First Recorded Deed
Letcher County, KY

TabThe following is from the Spring 1991 issue of the Letcher Heritage News (Pages 6 & 7), exactly as it appeared in that issue:

(Used by permission of the LCHGS .)

Nathan B. Kelly
To  Mortgage Deed
John Friend

This indenture made and entered into this 31st day of July 1844 
by and between Nathan Kelley of the county of Letcher and State 
of Kentucky of the one part and John Friend of the county of Flid 
and State afforesaid of the other part Witnesseth that whereas the 
said Nathan B. Kelley is indebted to the said John Friend in the 
sum of Four hundred and fifty nine dollars 81 cents evidenced by 
the notes one dated July 10th 1844 for the sum of Two Hundred and 
forty five dollars and due the first day of March 1845 with 
interest from the date another of said notes of the same date and 
and for the sum of one hundred and one dollar and 36 1/4 cents due 
one day after date subject to a credit of $40.12 1/2 cents on the 
31st of July 1844 and third and last of said notes dated July 31st 
1844 and for the sum one hundred and forty three dollars and 57 1/2 
cents due the 25th of December 1844 now for and inconsideration 
of the sum of the said of one dollar in hand paid by the said 
John Friend to the said Nathan B Kelley Receipt wherof is hereby 
acknowledged he _____ said Nathan B Kelley both granted bargained 
and sold and by these presants does allean Convey and Confirm 
unto him the said John Friend to the following asscribe property 
to (wit) fifteen head of cattle Two head of horses Thirty head of 
Sheep 125 head of hogs also all of my farming utensils and all 
grain on my farm and all goods now on hand also the farm on which 
I live in Letcher County Kentucky up to my uper apple orchard to 
have and to hold unto him the said John Frien and his heirs forever 
said personal estate and tracks of land and appertainances in 
mortgages for ever and the said Kelley doth and heirs forever 
warrant and defend the title to said land and personal estate unto 
him the said John Friend his heirs and assigns in fee simple against 
himself his heirs and all persons claiming from by or through him 
and also against the claim or claims of all and person or persons 
whatsoever.  The Condition of the above obligation is such that 
if the said Nathan B Kelley shall pay or cause to be paid into the 
said John Friend the afforesaid sum of $459 and 81 ct in 12 months 
from this date also all cost and entered and all cost of recording 
this deed of mortgage then the above described personal property 
and read estate shall revert and review back again unto the said 
Nathan B Kelley therwise to remain inforce and virtue in Law In 
Testemony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal 
this day and year first above written Signed sealed and delivered 
in the presents of us


W. H. Fitzpatrick

Commonwealth of Kentucky

          Flid County, Sct.

     I Edwin Trimble Clerk of the County Court for the County
afforesaid do hereby certify that this deed of mortgage from
Nathan B Kelley to John Friend was this day produced to me
in my office and acknowledged before me by the said Nathan B
Kelley to be his act and Deed and the said is hereby certified
to be the proper office bor Record Given under my hand this
31st day of July 1844


                                     Edwin Trimble

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