1848 Tax List
Letcher County, KY

TabThe following 1848 Letcher County, KY, Tax List is a "sorted" version of the one appearing in the September 1996 issue of the Letcher Heritage News (Pages 20-23):

(Used by permission of the LCHGS .)

    Name                           Water Course
    --------------------------     ------------------
    Adams, Absolem                 Kentucky River      
    Adams, Benjamin                Kentucky River      
    Adams, Elijah                  Cars Fork           
    Adams, Francis                 Cumberland River    
    Adams, George Esq.             Kentucky River      
    Adams, Gilbert                 Thornton            
    Adams, Isaac                   Cowan Creek         
    Adams, Jesse                   Colly Creek         
    Adams, Jesse                   Cumberland River    
    Adams, Jesse                   Kentucky River      
    Adams, Jesse G?                Thornton            
    Adams, Jesse M                 Mill Creek          
    Adams, John                    Kentucky River      
    Adams, John                    Kentucky River      
    Adams, John                    Thornton            
    Adams, John Jr.                Kentucky River      
    Adams, John M                  Kentucky River      
    Adams, John Q?                 Thornton            
    Adams, Moses                   Kentucky River      
    Adams, Moses                   Kentucky River      
    Adams, Moses                   Rockhouse           
    Adams, Randall                 Kentucky River      
    Adams, Simpson                 Kentucky River      
    Adams, Spencer                 Mill Creek          
    Adams, Spencer                 Thornton            
    Adams, Stephen                 Colly Creek         
    Adams, Stephen                 Colly Creek         
    Adams, Stephen                 Mill Creek          
    Adams, Susannah                Kentucky River      
    Adams, William                 Kentucky River      
    Adams, William                 Kentucky River      
    Adams, William T?              Kentucky River      
    Akers, James H                 Kentucky River      
    Akers, James J?                Kentucky River      
    Akers, John                    Kentucky River      
    Akers, Thomas                  Kentucky River      
    Amburgey, Alford               Troublesome Creek   
    Amburgey, Ambrose              Cars Fork           
    Amburgey, Ambrose              Cars Fork           
    Amburgey, Francis              Cars Fork           
    Amburgey, Jesse                Cars Fork           
    Amburgey, John                 Cars Fork           
    Amburgey, John H?              Cars Fork           
    Amburgey, Robert               Cars Fork           
    Amburgey, Robert               Cars Fork           
    Amburgey, Umphrey              Cars Fork           
    Amburgey, Wilburn Sr           Cars Fork           
    Amburgey, Wiley                Cars Fork           
    Amburgey, William              Cars Fork           
    Amburgey, William              Troublesome Creek   
    Amburgey, William H            Cars Fork           
    Back, Henry                    Rockhouse           
    Back, Henry Jr                 Rockhouse           
    Back, John                     Hoggs Branch        
    Back, Samuel                   Cowan Creek         
    Baker, Elijah                  Kentucky River      
    Balden, Jonathan               Cowan Creek         
    Balundge?, James               Cars Fork           
    Banks, Alford                  Rockhouse           
    Banks, Harison                 Millstone           
    Banks, Henry                   Cowan Creek         
    Banks, Ice?                    Millstone           
    Banks, Johnson                 Dry Fork            
    Banks, Samuel                  Cowan Creek         
    Banks, William                 Kingscreek          
    Bates, James                   Millstone           
    Bates, Jesse                   Millstone           
    Bates, John W                  Kentucky River      
    Bates, Robbert                 Kentucky River      
    Bates, Sarah                   Boon Fork           
    Bates, Uriah                   Kentucky River      
    Bentley, Benjamin              Boon Fork           
    Bentley, Daniel                Kingscreek          
    Bentley, John                  Boon Fork           
    Bentley, John                  Kentucky River      
    Bentley, Joseph W?             Kentucky River      
    Bentley, Lewis                 Kentucky River      
    Bentley, Mary                  Rockhouse           
    Bentley, Simon                 Kentucky River      
    Bentley, Solomon               Rockhouse           
    Bentley, Squire                Kentucky River      
    Bentley, Thomas                Kentucky River      
    Bentley, Thomas                Kentucky River      
    Bentley, William               Kentucky River      
    Bentley, William               Rockhouse           
    Berch, F_ John                 Kentucky River      
    Blare, Elihu                   Cowan Creek         
    Blare, Henry                   Cumberland          
    Blare, John R                  Cowan Creek         
    Blare, Joseph                  Cowan Creek         
    Blare, Preston                 Cowan Creek         
    Boggs, Able                    Cumberland          
    Bowens, Piren                  Sandlick            
    Bowens, William                Sandlick            
    Bowlin, James                  Kentucky River      
    Bowling, James                 Cumberland          
    Brashears, Ezekiel             Cutshin (Perry Co.) 
    Brashears, Ezekiel             Kentucky River      
    Breeden, Elsha                 Rockhouse           
    Breeding, Wesley               Rockhouse           
    Breedon, Preston               Rockhouse           
    Brown, Benjamin                Dry Fork            
    Brown, Elizabeth               Kentucky River      
    Brown, John Q?                 Dry Fork            
    Brown, Stephen                 Cowan Creek         
    Brown, William                 Sandlick            
    Burns, John M                  Kentucky River      
    Calhoun, David                 Troublesome Creek   
    Calhoun, David                 Troublesome Creek   
    Calhoun, Ransom                Troublesome Creek   
    Calhoun, Washington            Troublesome Creek   
    Casady, Thomas                 Cumberland River    
    Casebolt, Silas                Troublesome Creek   
    Caudill, William               Kentucky River      
    Caudle, Alford                 Cumberland River    
    Caudle, Henry                  Hogg Branch         
    Caudle, Henry                  Kentucky River      
    Caudle, Isom                   Cumberland River    
    Caudle, Ison                   Hogg Branch         
    Caudle, Ison                   Kentucky River      
    Caudle, James W                Cumberland River    
    Caudle, James?                 Rockhouse           
    Caudle, Jessee                 Kentucky River      
    Caudle, John                   Kentucky River      
    Caudle, Linious?               Kentucky River      
    Caudle, Mathew                 Rockhouse           
    Caudle, Samuel                 Cumberland River    
    Caudle, Stephen                Millstone           
    Caudle, Stephen                Rockhouse           
    Caudle, Watson                 Kentucky River      
    Caudle, Wilburn                Smoot Creek         
    Caudle, William                Cumberland River    
    Caudle, William                Hogg Branch         
    Caudle, William                Kentucky River      
    Caudle, William                Rockhouse           
    Caudle, William                Troublesome Creek   
    Childers, Abraham B?           Rockhouse           
    Childres, Golasby?             Campbranch          
    Christain, Thomas              Cars Fork           
    Collier, James                 Cumberland River    
    Collier, Preston               Cumberland River    
    Collier, Richard               Millstone           
    Collier, William R             Cumberland River    
    Collins, Berdine               Colly Creek         
    Collins, Bryant                Colly Creek         
    Collins, Carter                Colly Creek         
    Collins, Charley               Colly Creek         
    Collins, James                 Rockhouse           
    Collins, Larkin                Colly Creek         
    Collins, Nancy                 Colly Creek         
    Collins, Nathaniel             Rockhouse           
    Collins, Robbert               Smoot Creek         
    Collins, Thomas                Colly Creek         
    Collins, Thomas                Smoot Creek         
    Collins, Wesley                Smoot Creek         
    Collins, William               Colly Creek         
    Collins, William               Smoot Creek         
    Combs, Byram                   Troublesome Creek   
    Combs, Cany?                   Troublesome Creek   
    Combs, Codern?                 Cumberland River    
    Combs, Shadrick                Smoot Creek         
    Combs, Shadrick                Smoot Creek         
    Combs, Wesley                  Smoot Creek         
    Cook, Solomon                  Cumberland River    
    Cordell, Stephen               Boons Fork          
    Cordelle, Able                 Millstone           
    Cordelle, Henry                Hoggs Branch        
    Cornett, Davis                 Cars Fork           
    Cornett, Jessee                Cars Fork           
    Cornett, Joseph E              Dry Fork            
    Cornett, Samuel                Troublesome Creek   
    Cornett, William B             Cars Fork           
    Craft, Archelios               Colly Creek         
    Craft, Archelous               Colly Creek         
    Craft, Archelous               Colly Creek         
    Craft, Benjamin                Colly Creek         
    Craft, Henry                   Smoot Creek         
    Craft, James                   Boons Fork          
    Craft, Joseph                  Millstone           
    Craft, Nehemiah                Colly Creek         
    Craft, William                 Colly Creek         
    Crager, Harvy                  Irishman Creek      
    Crager, James                  Cars Fork           
    Crager, Michael                Irishman Creek      
    Cress, Campbell                Boons Fork          
    Davis, Reece                   Cars Fork           
    Day, David                     Elkhorn             
    Day, Henry                     Kingscreek          
    Day, Jacob                     Kingscreek          
    Day, John B                    Cumberland River    
    Day, John W                    Cumberland River    
    Day, Joseph                    Cumberland River    
    Day, William                   Kingscreek          
    Dials, Elizabeth               Troublesome Creek   
    Dickenson, Little R            Troublesome Creek   
    Dixon, James                   Elkhorn             
    Dixon, John                    Elkhorn             
    Dixon, Thomas                  Kentucky River      
    Eldridge, Levi                 Rockhouse           
    Estes?, Bartlett               Cowan Creek         
    Everidge, Benjamin             Rockhouse           
    Everidge, John                 Rockhouse           
    Everidge, Nicholas             Kingscreek          
    Everidge, Preston              Cowan Creek         
    Everidge, Solomon              Troublesome Creek   
    Ewing, Samuel                  Campbranch          
    Flanery, Blackburn             Campbranch          
    Flanery, Thomas                Kentucky River      
    Flemons, Frank                 Boon Fork           
    Francis, Samuel                Cars Fork           
    Francis, Simeon                Cars Fork           
    Francis, Thomas                Cars Fork           
    Franklin, James W              Cars Fork           
    Frazure, Daniel                Kentucky River      
    Frazure, Henry                 Kentucky River      
    Frazure, Johnathan             Kingdomcome         
    Frazure, Solomon               Kentucky River      
    Frazure, Squire                Kentucky River      
    Fulas, Abner                   Kingdomcome         
    Fulas, Isaac                   Kingdomcome         
    Fulas, Obediah                 Kingdomcome         
    Fulas, William                 Kingdomcome         
    Gambill, William               Kingscreek          
    Gibson, John                   Boon Fork           
    Gibson, John                   Cars Fork           
    Gilly, Levi                    Smoot Creek         
    Gilly, Preston                 Kingscreek          
    Grace, William                 Kingscreek          
    Hagans, Gilbert                Letcher             
    Hagans, John                   Kentucky River      
    Haggins, James                 Rockhouse           
    Hale, John                     Kentucky River      
    Hale, William W                Troublesome         
    Hall, Alexander                Cumberland River    
    Hall, Alexander                Rockhouse           
    Hall, Alexander                Rockhouse           
    Hall, Alford                   Mill Creek          
    Hall, Allen                    Kentucky River      
    Hall, Elizabeth                Kentucky River      
    Hall, Hiram                    Rocxhouse           
    Hall, James                    Rockhouse           
    Hall, John                     Rockhouse           
    Hall, John W                   Rockhouse           
    Hall, Johnathan                Rockhouse           
    Hall, Lewis                    Rockhouse           
    Hall, Reuben                   Troublesome         
    Hall, Ruben                    Rockhouse           
    Hambill, James                 Kentucky River      
    Hambill, Sarah                 Kentucky River      
    Hamons, Ephraim                Kentucky River      
    Hamons, Martin                 Kentucky River      
    Hampton, Caleb                 Rockhouse           
    Hampton, Joseph                Millstone           
    Hampton, Silvester             Colly Creek         
    Hampton, Teny?                 Kentucky River      
    Hampton, Turner                Rockhouse           
    Hampton, Wilburn               Rockhouse           
    Haney, John                    Bottom Fork         
    Hargus, Samuel V               Troublesome         
    Harris?, Jacob                 Colly Creek         
    Harvel?, William               Cumberland River    
    Hase, Johnathan                Kentucky River      
    Herall, Reuben                 Troublesome         
    Hicks, Elias                   Letcher             
    Hicks, Jesse?                  Troublesome         
    Hogg, Hiram                    Kentucky River      
    Hogg, James                    Kentucky River      
    Hogg, James                    Kentucky River      
    Hogg, James W                  Bottom Fork         
    Hogg, Kelly                    Kentucky River      
    Hogg, Stephen                  Kentucky River      
    Holbrook, Benjamin             Troublesome         
    Holbrook, Elizabeth            Kentucky River      
    Holbrook, William              Bottom Fork         
    Holbrook, William A            Kentucky River      
    Hurt?, Moses                   Rockhouse           
    Huse, Gabriel                  Rockhou8e           
    Huse, James                    Troublesome         
    Huse, John H                   Kentucky River      
    Huse, Toliver                  Troublesome         
    Huston, Jackson                Kentucky River      
    Ingle, Daniel                  Smoot Creek         
    Ingle, Nathaniel               Kentucky River      
    Inglen?, Joseph                Kentucky River      
    Isaacks, William               Rockhouse           
    Johnson, Levi                  Troublesome         
    Johnson, Washington            Cars Fork           
    Johnson, William               Cars Fork           
    Kelly, John                    Troublesome         
    Kelly, Nathan B                Troublesome         
    Kinser, Fredrick               Troublesome         
    Kinte?, Alford                 Troublesome         
    Kizer, Nimrod                  Cars Fork           
    Kizer, Polly                   Cars Fork           
    Lawson, Hezakiah               Troublesome         
    Lewis, Bazzle                  Troublesome         
    Lewis, Wilson                  Troublesome         
    Logan, Stephen                 Troublesome         
    Lucus, Parker                  Thornton            
    Lucus, William                 Troublesome         
    Madden, James                  Rockhouse           
    Madden, James                  Rockhouse           
    Madden, Rachel                 Irishman            
    Madden, William                Irishman            
    Maddock, J. H. N?              Kentucky River      
    Maggard, David                 Cumberland River    
    Maggard, Henry                 Cowan Creek         
    Maggard, Isaac                 Cumberland River    
    Maggard, James                 Cumberland River    
    Maggard, John H?               Cumberland River    
    Maggard, Moses                 Cumberland River    
    Maggard, Samuel                Cumberland River    
    Maggard, Samuel                Cumberland River    
    Martin, John                   Cumberland River    
    McMullin, ___                  Cumberland River    
    Mitchel, George W              Cumberland River    
    Moor, Muffle?                  Rockhouse           
    Morgan, Ison                   Rockhouse           
    Morgan, James                  Cumberland River    
    Morgan, James                  Rockhouse           
    Morgan, William                Rockhouse           
    Morrs?, John W                 Rockhouse           
    Mullens, John                  Cars Fork           
    Mullins, Joshua                Cumberland River    
    Mullins, Valentine             Cars Fork           
    Musick, Elijah                 Cars Fork           
    Nash, William                  Kentucky River      
    Niece, Andrew                  Rockhouse           
    Niece, Jacob                   Rockhouse           
    Niece, John                    Rockhouse           
    Osburn, John                   Troublesome         
    Owens, Horaen?                 Troublesome Creek   
    Parsons, David                 Cumberland River    
    Perkins, Joshua                Smoot Creek         
    Phelps?, Isaah                 Cars Fork           
    Pigman, Amburgy                Cars Fork           
    Pigman, John                   Cars Fork           
    Pigman, Umphary?               Cars Fork           
    Pigman, Wesley                 Cars Fork           
    Pigman, Wilburn                Cars Fork           
    Polly, David                   Kentucky River      
    Polly, Edward                  Smoot Creek         
    Polly, Edward?                 Boons Fork          
    Polly, Henry                   Kentucky River      
    Polly, James                   Kentucky River      
    Polly, Stephen                 Smoot Creek         
    Potter, Isaac                  Boons Fork          
    Prat, Henry                    Rockhouse           
    Prat, Hiram                    Rockhouse           
    Prichard, Charity              Colly Creek         
    Prophet, Jeremiah              Boons Fork          
    Prophet, John                  Kentucky River      
    Prophet, Morgan                Rockhouse           
    Quillen, Henry                 Millstone           
    Quillen, Teague                Millstone           
    Quillen, Teauge Sr             Millstone           
    Quillen, William               Boons Fork          
    Riffit, Harison                Cars Fork           
    Ritchmond, ??                  Kentucky River      
    Rite, Hiram                    Smoot Creek         
    Rite, James                    Boons Fork          
    Rite, Joel                     Kentucky River      
    Rite, John                     Cars Fork           
    Rite, Susanah                  Boons Fork          
    Roark, James                   Boons Fork          
    Robbarns?, Preston             Smoot Creek         
    Runalds, Joseph                Cars Fork           
    Sexton, Andrew?                Defeated Creek      
    Sexton, Barllett               Defeated Creek      
    Sexton, Isaac J                Colly Creek         
    Sexton, Isaah                  Campbranch          
    Sexton, Moses                  Campbranch          
    Sexton, Samuel                 Campbranch          
    Sexton, Stephen                Colly Creek         
    Sexton, William                Cars Fork           
    Sexton, William                Rockhouse           
    Shell, Samuel                  Troublesome Creek   
    Short, James                   Cumberland River    
    Slone, Levi                    Troublesome Creek   
    Smith, John B                  Cars Fork           
    Smith, Nicholas                Troublesome Creek   
    Smith, William                 Cars Fork           
    Smith, William B               Cars Fork           
    Stamper, Isaac D               Rockhouse           
    Stamper, John W                Defeated Creek      
    Stamper, William Sr?           Colly Creek         
    Stergill, David                Cumberland River    
    Stergill, Frances              Cumberland River    
    Strong, Thomas                 Kentucky River      
    Sulivan, Prior?                Campbranch          
    Sumerland, James               Kentucky River      
    Sumerland, John                Rockhouse           
    Thacker, Jesse                 Troublesome Creek   
    Thomeson, Green                Campbranch          
    Tutt?, William                 Rockhouse           
    Tyrt, David                    Campbranch          
    Vanover, William               Thornton            
    Vermillion, D.J?               Thornton            
    Wallen, Preston                Kentucky River      
    Webb, Benjamin                 Kentucky River      
    Webb, Doctor F?                Kentucky River      
    Webb, Enoch A                  Bottom Fork         
    Webb, Jason L                  Kentucky River      
    Webb, Moses                    Kentucky River      
    Webb, Wiley W                  Kentucky River      
    Whitaker, Nelly                Kentucky River      
    Williams, Franklin             Thornton            
    Williams, Isaac                Kentucky River      
    Williams, John                 Kentucky River      
    Williams, Solomon              Thornton            
    Williams, William D            Cumberland River    
    Wilson, John                   Cumberland River    
    Wilson, John                   Kentucky River      
    Wilson, Robert                 Kentucky River      
    Wyatt, John                    Cumberland River    
    Yonts, Lavica                  Boons Fork          
    Yonts, Solomon                 Boons Fork          
    Yonts, William                 Boons Fork          

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