1843 Tax List
Letcher County, KY

TabThe following 1843 Letcher County, KY, Tax List is a "sorted" version of the one appearing in the September 1992 issue of the Letcher Heritage News (Pages 35-41):

(Used by permission of the LCHGS .)

    Name                           Water Course
    --------------------------     ------------------
    Adams, Abslom                  Kentucky River      
    Adams, Benjamin                Kentucky River      
    Adams, Elijah                  Cumberland River    
    Adams, George                  Kentucky River      
    Adams, Isaac                   Kentucky River      
    Adams, Jesse                   Cumberland River    
    Adams, Jesse                   Kentucky River      
    Adams, Jesse                   Kentucky River      
    Adams, Jesse B.                Kentucky River      
    Adams, John                    Kentucky River      
    Adams, John B.                 Kentucky River      
    Adams, Letty                   Kentucky River      
    Adams, Moses                   Cumberland River    
    Adams, Moses                   Kentucky River      
    Adams, Moses                   Kentucky River      
    Adams, Moses, Sr.              Kentucky River      
    Adams, Randolph                Kentucky River      
    Adams, Solomon                 Kentucky River      
    Adams, Spencer                 Kentucky River      
    Adams, Spencer                 Rockhouse           
    Adams, Stephen                 Kentucky River      
    Adams, Stephen                 Rockhouse           
    Adams, Stephen, Sr.            Cumberland River    
    Adams, William                 Kentucky River      
    Adams, William                 Kentucky River      
    Adams, William, Sr.            Kentucky River      
    Back, Alfred                   Rockhouse           
    Back, Henry, Sr.               Rockhouse           
    Back, John                     Rockhouse           
    Back, Samuel                   Cowan Creek         
    Baily, James                   Kentucky River      
    Banks, Alfred                  Kingdom Come        
    Banks, Henry                   Kingdom Come        
    Banks, William                 Kingdom Come        
    Bates, Jesse                   Boone Fork          
    Bates, John W.                 Kentucky River      
    Bates, John W., Jr.            Kentucky River      
    Bentley, Benjamin              Boone Fork          
    Bentley, John                  Boone Fork          
    Bentley, Joseph                Kentucky River      
    Bentley, Lewis                 Kentucky River      
    Bentley, Polly                 Rockhouse           
    Bentley, Spaniel? (Daniel)     Boone Fork          
    Bentley, Squire                Boone Fork          
    Bentley, Thomas                Kentucky River      
    Bentley, William               Boone Fork          
    Bentley, William               Rockhouse           
    Blair, Charles                 Colliers Fork       
    Blair, Henry                   Colliers Fork       
    Blair, John R.                 Cumberland River    
    Blankenship, Barnett           Kentucky River      
    Boggs, Abel                    Cumberland River    
    Boggs, Silas                   Cumberland River    
    Boggs, William                 Cumberland River    
    Boling, James                  Cumberland River    
    Bowin, Pernin                  Sandlick            
    Bowin, William                 Sandlick            
    Breeding, Briston              Rockhouse           
    Breeding, Elisha               Carrs Fork          
    Breeding, Elisha               Rockhouse           
    Brooks, Meredith               Kentucky River      
    Brown, Benjamin                Cowan Creek         
    Brown, John Q.                 Cowan Creek         
    Brown, John Q.                 Dry Fork            
    Burgey, Alfred                 Carrs Fork          
    Burgey, Ambrose                Carrs Fork          
    Burgey, John                   Carrs Fork          
    Burgey, Robert                 Carrs Fork          
    Burgey, Umphry                 Carrs Fork          
    Burgey, Wilborn                Carrs Fork          
    Burgey, William, Jr.           Carrs Fork          
    Burgey, William, Sr.           Carrs Fork          
    Burton, Robert                 Kings Creek         
    Calhoun, David, Jr.            Troublesome Creek   
    Calhoun, David, Sr.            Troublesome Creek   
    Calhoun, Washington            Troublesome Creek   
    Caudill, Abel                  Millstone           
    Caudill, Henry, Sr.            Cowan Creek         
    Caudill, Isham                 Cowan Creek         
    Caudill, Mathew                Cowan Creek         
    Caudill, Samuel                Cumberland River    
    Caudill, Stephen               Millstone           
    Caudill, Stephen, Jr.          Cowan Creek         
    Caudill, William, Sr.          Rockhouse           
    Collins, Nathaniel             Rockhouse           
    Combs, Shadrick                Smoot Creek         
    Combs, Wesley                  Kentucky River      
    Cornitt, Joseph E.             Dry Fork            
    Cornitt, Samuel                Troublesome Creek   
    Davis, Reace                   Carrs Fork          
    Day, David                     Kentucky River      
    Day, Joseph                    Colliers Creek      
    Demaster, John                 Kentucky River      
    Demaster, Richard              Troublesome Creek   
    Dixon, John                    Kentucky River      
    Dixon, Thomas                  Kentucky River      
    Eldridge, Levi                 Rockhouse           
    Estep, Cristly                 Kentucky River      
    Everidge, Joseph               Troublesome Creek   
    Ewing, Samuel                  Camp Branch         
    Fields, Davis                  Kentucky River      
    Fields, Lansford               Kings Creek         
    Fleman, Fredrick               Boone Fork          
    Francis, Samuel                Carrs Fork          
    Francis, Simeon                Carrs Fork          
    Francis, Thomas                Carrs Fork          
    Franklin, James                Carrs Fork          
    Frazier, Daniel                Kingdom Come        
    Frazier, Jonathan              Kingdom Come        
    Frazier, Solomon               Smoot Creek         
    Frazier, Squire                Kentucky River      
    Garner, William                Smoot Creek         
    Gilly, Levi                    Rockhouse           
    Gross, William                 Boone Fork          
    Haggan, Gilbert                Troublesome Creek   
    Haggan, James                  Rockhouse           
    Hall, Alfred                   Colly Creek         
    Hall, James                    Rockhouse           
    Hall, James, Jr.               Rockhouse           
    Hall, Jonathan                 Rockhouse           
    Hall, Lewis                    Rockhouse           
    Hall, Reuben, Jr.              Rockhouse           
    Hall, Reuben, Sr.              Rockhouse           
    Hall, Samuel                   Rockhouse           
    Hall, William                  Rockhouse           
    Hall, William                  Rockhouse           
    Hampton, Jeremiah              Kentucky River      
    Hampton, Joseph                Millstone           
    Hampton, Silvester             Rockhouse           
    Hampton, Turner                Rockhouse           
    Hampton, Wilborn               Cowan Creek         
    Harris, Jacob                  Kentucky River      
    Herril, Reuben                 Troublesome Creek   
    Hicks, Claiborn                Troublesome Creek   
    Hicks, Jesse                   Troublesome Creek   
    Hogg, Hiram                    Kentucky River      
    Hogg, James                    Kentucky River      
    Hogg, James                    Kings Creek         
    Hogg, James                    Mill Branch         
    Hogg, Kelly                    Kentucky River      
    Hogg, Stephen                  Kings Creek         
    Holbrook, William H.           Kentucky River      
    Holbrooks, Benjamin            Kentucky River      
    Holbrooks, Randolph            Kentucky River      
    Holbrooks, William B.          Kentucky River      
    Hollinsworth, Beasley          Kentucky River      
    Hollinsworth, Squire           Kentucky River      
    Huff, Harrison                 Troublesome Creek   
    Huff, Sarah                    Troublesome Creek   
    Hughs, Daniel                  Troublesome Creek   
    Hughs, Gabriel                 Rockhouse           
    Hughs, James                   Troublesome Creek   
    Hughs, John                    Kentucky River      
    Hughs, Tolover                 Troublesome Creek   
    Jenkins, John W.               Kentucky River      
    Johnson, Levi                  Troublesome Creek   
    Johnson, Washington            Carrs Fork          
    Johnson, William               Carrs Fork          
    Justus, Simeon                 Carrs Fork          
    Kelly, James                   Troublesome Creek   
    Kelly, Nathan B.               Troublesome Creek   
    Kelly, Pleasant                Troublesome Creek   
    Lewis, Jonathan                Kentucky River      
    Lucas, Parker                  Thornton Creek      
    Madden, Peter                  Rockhouse           
    Maggard, David                 Cumberland River    
    Maggard, Henry, Jr.            Rockhouse           
    Maggard, Henry, Sr.            Cumberland River    
    Maggard, Isaac                 Cumberland River    
    Maggard, James                 Cumberland River    
    Maggard, John                  Cumberland River    
    Maggard, Moses                 Cumberland River    
    Maggard, Randolph              Cumberland River    
    Maggard, Samuel, Jr.           Cumberland River    
    Maggard, Samuel, Sr.           Cumberland River    
    Manhollan, Thomas              Carrs Fork          
    Morgan, Isham                  Rockhouse           
    Morgan, James, Sr.             Rockhouse           
    Morgan, William                Rockhouse           
    Mullins, Daniel                Troublesome Creek   
    Mullins, John                  Carrs Fork          
    Mullins, Joshua                Carrs Fork          
    Mullins, Joshua                Cumberland River    
    Mussellwhite, Joseph           Cumberland River    
    Owen, Reace W.                 Troublesome Creek   
    Pigman, Burgey                 Carrs Fork          
    Pigman, John                   Carrs Fork          
    Pigman, Wesley                 Carrs Fork          
    Polly, David                   Kentucky River      
    Polly, Edward, Jr.             Smoot Creek         
    Polly, Edward, Sr.             Kentucky River      
    Polly, Henry                   Kentucky River      
    Potter, Isaac                  Boone Fork          
    Pratt, Henry                   Rockhouse           
    Prichitt, Harvey               Colly Creek         
    Quelling, Tagus                Millstone           
    Quilliam, Henry                Millstone           
    Quilling, William              Millstone           
    Reynolds, Joseph               Carrs Fork          
    Roark, Carter                  Smoot Creek         
    Roark, James                   Dry Fork            
    Roberts, Sampson               Kentucky River      
    Sexton, Andrew                 Camp Branch         
    Sexton, Bartly                 Camp Branch         
    Sexton, Isaiah                 Camp Branch         
    Sexton, Marcus                 Camp Branch         
    Sexton, Moses                  Camp Branch         
    Sexton, Samuel                 Camp Branch         
    Sexton, William                Rockhouse           
    Sexton, William, Jr.           Camp Branch         
    Smallwood, Elijah              Cumberland River    
    Smith, John B.                 Carrs Fork          
    Smith, William                 Carrs Fork          
    Smith, William B.              Carrs Fork          
    Spincer, Elijah                Kentucky River      
    Stamper, Isaac D.              Rockhouse           
    Stamper, John W.               Rockhouse           
    Stamper, William               Rockhouse           
    Stamper, William B.            Kentucky River      
    Stephens, James                Colly Creek         
    Sturgill, David                Cumberland River    
    Sturgill, Francis              Cumberland River    
    Sumner, James                  Kentucky River      
    Sumner, John                   Rockhouse           
    Vance, John W.                 Rockhouse           
    Webb, Benjamin                 Kentucky River      
    Webb, Enoch A.                 Kentucky River      
    Webb, Jason L.                 Kentucky River      
    Webb, Miles M.                 Kentucky River      
    Williams, John                 Kentucky River      
    Wright, Hiram                  Smoot Creek         
    Wright, James                  Boone Fork          
    Wright, Joel                   Kentucky River      
    Wright, John                   Boone Fork          
    Wright, Samuel                 Boone Fork          
    Wright, Sarah                  Boone Fork          
    Yonts, Levisy                  Boone Fork          
    Yonts, Solomon                 Boone Fork          
    Yonts, William                 Boone Fork          

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