TabThe following is a list of Whitesburg High School graduates who graduated from before 1927 to 1940. The following was transcribed from an article found in The Mountain Eagle newspaper dated Thursday, May 16, 1940 (Page 9). If you, or someone you know, are among this list of graduates OR if you know of any corrections that need to be made, please contact me, Brian K. Caudill, at Corrections will be denoted in RED.
Tab If you wish, you can use the following links to go directly to a particular graduating class: Before 1927, 1927, 1928, 1929, 1930, 1931, 1932, 1933, 1934, 1935, 1936, 1937, 1938, 1939, 1940; or you may wish to browse through an Alphabetical Listing of these graduates.

Graduates Of
Whitesburg High School


Tab It is a very easy matter for those in charge of a school system to write a very optimistic account of the doings of the school. Yet, behind the scenes, the real doings of the school are very different.
Tab A school exists but for one purpose; namely, to make better citizens out of the boys and girls. If this fails, the school fails; if this succeeds, the school is a success.
Tab During my tenure in the Whitesburg schools I have seen many come and many go. I have seen many successes and some failures (true to life).
Tab At this, the end of another school year, we are called upon to take an invoice. There are 68 boys and girls to graduate. If they are no better prepared to take their places in the great commonwealth than those who have not finished, then the school is not worthy of it's existance. We know they are better prepared. How do we know it? Because of those who have graduated here since the school was built and dedicated.
Tab May you sketch over this list of graduates, study them carefully and see for yourself what an asset this high school is. Below we have given the names of all those who graduated before 1927 - then the ones who graduated in 1927 -- and from 1928 to 1940. I feel a deep responsibility as to the success or failure of this great group. I hope the homes join me in this same thought.


Before 1927
Adams, Kerney M.
Adams, Fonda
Bach, Wilma
Bach, Verna
Banks, Victor
Banks, Edgar
Burton, Blanch
Burton, Ethel
Caudill, Watson
Caudill, Sabina
Combs, Eunice
Combs, Cullen
Commodori, Bruno
Clark, Thelma
Collins, Ruth
Cook, Lavinia
Day, Earl
Day, Ercell C.
Day, Mae
Ewen, William
Fields, Oma
Fields, Willie
Fields, Glenn
Fields, Mabel
Fisher, Ruby
Fugate, Edna
Gibson, Beulah
Hale, Simeon
Hale, Herman
Hale, E. B.
Hall, Lillian
Hall, Charles
Harris, Grace
Haynes, Herbert
Hays, Astor
Hays, Dalna
Hays, Bruce
Hobbs, Leslie
Hughes, Poppy
Lewis, Virgil
Lewis, Gertrude
Morgan, Leonard
Mullins, Ida
Peters, Eva
Pigman, Carl
Raleigh, John
Reynolds, Cora
Reynolds, Wilburn
Sergent, Thelma
Webb, Esteva
Webb, Dixie
Class of 1927
Adams, Forest
Adams, Ethel
Banks, Glada
Hammonds, Bonnie
Baker, Cova
Caudill, George
Clark, Shelby
Raleigh, Gus
Stallard, Cora
Williams, Ward
Class of 1928
Bach, Hazel
Bates, Barzella
Bentley, Zenith
Boatwright, Kermit
Combs, Hobart
Combs, Dora
Day, Karl
Fields, Orell
Fields, Beulah
Day, Lester
Hammonds, Euretta
Lewis, Eunice
Lykins, Norval
Logan, Mae
Strong, Mollie
Speaks, Mildred
Sergent, Vera
Taylor, James
Taylor, George
Webb, Pansy
Caudill, Jennie
Logan, Ruth
Spradlin, Taft
Class of 1929
Adams, Bert
Adkins, Clara
Adkins, Blair
Bach, Evelyn
Baker, Cecil
Bentley, Loren
Combs, Viola
Enlow, Walter
Fletcher, Frank
Fields, Hazel
Banks, Bernard
Banks, Earl
Blair, Mable
Gibson, Geneva
Hammack, Myrtle
Hale, Rosa
Hays, Nassareta
Hall, Hillard
Jones, Vessie
Jones, Albert
Jones, Robert
Squires, Eva Dean
Vermillion, Virginia
Blair, Mabel
Johnson, Anna
Class of 1930
Adams, Wilma
Bates, Bonnie
Banks, Ermis
Bowen, Wilgus
Collins, Fay
Caudill, Watson
Clay, Glenn
Crossman, Hellen
Cook, Hubert
Craft, Dave
Combs, Helen
Campbell, Lola
Day, Hester
Day, Zola
Day, Fred
Doyle, Elizabeth
Flynn, Bernice
Ford, Vivian
Hall, Paschall
Hart, Ida
Ison, Bradley
Jones, Robert (should be class of 1929)
Kincer, Arnold
Morgan, Elva
Polechetti, Clara
Smallwood, Draxie
Vermillion, William
Webb, Herbert
Yonts, Homer
Class of 1931
Adams, Carmine
Addington, Georgia
Bach, Klair
Baker, Edith
Banks, Gladys
Banks, Lucy
Bentley, Robert
Blair, Darwin
Breeding, Caryl
Collins, Lake
Cook, Olan
Craft, Archie
Day, Cecil
Ford, William
Franklin, Andrew
Fugate, Lillian
Hall, Gladys
Hall, Nora
Hogg, Astor
Holbrook, Abbott
Kincer, Linville
Long, Edward
Morgan, Elva
Mullins, Devella
Polly, Nora
Potter, Lexie
Reynolds, James
Stidham, Roberts
Taylor, Carl
Taylor, Woodrow
Vermillion, Paul
Webb, Gay
Wright, Charles
Class of 1932
Adams, Elma
Adams, Hazel
Adams, Mattie
Addington, Cora Lee
Addington, Henry
Adkins, Eugene
Amburgey, Dempsey
Baker, William H.
Banks, Bert
Caudill, Alice
Caudill, Essie
Caudill, Ruby
Collins, Charles
Collins, Clyde
Collins, Fonda
Collins, Lena
Collins, Lawrence
Combs, Goldie
Cook, Lizzie
Craft, Drucilla
Craft, Morgan
Fields, June
Fields, Teddy Kelly
Franklin, Archie
Frazier, James
Gault, Margaret
Halcourt, Edna
Hammonds, Audrey
Hammonds, Chealis
Hart, Elbert
Hill, Dallis
Hobbs, Mattie
Holbrook, Minnie Belle
Kincer, Shade
McGhee, Barton
Moncreif, Margaret
Moore, Ferdinand
Mosgrove, Jed
Potter, John
Potter, Samuel
Profit, Alvin
Profitt, Ben
Profitt, Moses
Salyer, Elline
Sergent, Earl
Smith, Pearl
Spradlin, Elizabeth
Stallard, Joe
Webb, Arnold
Webb, Gearldine
Webb, Lola
Webb, Pluma
Webb, Raymond
Webb, Winson
Whitaker, Kirkwood
Whitson, Opal
Class of 1933
Adams, Hazel
Adams, Hugh
Adams, Iva
Basham, Violet
Blair, Doris
Blair, Patrick
Bottomley, Viola
Brown, Belvia
Brown, Don
Collins, Denver
Combs, Clark C.
Craft, Cecil
Day, Randall
Dean, Nina
Fields, Lelia B.
Hogg, Morris
Holbrook, Bennie
Holstein, Coy
Jenkins, Edwin
Jones, Amos
Jones, Eva Dale
Kilgore, Carlene
Lusk, Louisa
Marlowe, Mark
Moore, Lee
Mullins, Kenton
Pendleton, Ruth
Sergent, Warren
Sparks, Lina
Tacket, Lucille
Thomas, Rachel
Webb, Ruby
Webb, Woodford
Williams, Dixie
Yonts, Maewood
Yonts, Virgil
Class of 1934
Adams, Jody
Adams, Madge
Adkins, Ralph
Amburgy, Arnold
Bailey, Otta Oral
Banks, Lester
Banks, Una C.
Basham, Johnnie
Bates, Audrey
Benton, Thelma
Blair, Billie
Blair, Bonnie
Boggs, Kendall
Campbell, Burnette
Caudill, Elsie
Combs, Burnice
Combs, Howard
Combs, Monroe
Cornette, Emma
Cornett, Kathlene
Craft, Bennie
Day, Bert
Day, Lois Mae
Dyer, Elizabeth
Fugate, Mrs. Ritta
Haynes, Lum
Holbrook, Carl
Hubbard, Edith
Ison, Earl
Ison, Ewsley
Kilgore, Dorothy
Long, Ruby
Lusk, Effie
Miller, Maxine
Mullins, Ruby
Parsons, Elmer
Salling, June
Shepherd, Velma
Sturgill, Lena
Tacket, Louise
Taylor, Henry
Taylor, Philos
Vermillion, Ella
Watts, Coy
Webb, Edna
Webb, Frank
Webb, Lida Mae
Whitaker, Ernest
Class of 1935
Adams, Minerva
Adams, Vanessa
Addington, Hillman
Amburgey, Helen
Banks, Audrey
Banks, Elbert
Bentley, Alma
Blair, Edison
Blair, Ralph
Brown, Gustava
Brown, Myrl
Campbell, Kyle
Caudill, Hobert
Collins, Grace
Cornette, Roy
Cornette, Verlon
Craft, Bennie Wise
Daugherty, Elmer
Day, Clayton
Fields, Archie
Fields, Mafra
Fields, Opal
Frazier, Wilma
Frazier, Willard
Hall, Russel
Haynes, Lloyd
Hogg, Vinson
Pendleton, Carl
Pendleton, Edith
Pugh, June
Profitt, Marion
Stamper, Homer
Taylor, Andrew
Webb, Mae
Winsted, Paul
Wright, Seldon
Zimmerman, Rose Marie
Class of 1936
Adams, Kelsie
Adams, John Jr.
Adams, Prina
Adkins, Danola
Amburgey, Earl
Amburgey, Glennis
Bach, Harold
Banks, Elsie
Boggs, Pauline
Boyd, Ethleen
Broughman, Warner
Brown, Forrest
Brown, James
Brown, Marie
Caudill, Earl
Caudill, Polly
Clay, Sue
Cochrane, Howard
Collins, Bernice
Combs, Mary
Craft, Doll
Craft, Earl
Day, Dalna
Draughn, Hazel
Fields, Bryant
Fields, Danola
Fields, Jaunita
Franklin, Madelin
Frazier, Wise Slemp
Gibson, Mattie
Gibson, Virginia
Hall, Ermie Lee
Hall, Forest
Hammonds, Chealous
Harrison, Wilson
Henry, Amy
Hogg, Willard
Holbrook, Orell
Hunsucker, Oscar
Jones, Loraine
Lucas, Ray
Long, Loreva
Maggard, Willa Mae
Martin, Golden
Mitchell, Chester
Mullins, Nina
Mullins, Sybil
Picklesimer, Marion
Polly, Maxine
Picklesimer, Lela Mae
Raliegh, Homer
Salyer, Marjorie
Smith, Ersel
Stamper, James Marion
Standifer, Carl
Tolliver, Joe
Webb, Chester
Webb, Nash
Webb, Pruda
Webb, Ralph
Whitaker, Amos
Williams, Robert
Zimmerman, Henrietta
Class of 1937
Adams, Steve
Adams, Shelby Ray
Addington, Gurtha
Adkins, Raymond
Amburgey, Elmer
Banks, Elmo
Banks, Henry
Banks, Juanita
Brown, Berlin
Caudill, William
Coldiron, Lannis
Combs, Bonnie
Combs, Hascal
Cornett, Bennett
Dawahare, Mary
Day, June
Earls, Corbie
Fields, Rudell
Franklin, Burtis
Frazier, Wesley
Gibson, Hobart
Halcomb, Verna
Haynes, Leonard
Hogg, Anna Marie
Hogg, Ruby Jean
Holbrook, William
Ison, Hassell
Kincer, Requa
Lynch, Mary Helen
Logan, Howard L.
Moncrief, Eugene Willie
Moore, Alton
Mullins, Chad
Mullins, Cuba
Mullins, Hilma
Pence, Angie
Salling, Bill
Smith, Delmar
Smith, Elmer
Sparks, Gladys
Squires, James R.
Sturgill, Kenton
Taylor, Bruce
Waddell, Letha
Webb, Elmer
Webb, Maude
Class of 1938
Asher, Robert
Adams, Geneva
Baker, Kermit
Banks, Hazel
Blair, Charles Ray
Blair, Ernette
Blair, Louise
Blair, Ogden
Boggs, Ray
Breeding, Van
Brown, Gertrude
Caudill, Sara Ellen
Collins, Astor
Collins, Bernice
Collins, Foister
Combs, Beulah
Combs, Elizabeth
Combs, Grace
Cornett, Fred
Craft, Garrett
Craft, Helen Marie
Creech, Hershal
Davis, Warren
Day, May
Edminston, Ruth
Fields, Norma
Fields, Carolyn
Frazier, Ira
Frazier, Lee Jr.
Gish, Gladys Belle
Hall, Inis
Hall, Patsy Lou
Hammonds, Raymond
Hoffman, Wayne
Holbrook, Lulu
Holbrook, Marie
Hubbard, Blanche
Ison, Carl D.
Kelly, Quentin
Marcum, Frances
Moretz, Mae
Morton, Thomas
Parsons, Otto
Pendleton, Ruby
Pigman, Ray
Potter, Gladys
Pugh, Julia
Sergent, Ison
Sizemore, Berkeley
Smallwood, Estelle
Sturgill, Leah
Swisher, Yarlat
Thomason, Gene
Class of 1939
Adams, Doris M.
Adams, Lake
Back, Blanche
Bach, Verdelle
Benge, Beulah
Blair, Hanzel
Bates, Verna
Boggs, Gladys
Banks, Ruth
Back, Lovil
Basham, Mary Lou
Brown, Vergil
Banks, Bruce
Blair, Irene
Craft, Clyde
Collins, Arnold
Combs, Dan
Collins, Mabel L.
Craft, Lettie
Cornette, Dewey
Collins, Clint
Combs, Vashti
Cook, Ted
Collins, Ruby B.
Cook, Martha
Caudill, Ruby
Collins, Esther
Collins, Sam Jr.
Daugherty, Carlos
Day, Jean
Cornette, Eulice
Day, Vivian
Frazier, Henrietta
Fields, Ruby Irene
Fugate, Eugene
Gibson, William Fred
Gibson, Martha
Hogg, Panny
Hart, Lillian
Holbrook, Edison
Hogg, Ray
Hammonds, Cordia
Hammonds, Thelma
Hart, Maudine
Holbrook, Mabel
Ison, Manus
Ison, Forester
Killen, Dollis
Kincer, David
Mitchell, Ardelia
Moore, Gene
Moncrief, Mary R.
Mullins, Hazel
Newsome, William
O'neal, Clyde
Profitt, Christine
Routley, Mary Elizabeth
Rose, Oliver
Sexton, Owen
Sexton, Cochel
Sexton, Agnes
Sergent, Mildred
Shepherd, William
Spradlin, Windell
Stamper, Irene
Tolliver, Paul
Taylor, Willie
Taylor, Lawrence
Waddell, Alta
Wagner, Mary
Williams, Hazel
Winstead, Pauline
Class of 1940
Adams, Mary Magdaline
Adams, Paul
Amburgey, Edra
Amburgey, Casie
Amburgey, Wm. McKinley
Banks, Burton
Banks, Clifton
Banks, Durward M.
Banks, Joseph Edison
Banks, Lora
Bates, Donald
Bates, Herman
Blair, Bradley
Blair, Edgar H.
Blair, Stephen Estill
Blair, W. L. Jr.
Boggs, Georgette
Bowens, Steve Hansford
Boyd, Katheryn M.
Brown, Herman
Brown, Lawrence
Childers, Fred
Coldiron, Loretta
Collins, Dale
Collins, Iva Dale
Corder, Blanche
Cornett, Burchel
Cornett, Evaleen
Craft, Ruby Marie
Crase, Enilla
Fields, William Harold
Frazier, Glenn
Frazier, Ira
Fugate, Elbert Jr.
Gish, Juanita
Hale, Florence Irene
Hall, Irene
Harrison, Imogene
Hart, Emma Carolyn
Holbrook, Burl Ellison
Holbrook, Chester F.
Holbrook, John D.
Holbrook, Marvin
Hooper, Charles Edward
Johnson, Myrtle
Lucas, Kermit William
Mullins, Juanita
Newsome, Pauline
Noble, Finley
O'neal, Edward
Parsons, Oscar
Passmore, Jack
Pendleton, Jessie
Pigman, Audrey
Profitt, Clyde
Reynolds, Glenn
Sergent, James Culton
Sexton, Minnie
Smith, Edward Branham
Stamper, Elaine
Stamper, Richard
Sturgill, Velma Louise
Swisher, Jack Remus
Waddell, Viola Arlene
Webb, Eva Mae
Webb, Katheryn Evelyn
Williams, Mary Louise
Williams, Ruth Janette

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