Descendants of Benjamin Franklin Carey

Contributed by Nancy Morrison

1  Benjamin Franklin Carey b: November 11, 1795 in Walkill,  Orange County, N.Y. d: 1891 in Catlettsburg, Boyd County, Ky Sex: Male
. +Hannah McNeely b: 1805 in Logan County, Virginia (WVA) d: 1868 in West Virginia Sex: Female Father: David McNeely
. 2  Mary Anne (Maria) Cary d: April 24, 1911 in Johnson County, Kentucky Sex: Female
..... +William Wells m: 1848 in Johnson County, Kentucky Sex: Male
. 2  Unknow Female Carey b: Abt. 1819 Sex: Female
..... +Milton Hinchman Sex: Male
. 2  John Benjamin Carey b: Abt. 1821 Sex: Male
..... +Barbara Tiller Sex: Female
. 2  Robert Carey b: October 05, 1822 d: February 05, 1905 in Elmira, New York Sex: Male
. 2  William Carey b: 1828 Sex: Male
. 2  Lewis Carey b: 1835 Sex: Male
. 2  Henry Edward Carey b: April 23, 1837 in Logan County, Va. (WVA) d: July 05, 1925 in Wayne Co., W.Va. Sex: Male
..... +Elizabeth Margaret Napier b: July 12, 1845 in Lawrence County, KY m: December 19, 1860 d: November 03, 1913 in Wayne Co., W.Va. Sex: Female Father: William Napier Mother: Nancy Margaret Queen
. 2  Sarah G. Carey b: 1839 Sex: Female
..... +Solomon Williamson Sex: Male
. 2  Margaret Carey b: 1842 Sex: Female
..... +Franklin Bowen m: April 21, 1859 in Lawrence Co., KY Sex: Male Father: Alfred Bowen Mother: Mahala Castle
. 2  Nancy Carey b: 1844 in KY d: Abt. 1881 Sex: Female
..... +Silas P. Wooten b: May 1842 in VA (now WV) m: 1861 in Lawrency Co., KY Sex: Male Father: Thomas Alfred Wooten Mother: Sarah Jane Castle
. 2  George W. Carey b: June 07, 1848 d: August 18, 1922 in East Lynn, WV Sex: Male
..... +Mary (Hanna) Napier b: August 30, 1846 m: April 09, 1866 in Wayne Co., WV d: December 12, 1899 Sex: Female Father: Robert L. Napier Mother: Mary (Polly) Osburn
. 2  Frances (Fannie) Carey b: Abt. 1852 Sex: Female
..... +John E. Williamson Sex: Male
*2nd Wife of Benjamin Franklin Carey:
. +Maria Ketchum Sex: Female

Notes on this family:
I received a xerox copy of a letter written by Benjamin Franklin Carey's brother Absalom to one of his (Absalom's) daughers:
<< Your Uncle Benjamin Carey died in Last Sept in Lawrence Co., KY, Aged 91 years. His daughter has named her little babe after Grandma.  Uncle was an old Lad indeed but I feel very bad over his death. I am all that is left of the 7 sons and one daughter.  I will send another poem written  soon I could not write for some time after Grandmas Death.>>

So death would have been Sept of 1891 as best I can tell. Do death cert. exist in Lawrence at that time?

Information on this family came from the 1850 Census of Lawrence County, Kentucky.

Some information was supplied by Virginia M. Carey, 4075 White's Creek Rd., Pritchard, W.Va. 25555 Carey Highlights.

Benjamin Franklin Carey was a carpenter.
Benjamin came from a line of Carpenters and Farmers but he was actually sent out as an apprentice taylor, by his father Absolom.  Supposedly Benjamin was smaller in stature and more fine-boned than most of his brothers.  Also he had red hair. Supposedly he got his build from the Cooley family and his red hair from his great grandfather, Benjamin Carpenter, Temperance Cooley's grandfather.

1820 Census of Cabel Co. VA (WVA), 1830 Census of Logan Co. VA. (WVA) HE PROBABLY NEVER MOVED AS PART OF CABEL CO. WAS TAKEN TO FORM LOGAN Co. In 1824, 'The History of Logan Co.' By Ragland says that Ben Carey settled at the mouth of Rum Creek. It is said that he built the first jail in Logan Co., and that he is the progenitor of the West Virginia Carey's. Statement of Lewis Carey that Ben died in Catlettsburg, KY, but no death record has been found.

No. 10753
War of 1812.
Survivors Pension
Benjamin Carey
Rank - Pvt
Company: Capt. J. Halleck, Jr.
Regiment: N.Y. Mil.
Lexington AgencyRate per month Eight dollars
Commencing Febuary 14, 1870.
Certificate dated Jan. 10th, 1870 and sent to pension agent.
Act 14th February 1870.
Vol.KY Page 139
J. M. Kavanaugh, Clerk

(Handwritten note- No. B. F. Found)

C 1 Belknap's N Y Militia.
Benj. Carey
Private Catp. John Hallock, Jr's Co. Of Detached Militia, 1 Reg't New York
(War of 1812)
Appears on Company Pay Roll dated Nov 30, 1814
Commencement of service Sept 18, 1814
Expiration of service Dec 3, 1814
Term of service charged 2 months 16 days
Pay per month 8 dollars
Amount of pay 20 dollars 26 cents.
Ripley Copyist

Dept of the Interior Pension Office
WAshington, DC July 22, 1871

Herewith you will find warrant No 112804 for160 acres, issued under act of March 3rd, 1855 to "Benjamin Cary" Please acknowledge receipt without delay.
Very Respectfully Geo W. Johnes
Chief Clerk

E. Mollohan Esq.
Gallipolis, Ohio

Gallipolis, Ohio
July the 27th 1871
Hon. Commissioner of Pensions
I have the honor to comply with your request dated July 22nd 1871. In the matter of the issue of Land Warrant No 112804 - for 160 acres under the Act of March 3rd, 1855 - on the 20th instant - To Benjamin Cary. Private Captain Halleck Company New York Melitia war of 1812, and enclosed to your humble Servant under (word not readable) Gallipolis Ohio. Which said warrant was received by mail on this said July 27th - 1871
C. Mollohan - Atty.
For - Benj. Cary

On an answer sheet Benjamin Cary states that he had not been back to New York since 1819-1820.

States: Never made application. has resided in the mountainous parts of West Virginia and North East Kentucky - since 1819-1820. And never gave the matter any attention as he did not care for the same during his younger days.

In an affadavit given 26th day of April 1871, Benj Cary swore he was 75 years of age and a resident of Lawrence Co., KY and that his post office address was Louisa, Lawrence Co., KY. G. W. Murray and S. B. Justice swore to the validity of this statement.

(The S. B. Justice is Samuel Berry Justice spouse of Ary Cary which Laura says is her ancestor but still am not sure just how.)

In his own handwriting is a xerox copy of the following:

Louisa March 22th 1871
C. Mollohan sir, (unreadable word) having seen one of your Circulars i take the liberty to rite you a few lines  i can answer all your questions (unreadable word) i wish to know what proof will be required as i have no discharge.
Adrefs B. Cary Louisa, Lawrence County, KY.

1850 Census of Lawrence Co.,KY

Carey 659
Benjamin Franklin     53   b. NY. (carpenter)
Hannah                      43   b. VA   (dau. McNeely)
Lewis                         15   b. VA
Henry (Edward)          13   b. VA (m. Elizabeth dau Wm. & Nancy Queen Napier)
Sarah C.                     11   b. VA ( m. Solomon Williamson moved to Catlettsburg, Boyd Co., KY)
Margaret                     8              (m. Franklin s/o Alfred & Matilda Castle Bowen
                                                      4-29-1859 Law. Co.)
Nancy                         6              (m. Silas Wooten)
George (W.)                3    b. 6-7-1848, d. 8-18-1922 m. Hannah dau of Robert &                                              Mary Osburn Napier 4-9-1866. She was b. 1846,d.

Sarah G. or C. did marry Solomn Williamson  and they
moved to Catlettsburg , Boyd Co., Ky. Benjamin F. was living with them
when he died but I wonder if a death cert might be found in Lawrence instead. No death certificate found as yet. June 06, 1998

Another descendant of this couple is: (Laura McKenzie)

From: Carey Highlights: Yesterday for Tomorrow by Virginia Miller Carey, copyright 1983. Dogwod Printing, P.O.Bo 716, Ozark, Mo 65721
"Benjamin Carey was born in New York, probaly Wallkill, on Novemeber 11, 1795. This is shown on a copy of his father's pension papers from the Revolution. He was the so of Abasalom and Temperance Cooley Cary. How he came to the area of Logan Co., VA (W.VA) is still undetermined. However, he served in the War of 1812 from Wallkill, New York. He would have been only 18 years of age when he enlisted.

We first find him in the 1820 Census of Cabell County, Virginia (WVA) and the 1830 census of Logan County. He possibly never moved as part of Cabell County was taken to form Logan County in 1824. The "History of Logan County" by Ragland says that Ben Carey settled at the mouth of Rum Creek, and marrried a daughter of David McNeely, born in Logan County in 1805 and died in Virginia in 1868.

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