George W. Tye Postmaster 02/05/34
Aubrey E. Chesnut Jr. Acting Postmaster 08/04/48
Aubrey E. Chesnut Jr. Postmaster 05/13/49
Edward J. Moore Officer-In-Charge 06/30/72
Edward J. Moore Postmaster 01/20/73
Paul R. Gambrell Officer-In-Charge 06/30/75
Edward E. McFadden Postmaster 11/22/75
Donald R. Mullis Officer-In-Charge 05/26/78
Earl Campbell Jr. Postmaster 01/13/79
Linda Terry Creekmore Postmaster 12/28/02

Name Title Date Appointed
William S. Woodson Postmaster 05/25/1916
Wade F. Woodson Acting Postmaster 04/20/1921
Wade F. Woodson Postmaster 12/01/1921
A. Y. Bailey Acting Postmaster 05/29/1928
Rosa Hammons Postmaster 05/09/1929
Bradley Howard Postmaster 05/07/1930
George D. Shelton Postmaster 05/03/1951
Discontinued on July 16, 1965; converted to a rural branch
of Barbourville (Postal Bulletin 20481)
Name Title Date Appointed
Daniel C. Hawn Postmaster 01/24/1898
Anderson P. Wilson Postmaster 01/27/1900
Mary A. Martin Postmaster 08/02/1900
Discontinued on December 31, 1902; papers to Holden
Reestablished on July 15, 1905
Annie M. (Dozier) Mooneyham Postmaster 07/15/1905
William B. Dozier Postmaster 10/29/1914
Mable L. Payne Postmaster 08/30/1918
William L. Payne Postmaster 11/30/1920
James P. Mills Acting Postmaster 12/11/1930
James P. Mills Postmaster 02/24/1931
Franklin D. Garland Acting Postmaster 10/31/1956
Franklin D. Garland Postmaster 07/23/1958
Rick R. Williams Officer-In-Charge 10/12/1979
Tommy F. Adkins Postmaster 02/23/1980

KNOX COUNTY, KENTUCKY Postmaster 09/06/1873
Name Title Date Appointed
Minor Bryant Postmaster 09/06/1873
John G. Croley Postmaster 08/18/1885
Discontinued on November 3, 1886; papers to Barboursville
Reestablished on September 14, 1887
John C. McVay Postmaster 09/14/1887
Discontinued on August 7, 1888
Reestablished on October 19, 1888
Sterling M. Rose Postmaster 10/19/1888
Thomas F. Faulkner Sr. Postmaster 02/27/1890
John A. Parton Postmaster 06/15/1892
George M. Bryant Postmaster 11/03/1892
Amanda H. Logan Postmaster 06/20/1896
Lewis Sears Postmaster 04/07/1898
John W. Davis Postmaster 12/05/1899
Nancy J. Croley Postmaster 01/21/1904
Jason Sears Postmaster 04/05/1911
Alva C. Bryant Postmaster 03/03/1920
Mrs. Eliza Fuson Postmaster 09/11/1924
Mrs. Mary Nan Senters Acting Postmaster 10/02/1933
Mrs. Mary Nan Senters Postmaster 11/23/1933
Mrs. Estelene S. Adams Officer-In-Charge 10/31/1970
Mrs. Estelene S. Adams Postmaster 05/15/1971
Brenda Sue Ward Officer-In-Charge 09/02/2003
Dennis Reed Gibson Postmaster 08/21/2004

Name Title Date Appointed
Henry L. Cannon Postmaster 05/29/1901
Murphey Cannon Postmaster 06/01/1916
Eliza Doss Postmaster 09/15/1919
John Tillman Gregory Acting Postmaster 10/28/1946
John Tillman Gregory Postmaster 06/05/1947
Miss Dorothy H. Jackson Acting Postmaster 07/31/1949
Mrs. Mattie G. Logan Postmaster 12/13/1949
Fred A. Evans Officer-In-Charge 03/16/1977
Mrs. Freeda A. Miles Officer-In-Charge 06/03/1977
Mrs. Freeda A. Miles Postmaster 07/02/1977
Mrs. Loyce N. Langdon Officer-In-Charge 10/05/1979
Mrs. Loyce N. Langdon Postmaster 05/31/1980
John R. Hamm Officer-In-Charge 09/03/1982
Patricia A. Owens Officer-In-Charge 01/28/1983
Richard L. Baxter Postmaster 05/28/1983
Carl L. Barton Officer-In-Charge 09/09/1985
Deborah J. Taylor Officer-In-Charge 12/04/1985
Robert Richard DeWees Postmaster 01/04/1986
Jeff McWilliams Officer-In-Charge 02/25/2000
Birtha L. Rose Postmaster 07/29/2000

Name Title Date Appointed
The Crane Nest Post Office was officially
established on July 13, 1874; the postmaster
appointed on that date, however, did not serve.
Wallace C. Gilbert Postmaster 08/03/1874
Wallis Sasser Postmaster 08/02/1878
Hazard P. Gilbert Postmaster 01/02/1879
Caleb Lodford Postmaster 05/02/1881
Levi Sharp Postmaster 04/23/1883
Samuel H. Black Postmaster 07/23/1883
Grover C. Hopper Postmaster 01/15/1915
Belle (Black) Woolum Postmaster 08/14/1918
Belle Black's name changed to Mrs. Belle
Woolum on 02/19/1927
Mrs. Maggie E. Corey Acting Postmaster 03/31/1959
Mrs. Maggie E. Corey Postmaster 07/20/1959
Mrs. Maggie E. Corey's name changed to Mrs. Maggie E.
Helton by marriage on February 9, 1966, and
back to Mrs. Maggie E. Corey on August 24, 1966.
Mrs. Belle Chesnut Officer-In-Charge 01/15/1971
Mrs. Belle Chesnut Postmaster 05/29/1971
Service suspended on September 19, 1980
Discontinued on September 19, 1983; mail
to Barbourville (Postal Bulletin 21414)

Name Title Date Appointed
Jesse Campbell Postmaster 04/26/1894
James H. Warren Postmaster 06/22/1898
Belle Bowling Postmaster 02/19/1901
Brite Williamson Postmaster 06/08/1905
Edna Gambrel Postmaster 10/07/1916
Lawrence C. Callebs Postmaster 06/01/1918
James M. Lester Postmaster 10/29/1919
Allen Walker Postmaster 06/07/1926
Mrs. Amanda Mills Acting Postmaster 01/01/1931
Mrs. Amanda (Mills) Jones Postmaster 07/02/1931
Mrs. Amanda Mills' surname was changed
to Jones by marriage on October 10, 1942.
Mrs. Tressie Bowling Acting Postmaster 10/31/1952
Mrs. Tressie Bowling Postmaster 07/17/1953
Orville Hubbard Officer-In-Charge 02/27/1976
Christine Gregory Officer-In-Charge 03/12/1976
Service was temporarily suspended from
July 18, 1976, to November 19, 1976
Pauletta H. Gibbons Officer-In-Charge 11/19/1976
Roy E. Branstutter Officer-In-Charge 07/14/1978
Sharon J. Hembree Officer-In-Charge 01/27/1984
Gary V. Overton Officer-In-Charge 07/13/1984
Gary V. Overton Postmaster 07/06/1985
Deborah Bingham Officer-In-Charge 05/08/1998
Debbie F. Garland Postmaster 11/21/1998
James Rice Officer-In-Charge 01/13/2000
Belinda S. Quillen Postmaster 03/25/2000
Deborah Bingham Officer-In-Charge 02/06/2002
Roger Young Officer-In-Charge 03/08/2002
Joe Howard Officer-In-Charge 05/09/2002
Chris Arnett Officer-In-Charge 08/29/2002
Nancy L. Sizemore Postmaster 04/05/2003

(Originally established as ROME)
Name Title Date Appointed
Owen R. Moyers Postmaster 09/24/40
Ambrose Arthur Postmaster 01/18/43
A. G. W. Pogue Postmaster 07/24/46
Changed to FLAT LICK on April 5, 1848
Ambrose Arthur Postmaster 04/05/48
John Jacobs Postmaster 02/24/52
Abraham Hunter Postmaster 06/08/57
James H. Pogue Postmaster 02/26/62
A. Hunter Postmaster 05/03/62
Henry H. Hunter Postmaster 06/17/63
Abraham Hunter Postmaster 10/27/64
Arnold F. Baughman Postmaster 09/24/70
Levi Hoskins Postmaster 11/23/85
John M. Hoskins Postmaster 02/20/88
Bettie E. Archer Postmaster 06/22/89
Mrs. Mary E. Coone Postmaster 06/22/93
Mrs. Lizzie B. Smith Postmaster 08/27/97
George M. Smith Postmaster 02/14/98
Noah Smith Postmaster 11/15/06
Lee Jackson Postmaster 05/26/13
Bertie S. Woodson Postmaster 12/20/16
Tom J. Slusher Postmaster 04/29/18
Cora Boston Postmaster 11/22/18
Chester A. Mills Acting Postmaster 10/25/22
Axie Bargo Acting Postmaster 08/17/23
Miss Clara Baker Postmaster 01/07/27
Charlie C. Morehead Acting Postmaster 12/01/33
Mrs. Mollie Baker Postmaster 03/05/34
Green T. Mills Jr. Acting Postmaster 03/05/56
Green T. Mills Jr. Postmaster 11/06/56
Margaret A. Spicer Officer-In-Charge 07/29/83
Joseph E. Ward Jr. Postmaster 11/26/83
Robert Arnold White Officer-In-Charge 02/25/00
Robert Richard Dewees Postmaster 05/06/00

Name Title Date Appointed
Millard F. Hibbard Postmaster 04/28/99
Scyrus H. Jones Postmaster 04/03/01
Patton J. Wyrick Postmaster 09/26/11
Mrs. Nettie E. Hammons Postmaster 01/31/20
George W. Hammons Postmaster 02/28/22
Mrs. Nettie E. Hammons Postmaster 02/16/34
Mrs. Lillie Hammons Thomas Postmaster 05/03/35
Mrs. Irene Lee Officer-In-Charge 11/09/73
Mrs. Irene Lee Postmaster 04/27/74
Danny Bolling Officer-In-Charge 01/02/87
Daniel H. Vandivor Postmaster 02/28/87
Perry Dewees Officer-In-Charge 08/11/88
Deborah J. Taylor Postmaster 11/19/88
Mrs. Lillie Hammons - Name changed by marriage
to Mrs. Lillie Thomas August 16, 1951.
Kimberly L. Girdner Officer-In-Charge 06/30/99
Betty J. Grubb Postmaster 11/06/99

Name Title Date Appointed
Colvin C. Gray Postmaster 01/25/88
William R. Barton Postmaster 03/23/89
Benjamin F. Gray Postmaster 06/22/93
Annie Donaldson Postmaster 05/29/97
Robert I. Gray Postmaster 11/26/13
Henry E. Hubbard Postmaster 06/10/20
George W. McCracken Postmaster 08/19/21
Andrew J. McCracken Acting Postmaster 06/12/32
Andrew J. McCracken Postmaster 02/15/33
Robert I. Gray Acting Postmaster 08/01/35
Robert I. Gray Postmaster 12/11/35
Mrs. Cecil W. McNeil Acting Postmaster 02/28/49
Ray A. Brafford Acting Postmaster 09/29/49
Ray A. Brafford Postmaster 05/10/51
James Clarence Davis Acting Postmaster 06/13/55
Rufus D. Higgins Acting Postmaster 03/23/56
Rufus D. Higgins Postmaster 02/27/57
James C. Davis Acting Postmaster 10/31/58
James C. Davis Postmaster 05/13/59
Mrs. Jewell D. Hutson Officer-In-Charge 04/30/71
Mrs. Jewell D. Hutson Postmaster 05/13/72
Linda T. Adams Officer-In-Charge 12/19/86
Paul R. Gambrell Postmaster 02/28/87
Karen D. Fields Postmaster 09/17/94

Name Title Date Appointed
Mrs. Alice Hammons Postmaster 11/30/27
Calvin Stacy Acting Postmaster 07/09/29
Calvin Stacy Postmaster 07/17/29
Mrs. Alice Hammons Acting Postmaster 05/03/30
Mrs. Alice Hammons Postmaster 06/03/30
Mrs. Lucy Jones Acting Postmaster 12/01/36
Mrs. Lucy Jones Postmaster 08/17/37
John W. Warren Acting Postmaster 06/30/57
John W. Warren Postmaster 04/08/58
Tressie Warren Officer-In-Charge 06/30/72
Donnie Keene Postmaster 06/01/74
Paul Ken Smith Officer-In-Charge 10/31/01
Service suspended on August 19, 2005 (per PS Form 8020)

Name Title Date Appointed
Ben C. Herndon Postmaster 03/04/20
Marion G. Disney Acting Postmaster 07/19/21
Marion G. Disney Postmaster 10/22/21
Mrs. Maude Britton Acting Postmaster 04/22/31
Eloy Britton Postmaster 08/13/31
Ernest Tuggle Jr. Acting Postmaster 06/29/49
Ernest Tuggle Jr. Postmaster 10/17/49
Loyce N. Langdon Officer-In-Charge 06/29/79
Mrs. Freeda A. Miles Postmaster 09/22/79

Discontinued on November 18, 1985; mail
to Barbourville (Postal Bulletin 21548, 1-9-86)

Name Title Date Appointed
Sarah Mills Postmaster 07/10/15
Maria Hinkle Postmaster 07/25/18
Fannie Allen Acting Postmaster 05/07/26
Fannie Allen Postmaster 11/12/26
Chester Payne Acting Postmaster 12/08/28
Chester Payne Postmaster 01/15/29
Sterling Harmon Castle Acting Postmaster 05/06/29
Sterling Harmon Castle Postmaster 05/18/29
Mrs Effie Beatrice Moonyham Acting Postmaster 12/31/48
Mrs Effie Beatrice Moonyham Postmaster 10/05/49
Mrs. Fannie P. Allen Acting Postmaster 04/30/51
Mrs. Fannie P. Allen Postmaster 01/15/52
Mrs. Esther Landrum Acting Postmaster 10/18/56
Mrs. Esther Landrum Postmaster 04/08/58
Mrs. Patsy G. Patterson Officer-In-Charge 08/15/69
Mrs. Patsy G. Patterson Postmaster 05/15/71


(Originally established as JARVIS STORE)
Name Title Date Appointed
Samuel H. Jarvis Postmaster 01/13/74
Samuel L. Jarvis Postmaster 01/08/85
John D. Jarvis Postmaster 07/05/92
George C. Jarvis Postmaster 08/15/14
Miss Ellen M. Jarvis Acting Postmaster 04/30/52
Miss Ellen M. Jarvis Postmaster 06/30/52
Changed to JARVIS on September 1, 1952
Mrs. Mary A. Jarvis Postmaster 03/19/53
Discontinued on November 8, 1963; mail to Barbourville

Name Title Date Appointed
Isaac Mills Postmaster 05/27/91
Discontinued on December 16, 1896; mail to Messer
Reestablished on October 29, 1898
Cordia Messer Postmaster 10/29/98
James T. Edwards Postmaster 05/29/03
Frank Warren Postmaster 01/21/04
Discontinued on April 30, 1908; mail to Walker
Reestablished on August 15, 1908
John W. Messer Postmaster 08/15/08
Walter Mills Postmaster 11/03/16
Nasby Mills Postmaster 02/07/17
Mrs. Martha Carnes Acting Postmaster 02/11/25
Mrs. Martha Carnes Postmaster 05/13/25
Mrs. Martha Hubbard Acting Postmaster 12/29/32
Nasby Mills Postmaster 05/11/33
Mrs. Beulah Mae Davis Acting Postmaster 01/31/62
Mrs. Beulah Mae Davis Postmaster 03/06/62
Nina C. Butler Officer-In-Charge 09/14/90
Mary S. Townsley Officer-In-Charge 10/26/90
Nina C. Butler Officer-In-Charge 12/28/90
Nina C. Butler Postmaster 05/04/91
Service suspended on October 18, 1993
Discontinued on April 19, 1997; mail to Flat Lick
(Postal Bulletin 21945)

Name Title Date Appointed
Obie Bargo Postmaster 01/07/26
Victor Bingham Postmaster 03/31/30
Mrs. Eva B. Bingham Acting Postmaster 09/05/58
Eva (Bingham/Mills)Giannati Postmaster 02/20/59
Service suspended on March 31, 1989
Discontinued on July 18, 1992; mail to Flat Lick
(Postal Bulletin 21817)

Name Title Date Appointed
James M. Scalf Jr. Postmaster 12/23/97
Thomas Hubbard Postmaster 04/05/99
Thomas G. Hammons Postmaster 11/10/05
Ewell G. Wills Postmaster 01/05/11
Harrison Jackson Postmaster 06/10/15
Dewey Hubbard Postmaster 03/01/21
Mrs. Oatie Hubbard Postmaster 12/02/40
Orville Hubbard Acting Postmaster 03/31/68
Orville Hubbard Postmaster 10/07/68
?? Officer-In-Charge
Bonnie L. Moore Postmaster 02/01/86
Delia J. Brown Officer-In-Charge
Rita K. Hail Postmaster 03/07/92
Delia J. Brown Officer-In-Charge 04/28/93
Nina Catherine Butler Postmaster 10/16/93
Diann Carnes Officer-In-Charge 03/10/99
Delia Jean Brown Postmaster 05/22/99

Name Title Date Appointed
John R. Trosper Postmaster 05/22/00
Benona C. Lewis Postmaster 03/21/02
John R. Trosper Postmaster 01/24/03
William H. Green Postmaster 06/01/06
James B. Trosper Postmaster 11/17/06
Gurney W. Norman Postmaster 06/01/14
Daniel P. Martin Postmaster 01/27/17
Vernando A. Haney Postmaster 06/23/19
James B. Trosper Postmaster 03/01/20
Ezekiel G. Hembree Postmaster 06/24/21
Thomas M. Trosper Acting Postmaster 12/29/21
Thomas M. Trosper Postmaster 07/28/25
William B. Kinder Acting Postmaster 08/24/33
William B. Kinder Postmaster 01/25/34
Mrs. Amanda West Acting Postmaster 11/26/34
Mrs. Amanda West Postmaster 03/08/35
James Hawker Brown Acting Postmaster 04/01/39
James Hawker Brown Postmaster 05/02/39
Mrs. Eva Brown Lawson Acting Postmaster 12/31/49
Mrs. Eva Brown Lawson Postmaster 02/16/50
Albert Hembree Officer-In-Charge 01/08/71
Albert Hembree Postmaster 04/27/74
Delia Jean Brown Officer-In-Charge 02/25/97
John Kent McGaffee Officer-In-Charge 06/11/97
John Randall Hamm Officer-In-Charge 09/11/97
John Randall Hamm Postmaster 12/06/97
Nina Catherine Butler Postmaster 03/13/99

(Originally established as WALKERS)
Name Title Date Appointed
Gus Walker Postmaster 01/10/90
Discontinued on March 26, 1895; mail to Flat Lick
Reestablished as WALKER on April 7, 1899
Augustus Walker Postmaster 04/07/99
Martin Carnes Jr. Postmaster 07/06/01
Mollie Carnes Postmaster 03/25/05
Dallas D. Baker Postmaster 07/15/15
George M. Bingham Postmaster 04/04/19
Mrs. Mattie C. Walker Acting Postmaster 08/01/33
Goebel Mills Acting Postmaster 02/01/35
Goebel Mills Postmaster 06/11/35
Mrs. Dora Walker Acting Postmaster 02/22/37
Mrs. Dora Walker Postmaster 07/14/37
Bricie Walker Acting Postmaster 08/31/54
Bricie Walker Postmaster 10/22/54
William A. Stokes Officer-In-Charge 10/30/90
Betty Jean Grubb Postmaster 01/26/91
Brenda Gail McCarthy Officer-In-Charge 06/15/95
Roetta Lynn Vaught Postmaster 09/30/95
Belinda Sue Quillen Officer-In-Charge 10/08/98
Belinda Sue Quillen Postmaster 12/19/98
Corrine Fuson Officer-In-Charge 03/24/00
Diann Carnes Officer-In-Charge 07/27/01
Brenda Ward Officer-In-Charge 07/19/02
Diann Carnes Officer-In-Charge 09/02/03
Brenda Ward Officer-In-Charge 09/08/04

(Originally established in CLAY COUNTY)
Name Title Date Appointed
Samuel J. Woollum Postmaster 03/05/00
John Byrley Postmaster 04/22/03
John L. Cottengim Postmaster 05/20/04
Samuel A. Blevins Postmaster 11/17/08
Miss Matilda Blevens Postmaster 12/08/13
Henry W. Cobb Acting Postmaster 03/05/24
Henry W. Cobb Postmaster 08/21/24
Changed to KNOX COUNTY on October 6, 1924
William P. Corey Postmaster 04/24/29
Mr. Fount Corey Acting Postmaster 02/12/34
William Hopper Postmaster 04/20/34
Mrs. Josie Burnett Acting Postmaster 01/18/36
Mrs. Josie Burnett Postmaster 05/19/36
Mrs. Lucy Delph Acting Postmaster 02/12/48
Mrs. Lucy (Delph) Ruth Postmaster 05/10/48
Mrs. Lucy Delph's name changed to
Mrs. Lucy B. Ruth by marriage on May 30, 1950.
Mrs. Martha Cobb Acting Postmaster 04/06/51
Mrs. Martha Cobb Postmaster 10/12/51
Mrs. Georgia Howard Officer-In-Charge 03/27/70
Mrs. Georgia Howard Postmaster 05/15/71
Service suspended on August 29, 2003
Discontinued on August 7, 2004;
mail to Barbourville (Postal Bulletin 22157)

The following was copied directly from letters I have in my possession regarding obtaining Post Office information. This is dated 2002 I do not know if the information is still accurate.

Site Location Reports for Post Offices
All extant records of site location reports for post offices have been transferred by the Postal Service to the National Archives and Records Administration, 700 Pennsylvania Avenue, Northwest, Washington, DC 20408-0001.

The reports of site locations are forms completed and submitted by postmasters mostly in the period from 1845 until 1945, giving the location of their post offices and other geographical information. They typically show the location of post offices in relation to nearby post offices and transportation routes and facilities, and some reports show the location(s) in terms of legal land descriptions and/or small grid maps of the vicinity of the office.

The reports have been reproduced in Microfilm Publication M1126, Post Office Department Reports of Site Locations, 1837-1950, and copies for a specific post office or several post offices can be purchased from the Archives for a minimum fee of $10 for up to 20 pages (there are typically 1-10 pages per post office). For larger orders, the Archives can furnish positive copies of Microfilm Publication M1126 for $34 a roll. Each roll generally contains several counties within a state and there are 683 total rolls in the set.

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