A Slave Sale in Lawrence County in 1835
as documented in
Davis Montgomery vs. Jacob Rice and John Stafford, May 1, 1835

In the unusual short plea of the ptf., Davis Montgomery, is the statement that he, in 1835, was "possessed of a negro woman slave for life of the value of $500.00 by the name of Tempy." Then the ptf. lost the slave and she came into the possession of the defts. by finding her.

Deposition of Euphonia Anne Craig, wife of Samuel T. Craig, October 23, 1835
Mrs. Craig testified in behalf of the ptf. Davis Montgomery, asserts that he was ill at her house in 1835 and that Montgomery employed her husband, Samuel T. Craig, as agent to go and buy a negro woman for him from Anthony Hampton. The ptf., she states, was so sick he was unable to do so. A young man named Clark (who came to her house with D. Montgomery) was directed to go to Montgomery's coat to get the money; it was then counted out to S. Craig. Mrs. Craig's husband bought the negro girl and brought her to the house. During three days when Montgomery and S. Craig were gone from the house, Jacob Rice, a deft., came to her house with David Kenner and one of the Turmans and demanded a debt that Samuel Craig owed Mr. Catlett. He said he would take the slave belonging to Montgomery of Claburn Co., Mississippi.

Deposition of Anthony Hampton, October 24, 1835
Says in April of 1835 he sold a 25-year-old negro girl to Mr. Davis Montgomery at the home of Samuel T. Craig and "paper being scarce" he did not get a bill of sale but Hampton was paid by Montgomery $300.00 and exhibits his receipt for "my negro woman named Tempy." He states he later saw her in "William Haydon's possession going down the river."

Deposition of Cornelius M. Burgess, October 3, 1835
On the 3rd Monday in June he saw Jacob Rice, Sheriff, and his deputy John Stafford bring a young negro girl to the court house door in Louisa, Ky., to be sold to the highest bidder. Burgess recalls he was about to bid $500.00 for her when Horatio Catlett informed him he could get her cheaper by letting Catlett buy her and giving Catlett $340.00 "cash in hand." James Rice, C. Burgess, and Catlett were all bidding for the girl. Catlett got her and sold her to James Rice. During the bidding, Burgess says S. T. Craig was protesting to the sheriff that she was the property of Davis Montgomery and he (Craig) was Montgomery's agent.

Case dismissed with costs and leave to draw original bill of sale on Craig.

Lawrence Co. Circuit Court Records

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