Letcher County, Kentucky

475 Features selected from the GNIS.

Feature Name                 Type      Latitude Longitude USGS 7.5' x 7.5' Map
---------------------------- --------- -------- --------- ------------------------
Abner Branch                 stream    370225N  0825452W  Roxana
Adams Branch                 stream    371026N  0825528W  Blackey
Adams Cemetery               cemetery  370813N  0824740W  Mayking
Adamson                      pop place 371206N  0823445W  Jenkins East
Allen Branch                 stream    370846N  0824741W  Mayking
Alliance Church              church    371158N  0823526W  Jenkins East
Andy Branch                  stream    370034N  0825350W  Roxana
Andy Branch                  stream    370518N  0830332W  Tilford
Appalachian Regional Hospit  airport   370647N  0824844W  Whitesburg
Appletree Branch             stream    371414N  0824551W  Mayking
Archies Branch               stream    365859N  0830713W  Louellen
Austin Gap                   gap       371011N  0823643W  Jenkins East
Bad Branch                   stream    370358N  0824617W  Whitesburg
Banks                        pop place 370503N  0830119W  Tilford
Barkcamp Branch              stream    371307N  0823947W  Jenkins West
Barkcamp Branch              stream    370336N  0830132W  Tilford
Barking School               school    370640N  0825430W  Roxana
Barlow Branch                stream    370045N  0825335W  Roxana
Barn Ridge                   ridge     370246N  0824540W  Whitesburg
Bartesta Branch              stream    370451N  0825000W  Whitesburg
Bates Fork                   stream    370459N  0830130W  Tilford
Bear Branch                  stream    371056N  0824120W  Jenkins West
Bear Branch                  stream    370655N  0830302W  Tilford
Bear Branch                  stream    365825N  0830642W  Louellen
Bear Branch School           school    365830N  0830626W  Louellen
Beaver Gap                   gap       371556N  0824504W  Kite
Beaverdam Branch             stream    371340N  0824950W  Mayking
Beaverdam School (historica  school    371353N  0824949W  Mayking
Bee Branch                   stream    370221N  0824544W  Whitesburg
Beefhide                     pop place 371423N  0823739W  Jenkins West
Beetree Branch               stream    370817N  0825317W  Blackey
Bellcraft                    pop place 370807N  0824931W  Mayking
Bennett Adams Church         church    370743N  0825453W  Blackey
Bens Branch                  stream    371121N  0823612W  Jenkins East
Bentley Hollow               valley    371022N  0824330W  Jenkins West
Bethel Church                church    371049N  0823711W  Jenkins East
Big Bottom Branch            stream    370522N  0825512W  Roxana
Big Branch                   stream    370034N  0825851W  Roxana
Big Branch                   stream    370441N  0825903W  Roxana
Big Branch                   stream    371359N  0824817W  Mayking
Big Branch School            school    370436N  0825855W  Roxana
Big Cowan Church             church    370404N  0825127W  Whitesburg
Big Eli Branch               stream    370604N  0825335W  Roxana
Big Fork Ridge               ridge     365905N  0830653W  Louellen
Big Hollow                   valley    370128N  0825658W  Roxana
Big John Hollow              valley    371505N  0824406W  Wheelwright
Big Lick Gap                 gap       371238N  0823155W  Jenkins East
Bill Harris Branch           stream    370306N  0825911W  Roxana
Bill Moore Branch            stream    370923N  0824246W  Jenkins West
Blackey                      pop place 370824N  0825845W  Blackey
Blair Branch                 stream    370811N  0824738W  Mayking
Blair Branch                 stream    371021N  0825510W  Blackey
Blair Branch Church          church    371023N  0825505W  Blackey
Blair Branch School          school    371011N  0825447W  Blackey
Blair Cemetery               cemetery  370621N  0825140W  Whitesburg
Bluefield School (historica  school    370817N  0830142W  Vicco
Bo Fork                      stream    370425N  0825241W  Roxana
Bob Gap                      gap       371319N  0823030W  Jenkins East
Boggs Cemetery               cemetery  370245N  0824845W  Whitesburg
Boone Fork                   stream    370925N  0824425W  Jenkins West
Bottom Fork                  stream    371147N  0824148W  Jenkins West
Bottom Fork                  stream    370802N  0824551W  Mayking
Bottom Fork School (histori  school    370819N  0824432W  Jenkins West
Brown Branch                 stream    370250N  0824942W  Whitesburg
Brown Branch                 stream    370617N  0825135W  Whitesburg
Bryant Gap                   gap       371051N  0823535W  Jenkins East
Buck Branch                  stream    370911N  0824030W  Jenkins West
Buck Creek                   stream    371326N  0825110W  Mayking
Bull Creek School            school    370941N  0830118W  Vicco
Bunker Branch                stream    370231N  0824557W  Whitesburg
Burdine                      pop place 371121N  0823557W  Jenkins East
Calvary College              school    370844N  0825729W  Blackey
Camp Begomi                  locale    371334N  0823615W  Jenkins East
Camp Branch                  stream    370134N  0825643W  Roxana
Camp Branch                  stream    371240N  0825119W  Mayking
Camp Branch Chapel           church    371142N  0824943W  Mayking
Camp Branch School (histori  school    371214N  0824903W  Mayking
Camp Fork                    stream    371343N  0825135W  Mayking
Campbell Branch              stream    370642N  0830134W  Tilford
Campbell Branch School       school    370643N  0830133W  Tilford
Cane Branch                  stream    371059N  0823709W  Jenkins East
Cane Fork                    stream    371131N  0824548W  Mayking
Cane Hollow                  valley    371227N  0825012W  Mayking
Cantrell Gap                 gap       371250N  0823106W  Jenkins East
Carbon Glow                  pop place 371047N  0825712W  Blackey
Carcassonne                  pop place 371030N  0830000W  Blackey
Carrion Branch               stream    370415N  0825525W  Roxana
Caudill Creek                stream    370908N  0825704W  Blackey
Cedar Grove School           school    370559N  0830016W  Tilford
Chopping Branch              stream    371218N  0824025W  Jenkins West
Cliff Branch                 stream    370659N  0830135W  Tilford
Coal Branch                  stream    370012N  0825357W  Roxana
Cole Fork                    stream    370355N  0830111W  Tilford
Colliers Creek               stream    370053N  0825251W  Roxana
Colliers Creek School        school    370016N  0825149W  Whitesburg
Collins Cemetery             cemetery  371007N  0825130W  Mayking
Collins Cemetery             cemetery  371249N  0825123W  Mayking
Colson                       pop place 371326N  0825123W  Mayking
Colson School (historical)   school    371305N  0825122W  Mayking
Combs Branch                 stream    370738N  0824750W  Mayking
Combs Cemetery               cemetery  370828N  0825253W  Blackey
Company Branch               stream    370932N  0824753W  Mayking
Cook Hollow                  valley    370858N  0824127W  Jenkins West
Coon Branch                  stream    370149N  0830011W  Tilford
Cornetts Branch              stream    370136N  0825740W  Roxana
Cornetts Cemetery            cemetery  370143N  0825741W  Roxana
Cottonpatch Branch           stream    370502N  0825249W  Roxana
Cow Branch                   stream    371051N  0825200W  Mayking
Cow Branch School (historic  school    371049N  0825156W  Mayking
Cowan Branch                 stream    370632N  0824812W  Whitesburg
Cowan Creek                  stream    370619N  0825147W  Whitesburg
Crafts Colly Creek           stream    370709N  0824734W  Whitesburg
Craiger Branch               stream    370219N  0825040W  Whitesburg
Cram Creek                   stream    370733N  0824616W  Mayking
Cram Creek School            school    370710N  0824556W  Whitesburg
Crases Branch                stream    370839N  0825730W  Blackey
Cromona                      pop place 371111N  0824150W  Jenkins West
Crown                        pop place 370859N  0825029W  Mayking
Daniels Branch               stream    371223N  0825247W  Blackey
Day                          pop place 370417N  0825048W  Whitesburg
Day Branch                   stream    370554N  0825049W  Whitesburg
Day School                   school    370406N  0825512W  Roxana
Deadening Branch             stream    370159N  0825954W  Roxana
Deadening Branch             stream    370323N  0830133W  Tilford
Deane                        pop place 371419N  0824624W  Mayking
Defeated Creek               pop place 370306N  0825935W  Roxana
Defeated Creek               stream    370311N  0825920W  Roxana
Defeated Creek School        school    370244N  0825948W  Roxana
Democrat                     pop place 371400N  0824812W  Mayking
Dick Branch                  stream    371414N  0824616W  Mayking
Dickson Cemetery             cemetery  370817N  0825917W  Blackey
Dixon Cemetery               cemetery  370933N  0825944W  Blackey
Dixon Memorial Church        church    370934N  0825603W  Blackey
Dongola                      pop place 370550N  0825038W  Whitesburg
Doty Creek                   stream    371029N  0825548W  Blackey
Doty School                  school    371044N  0825602W  Blackey
Dry Fork                     stream    370127N  0825729W  Roxana
Dry Fork                     stream    370715N  0825235W  Roxana
Dry Fork Church              church    370821N  0825138W  Mayking
Dunham                       pop place 371124N  0823852W  Jenkins West
East Jenkins                 pop place 371116N  0823615W  Jenkins East
Elizabeth Church             church    371133N  0824430W  Jenkins West
Elk Creek                    stream    370817N  0825922W  Blackey
Elk Pond                     lake      370022N  0824903W  Whitesburg
Elkhorn Branch               stream    371144N  0825259W  Blackey
Elkhorn Branch               stream    373007N  0834823W  Heidelberg
Elkhorn Lake                 reservoir 371006N  0823805W  Jenkins West
Elkins Branch                stream    370111N  0825240W  Roxana
Eolia                        pop place 370313N  0824730W  Whitesburg
Ermine                       pop place 370716N  0824732W  Whitesburg
Fairchild Branch             stream    370836N  0824919W  Mayking
Farraday                     pop place 370950N  0824615W  Mayking
Fishpond Branch              stream    370919N  0824047W  Jenkins West
Fishpond Lake                lake      370941N  0824036W  Jenkins West
Fishpond School (historical  school    370905N  0824222W  Jenkins West
Fleming                      pop place 371144N  0824157W  Jenkins West
Fleming-Neon                 pop place 371132N  0824221W  Jenkins West
Flint                        pop place 370303N  0825601W  Roxana
Flintfield Branch            stream    370309N  0825702W  Roxana
Four Square Church           church    370059N  0825802W  Roxana
Franklin Branch              stream    370854N  0824742W  Mayking
Franks Creek                 stream    370319N  0824820W  Whitesburg
Franks Creek School          school    370147N  0824806W  Whitesburg
Frazier Branch               stream    370551N  0825321W  Roxana
Freewill Church (historical  church    371453N  0824418W  Jenkins West
Friday Branch                stream    370733N  0824709W  Mayking
Fugate Branch                stream    370313N  0825456W  Roxana
Gap Branch                   stream    371120N  0824547W  Mayking
Garner Creek                 stream    371105N  0825423W  Blackey
Gaskill                      pop place 371106N  0823640W  Jenkins East
Gibson Branch                stream    370202N  0830039W  Tilford
Gibson Cemetery              cemetery  371203N  0825308W  Blackey
Gilley                       pop place 365827N  0830644W  Louellen
Gordon                       pop place 365934N  0830128W  Louellen
Grapevine Branch             stream    370528N  0825023W  Whitesburg
Grassy Fork                  stream    371322N  0824157W  Jenkins West
Grays Branch                 stream    371100N  0824017W  Jenkins West
Grays Branch                 stream    371341N  0823722W  Jenkins East
Hall Hill Gap                gap       371311N  0824841W  Mayking
Hallie                       pop place 370608N  0830117W  Tilford
Halls Butt                   summit    370156N  0824851W  Whitesburg
Hammonds Branch              stream    370656N  0824823W  Whitesburg
Hampton Branch               stream    370547N  0825102W  Whitesburg
Hayes Branch                 stream    370145N  0825209W  Whitesburg
Haymond                      pop place 371050N  0824115W  Jenkins West
Haymond School               school    371048N  0824104W  Jenkins West
Hemphill                     pop place 371256N  0824219W  Jenkins West
Henry Maggard Branch         stream    370319N  0824913W  Whitesburg
Holcomb Branch               stream    370042N  0825825W  Roxana
Hollybush Branch             stream    370850N  0825239W  Blackey
Holy Angels Catholic Church  church    371211N  0824047W  Jenkins West
Horse Mill Point Cemetery    cemetery  371020N  0825540W  Blackey
Horseshoe Branch             stream    370230N  0825014W  Whitesburg
Hot Spot                     pop place 370739N  0825500W  Blackey
Hot Spot Premium Post Offic  locale    370721N  0825503W  Roxana
Hurricane Branch             stream    370901N  0824919W  Mayking
Hurricane Gap Church         church    365946N  0830140W  Louellen
Hurricane Gap School         school    365953N  0830151W  Louellen
Ice                          pop place 370627N  0825137W  Whitesburg
Ike Branch                   stream    370409N  0825518W  Roxana
Indian Bottom Church         church    370750N  0830002W  Vicco
Indian Bottom Church         church    370835N  0825751W  Blackey
Indian Bottom Church         church    370754N  0830100W  Vicco
Indian Branch                stream    370040N  0830220W  Tilford
Indian Creek                 stream    371326N  0824856W  Mayking
Indian Creek Gap             gap       371244N  0824640W  Mayking
Indian Grave Gap             gap       370811N  0824058W  Jenkins West
Ingram Branch                stream    370012N  0830016W  Tilford
Ingram Creek                 stream    370218N  0825805W  Roxana
Ingram Creek School          school    370313N  0825700W  Roxana
Island Branch                stream    370508N  0825919W  Roxana
Isom                         pop place 371116N  0825356W  Blackey
Isom Cemetery                cemetery  370715N  0825823W  Roxana
Ison Cemetery                cemetery  371225N  0825159W  Mayking
Jakes Creek                  stream    365858N  0830513W  Louellen
James Memorial Church        church    371000N  0825950W  Blackey
Jenkins                      pop place 371024N  0823752W  Jenkins West
Jenkins Branch               stream    370150N  0825138W  Whitesburg
Jeremiah                     pop place 371002N  0825545W  Blackey
Jeremiah School              school    370944N  0825600W  Blackey
Jim Hogg Branch              stream    371025N  0824930W  Mayking
Joe Day Branch               stream    370209N  0825053W  Whitesburg
Joes Branch                  stream    371108N  0823652W  Jenkins East
Johns Fork                   stream    371420N  0823724W  Jenkins East
Johns Fork School            school    371423N  0823725W  Jenkins East
Johnson Branch               stream    370737N  0825500W  Blackey
Johnson House Branch         stream    370552N  0825014W  Whitesburg
Kingdom Come Creek           stream    370649N  0825422W  Roxana
Kingdom Come Creek School    school    370456N  0825248W  Roxana
Kingdom Come School          school    370108N  0825744W  Roxana
Kings Creek                  stream    370626N  0825653W  Roxana
Kings Creek                  pop place 370306N  0825453W  Roxana
Kona                         pop place 370927N  0824420W  Jenkins West
Koyle Branch                 stream    365912N  0830431W  Louellen
Laurel Branch                stream    370150N  0825607W  Roxana
Laurel Fork                  stream    370900N  0824218W  Jenkins West
Laurelpatch Branch           stream    365930N  0830253W  Louellen
Left Fork Bates Fork         stream    370452N  0830149W  Tilford
Left Fork Koyle Branch       stream    365920N  0830436W  Louellen
Left Fork Millstone Creek    stream    371049N  0824513W  Mayking
Letcher                      pop place 370842N  0825733W  Blackey
Letcher County               civil     370800N  0825200W  Mayking
Letcher County High School   school    370919N  0825606W  Blackey
Letcher Independence Church  church    371011N  0825547W  Blackey
Lewis Cemetery               cemetery  365840N  0830523W  Louellen
Lewis Creek                  stream    370015N  0825405W  Roxana
Lewis Creek School           school    370013N  0825359W  Roxana
Lick Branch                  stream    370356N  0825502W  Roxana
Lick Branch                  stream    370943N  0825821W  Blackey
Lick Branch                  stream    371417N  0824539W  Mayking
Lick Fork                    stream    371141N  0824428W  Jenkins West
Licking Rock Branch          stream    370911N  0824739W  Mayking
Line Fork                    stream    371117N  0844021W  Science Hill
Line Fork School             school    365908N  0830440W  Louellen
Linefork                     pop place 370111N  0825735W  Roxana
Linzy Hollow                 valley    370238N  0825843W  Roxana
Little Colly Church          church    371057N  0825125W  Mayking
Little Colly Creek           stream    371117N  0825343W  Blackey
Little Cowan Creek           stream    370543N  0825035W  Whitesburg
Little Creek                 stream    371217N  0824249W  Jenkins West
Little Creek School (histor  school    371250N  0824330W  Jenkins West
Little Dry Fork              stream    370746N  0825149W  Mayking
Little Elkhorn Creek         stream    371015N  0823810W  Jenkins West
Little Fork                  stream    370149N  0824805W  Whitesburg
Little Fork Ridge            ridge     370149N  0824704W  Whitesburg
Little Joe Day Branch        stream    370159N  0825100W  Whitesburg
Little Laurelpatch Branch    stream    365942N  0830224W  Louellen
Little Leatherwood School    school    370505N  0830347W  Tilford
Little Rock Baptist Church   church    370924N  0824418W  Jenkins West
Logan Gap                    gap       371415N  0825219W  Mayking
Loggy Hollow                 valley    370853N  0825137W  Mayking
Long Branch                  stream    370420N  0825044W  Whitesburg
Long Branch                  stream    365913N  0830325W  Louellen
Long Branch                  stream    370626N  0830135W  Tilford
Long Branch                  stream    370825N  0824918W  Mayking
Long Branch                  stream    370750N  0824531W  Mayking
Loves Branch                 stream    371357N  0824851W  Mayking
Low Gap Branch               stream    370910N  0825901W  Blackey
Low Gap Fork                 stream    365859N  0830601W  Louellen
Low Gap Hollow               valley    371501N  0824418W  Wheelwright
Lower Appletree Branch       stream    371359N  0824734W  Mayking
Lower Gap Branch             stream    371206N  0825131W  Mayking
Lower Kings Creek School     school    370521N  0825518W  Roxana
Lower Lick Fork              stream    370927N  0830208W  Vicco
Lower Millstone School (his  school    371007N  0824510W  Mayking
Lucastown                    pop place 371223N  0824748W  Mayking
Lucky Branch                 stream    370538N  0825523W  Roxana
Lynn Branch                  stream    370454N  0825508W  Roxana
Maggard Branch               stream    370129N  0825212W  Whitesburg
Maggard Cemetery             cemetery  370154N  0825145W  Whitesburg
Maggard School               school    370126N  0825216W  Whitesburg
Mare Branch                  stream    370930N  0830125W  Vicco
Marlowe                      pop place 370752N  0824951W  Mayking
Mary Jane Potter School      school    370926N  0824425W  Jenkins West
Mayking                      pop place 370800N  0824558W  Mayking
McPeak Branch                stream    371154N  0823521W  Jenkins East
McRoberts                    pop place 371227N  0824019W  Jenkins West
McRoberts Cemetery           cemetery  371213N  0824046W  Jenkins West
Meadow Branch                stream    370407N  0824541W  Whitesburg
Meadow Fork                  stream    370309N  0824738W  Whitesburg
Meadow Fork                  stream    371242N  0824445W  Jenkins West
Middle Colly School (histor  school    370913N  0824740W  Mayking
Middle Cowan Creek School    school    370456N  0824954W  Whitesburg
Middle Dry Fork School (his  school    370836N  0825122W  Mayking
Middle Fork Beefhide Creek   stream    371410N  0823817W  Jenkins West
Middle Millstone School (hi  school    371046N  0824511W  Mayking
Mill Branch                  stream    370656N  0825703W  Roxana
Mill Branch School           school    370705N  0825653W  Roxana
Mill Creek                   stream    371418N  0824629W  Mayking
Millstone                    pop place 371002N  0824506W  Mayking
Millstone Baptist Church     church    371114N  0824436W  Jenkins West
Millstone Branch             stream    371231N  0825200W  Mayking
Millstone Creek              stream    371004N  0824513W  Mayking
Moores Chapel                church    371208N  0824047W  Jenkins West
Morgan Cemetery              cemetery  370505N  0825906W  Roxana
Mouth of Daniel School (his  school    371221N  0825254W  Blackey
Muddy Branch                 stream    370516N  0825521W  Roxana
Muriel Branch                stream    370705N  0830144W  Tilford
Mussel White Branch          stream    370259N  0824945W  Whitesburg
Ned Branch                   stream    370621N  0825337W  Roxana
Neon                         pop place 371129N  0824249W  Jenkins West
Neon Junction                pop place 371046N  0824250W  Jenkins West
Oldhouse Branch              stream    370659N  0825529W  Roxana
Oldhouse Branch              stream    370203N  0830052W  Tilford
Orchard Branch               stream    370802N  0830038W  Vicco
Osborn Gap                   gap       371213N  0823240W  Jenkins East
Oscaloosa                    pop place 370549N  0825319W  Roxana
Oven Fork                    pop place 370333N  0824831W  Whitesburg
Oven Fork School             school    370230N  0824958W  Whitesburg
Ovenfork Branch              stream    370524N  0824835W  Whitesburg
Owens Cabin Branch           stream    370439N  0830110W  Tilford
Pacies Branch                stream    370552N  0825559W  Roxana
Panther Branch               stream    371330N  0823200W  Jenkins East
Parsons Cemetery             cemetery  370416N  0824704W  Whitesburg
Parsons School               school    370409N  0824543W  Whitesburg
Partridge                    pop place 370023N  0825353W  Roxana
Payne Gap                    pop place 370919N  0823934W  Jenkins West
Perkins Branch               stream    370912N  0825604W  Blackey
Persimmon Branch             stream    370811N  0824926W  Mayking
Pert Creek                   stream    370641N  0824801W  Whitesburg
Pert Creek School            school    370557N  0824709W  Whitesburg
Pigeon Fork                  stream    370523N  0830048W  Tilford
Pine Branch                  stream    370412N  0824443W  Flat Gap
Pine Creek                   stream    370801N  0824549W  Mayking
Pine Creek School (historic  school    370819N  0824432W  Jenkins West
Pine Mountain Aero Heliport  airport   370649N  0824813W  Whitesburg
Pine Mountain Lookout        locale    370908N  0823842W  Jenkins West
Pine Mountain Trail          trail     371212N  0823309W  Jenkins East
Pine Mountain Tunnel         tunnel    370923N  0823752W  Jenkins West
Pine Mountian Trail          trail     371212N  0823309W  Jenkins East
Pitcher Branch               stream    370005N  0830032W  Tilford
Polly                        pop place 371203N  0824936W  Mayking
Polly Branch                 stream    370733N  0824643W  Mayking
Poplar Log Hollow            valley    370532N  0825310W  Roxana
Potter Cemetery              cemetery  371051N  0823709W  Jenkins East
Potter Fork                  stream    371044N  0824257W  Jenkins West
Potter Gap                   gap       371121N  0823907W  Jenkins West
Potters Fork                 pop place 371057N  0824024W  Jenkins West
Pound Gap                    gap       370917N  0823758W  Jenkins West
Pratts Branch                stream    370835N  0825744W  Blackey
Presley House Branch         stream    370351N  0824727W  Whitesburg
Quillen Fork                 stream    371254N  0824219W  Jenkins West
Raleigh Fork                 stream    365956N  0825126W  Appalachia
Ramey Fork                   stream    371039N  0824050W  Jenkins West
Ran Polly Gap                gap       370554N  0824614W  Whitesburg
Razorblade Branch            stream    371418N  0824644W  Mayking
Rhoades Branch               stream    371417N  0824543W  Mayking
Riddle Cemetery              cemetery  365859N  0830500W  Louellen
Right Fork Doty Creek        stream    371103N  0825605W  Blackey
Right Fork Millstone Creek   stream    371157N  0824543W  Mayking
River Ridge                  ridge     370109N  0825038W  Whitesburg
Road Fork                    stream    365901N  0830540W  Louellen
Road Fork                    stream    370038N  0830213W  Tilford
Roberts Branch               stream    370147N  0825138W  Whitesburg
Roberts Branch               stream    370415N  0824353W  Flat Gap
Roberts Branch Cemetery      cemetery  370356N  0824344W  Flat Gap
Rockhouse Church             church    371353N  0824740W  Mayking
Rockhouse Creek              stream    370824N  0825823W  Blackey
Roxana                       pop place 370640N  0825700W  Roxana
Sackett                      pop place 371209N  0825307W  Blackey
Saint George School          school    371024N  0823800W  Jenkins West
Saltlick Branch              stream    370600N  0830122W  Tilford
Sam Bentley Cemetery         cemetery  370908N  0824021W  Jenkins West
Sams Ridge                   ridge     365912N  0825157W  Appalachia
Sandlick Creek               stream    370722N  0825022W  Whitesburg
Sandlick Gap                 gap       371056N  0824943W  Mayking
Schuler Branch               stream    371459N  0824612W  Mayking
Scotts Branch                stream    365852N  0830701W  Louellen
Scuttlehole Gap              gap       370308N  0825129W  Whitesburg
Seco                         pop place 371019N  0824356W  Jenkins West
Sergent                      pop place 370851N  0824611W  Mayking
She Fork                     stream    371209N  0824054W  Jenkins West
Shipley Branch               stream    370039N  0830213W  Tilford
Shop Branch                  stream    370722N  0824643W  Whitesburg
Skyline                      pop place 370433N  0825854W  Roxana
Slick Rock Branch            stream    370406N  0824639W  Whitesburg
Slipfield Branch             stream    370423N  0825038W  Whitesburg
Smith Cemetery               cemetery  365838N  0830528W  Louellen
Smith Creek                  stream    370303N  0824731W  Whitesburg
Smoot Creek                  stream    370701N  0825508W  Roxana
Solomon Branch               stream    370657N  0824906W  Whitesburg
South Fork Collier Creek     stream    370017N  0825151W  Whitesburg
Southdown                    pop place 370930N  0824750W  Mayking
Spicewood Branch             stream    370543N  0825318W  Roxana
Spring Branch                stream    370514N  0825309W  Roxana
Spring Branch                stream    370958N  0825536W  Blackey
Stampers Branch              stream    371111N  0825358W  Blackey
Stevens Fork                 stream    371438N  0824417W  Jenkins West
Sturgill Branch              stream    370401N  0825123W  Whitesburg
Sturgill Cemetery            cemetery  370333N  0824639W  Whitesburg
Sugar Branch                 stream    371229N  0825021W  Mayking
Sumpter Branch               stream    370401N  0825123W  Whitesburg
Talent Branch                stream    370827N  0830105W  Vicco
Thicket Branch               stream    370801N  0824734W  Mayking
Thomas School                school    370526N  0824826W  Whitesburg
Thompson Branch              stream    370750N  0824953W  Mayking
Thornton                     pop place 371024N  0824643W  Mayking
Thornton Creek               stream    370906N  0824554W  Mayking
Thornton Gap                 pop place 371209N  0824733W  Mayking
Thorton Gap School (histori  school    371209N  0824733W  Mayking
Tillie                       pop place 371051N  0825150W  Mayking
Tolby Branch                 stream    370600N  0825956W  Roxana
Tolliver Town                pop place 371049N  0824233W  Jenkins West
Tolson Branch                stream    370645N  0825737W  Roxana
Tolson Branch Church         church    370656N  0825710W  Roxana
Tolson School                school    370605N  0825743W  Roxana
Tom Biggs Branch             stream    371238N  0824005W  Jenkins West
Tom, Lake                    reservoir 370704N  0830140W  Tilford
Trace Branch                 stream    365952N  0830154W  Louellen
Trace Fork                   stream    370128N  0824733W  Whitesburg
Trace Fork                   stream    371117N  0825315W  Blackey
Trace Fork                   stream    371326N  0825116W  Mayking
Trace Fork                   stream    370924N  0825219W  Mayking
Tucker Gap                   gap       371036N  0823551W  Jenkins East
Turkey Creek                 stream    370601N  0830102W  Tilford
Turkey Creek School          school    370411N  0830116W  Tilford
Turkey Gap                   gap       370954N  0825000W  Mayking
Ulvah                        pop place 370740N  0830308W  Vicco
Upper Colly School (histori  school    371003N  0824818W  Mayking
Upper Cumberland School      school    370418N  0824405W  Flat Gap
Upper Dry Fork School        school    370928N  0825025W  Mayking
Upper Kings Creek School     school    370259N  0825447W  Roxana
Upper Lick Fork              stream    370944N  0830116W  Vicco
Upper Millstone School (his  school    371211N  0824441W  Jenkins West
Uz School                    school    370705N  0825247W  Roxana
Valley Branch                stream    365930N  0830129W  Louellen
Van                          pop place 370905N  0825225W  Mayking
Vanover Cemetery             cemetery  371109N  0823621W  Jenkins East
WIFX-FM (Jenkins)            tower     370638N  0824418W  Flat Gap
WMMT-FM (Whitesburg)         tower     370638N  0824415W  Flat Gap
WNKY-AM (Neon)               tower     371154N  0824242W  Jenkins West
WTCW-AM (Whitesburg)         tower     370804N  0824608W  Mayking
WXKQ-FM (Whitesburg)         tower     370427N  0824844W  Whitesburg
Walters Branch               stream    371111N  0825358W  Blackey
Webb Branch                  stream    370847N  0824608W  Mayking
Webb Branch                  stream    370904N  0824225W  Jenkins West
Wentz                        pop place 370454N  0830350W  Tilford
Whitaker                     pop place 371020N  0824318W  Jenkins West
Whitaker Branch              stream    370302N  0824926W  Whitesburg
Whitaker Branch              stream    370509N  0825936W  Roxana
Whitaker School              school    370422N  0825733W  Roxana
Whitco                       pop place 370710N  0825105W  Whitesburg
Whitesburg                   pop place 370706N  0824937W  Whitesburg
Whitesburg Municipal Airpor  airport   371318N  0825223W  Mayking
Whitesburg Municipal Airpor  airport   371320N  0825229W  Mayking
Wilson Branch                stream    370157N  0830132W  Tilford
Win Branch                   stream    370006N  0825436W  Roxana
Wolfpen Branch               stream    370946N  0824616W  Mayking
Wolfpen Branch               stream    370459N  0830122W  Tilford
Wright Fork                  stream    371044N  0824257W  Jenkins West
Wright Fork                  stream    371412N  0823807W  Jenkins West
Yellowhouse Branch           stream    371238N  0825038W  Mayking
Yonts Fork                   stream    371127N  0824247W  Jenkins West

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